Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fat Cake Guy Closed

It is with much sorrow we mourn the passing of another locally owned small business.

Thanks to Kapt Kangaroo for the head's up.

Friday, July 25, 2014

PRVWSD Draw Hunting Rules

On August 1, you can begin applying for the PRVWSD draw hunts.  The rules for posted below. As we have covered, the rules changes from the year previous.  Essentially, the hunts are longer, and a friend can hunt with you (presumably cutting the permit fee in half).  Note these are archery/crossbow only hunts.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Update on Resort Status

The PRVWSD posted the following announcement on its website:  "Reservoir Area Homeowners Resort Area Petition have been submitted[.] We await verification of signatures and date of referendum vote."

This is good news for those in favor of Resort Area Status.  Once the proper number of signatures have been verified, a vote will be set for leasehold residents.  I wonder aloud whether the November general election is viable as a date.  A majority vote of the qualified electors voting in said election will be necessary to obtain Resort Status.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Howls and Meows

This is a non-profit formed by Rankin Countians, run by Rankin Countians, and designed to help Rankin County animals.  Last year's dinner was a huge success.  If you are so inclined, the RCAAF would put your donations to good use.

Monday, July 21, 2014

McDaniel is Denied (Again) in Rankin County

Senator Cochran won the June 24, 2014, runoff statewide by 7,600 votes.  It was a hard fought race and close down to the wire.  To date, Chris McDaniel has not conceded and, in fact, continues to hint he may challenge the election.  In an effort to gather evidence, McDaniel filed suit against a hand full of Circuit Clerks throughout the State, including, oddly enough, Rankin County's own, Becky Boyd.  

Senator Cochran carried Rankin County by over 1,500 votes on June 24, 2014.  These are salt-of-the-earth Republicans.  As far as I know, there has not been a whiff of alleged impropriety leveled against the Rankin County campaign (in part because there aren't enough Democrats in Rankin County to make much of a cross-over difference).

McDaniel desires to view the Rankin County poll books in their original form.  Circuit Clerk Boyd argued State law requires her to redact certain personal information, like social security numbers, telephone numbers, birthdates, etc. Redacting takes time, a commodity McDaniel doesn't have if he's going to file a legitimate challenge.  The Mississippi Supreme Court previously rejected McDaniel's claims insofar as they related to the Harrison County Circuit Clerk.  Today, Rankin County Circuit Judge William Chapman, entered his Order Denying Petition for Mandamus.  That Order is below.

PRVWSD May Crime Report

Jackson Jambalaya beats me to the punch.

July 4 Boat Rescue Video - Jackson, MS Check out WLBT's video story from the July 4 boat rescue by PRVWSD Reservoir Patrol.  Outstanding, Reservoir Patrol!  Thank you for your service.

It's the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine

Traffic lights being erected all down Old Fannin Road.  Life, as we know it, is about to change.  Wouldn't it be great if the road construction were finished by Christmas?  Reader, Chris Merck points out that bases for these stoplights have been put on at Barnett Bend II, Bridlewood, Farmington Station, Oak Grove, and Avalon.  That's what we have so far.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

LeFleur Museum District

Do yourself a favor and check out the LeFleur Museum District's webpage.  This was a good idea to combine the four museums under one marketing umbrella.  Big things are happening at all the museums right now.  Rick Cleveland has turned the Sports Hall of Fame around; my kids love the current Grossology exhibit at the Natural Science Museum; the Children's Museum just opened the Literacy Garden outdoor exhibit, and the Agricultural Museum keeps things interesting with original events, like the upcoming Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Crazy, Dancing Pizza Sign Guys

Intersection pandhandlers are bad enough.  Now, we have to deal with roadside adults, dancing to an unheard beat, and waving signs for $5 pizza.  One at Little Caesar's, you could ignore, or at least tolerate. Now that Marco's Pizza upped the ante, I refuse to give in any longer.  Serenity now! This post explores the legality of this marketing foolishness.  

Both establishments are located within the heart of the Reservoir Community District (Overlay), so we look to those ordinances for guidance.  "Sign" is defined within those ordinances as "every device, frame, letter, figure, character, mark, point, design, picture, trademark or reading matter which is used or intended to be used to attract attention or convey information when the same is placed out of doors in view of the general public." There should be little question a gyrating person holding a bright orange sign, whose sole purpose is to attract the attention of unhealthconcious consumers,  falls within this definition.  As a result, the sign regulation portion of said ordinance controls.

Not surprisingly, I find no provision allowing people to hold signs along the roadside advertising for goods. However, included in the Prohibited Signs portion, in Section 2609.05(1) are: "Animated signs:  Any sign, which includes action or motion."  I see no difference between a (badly) dancing human and an inflatable widgit.  As a result, in my opinion, the signs in question are expressly prohibited under the Overlay Ordinances.

The only other provision that comes close to being applicable is the Temporary Sign portion. However, there, the only mention of commercial/retail signs is in Section 2609.04(C), which allows canvas signs, banners, advertising flags, pennants, streamers, garlands and similar devices for 30 days after the initial opening of a business. That provision doesn't appear to be applicable.  

Human beings holding signs along the roadside to attract business (and distract drivers) are prohibited and the appropriate authority -- whether PRVWSD or Rankin County Office of Community Development -- should put a stop to it (or simply scrap the Overlay altogether).  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Children's Cooking Camp

A copacetic cooking camp for kids is quickly coming to Lakeland Presbyterian Church.  Kicking off July 16, and cruising to July 18, from 9 a.m. to noon, careful culinary cuisine will be crafted by the kids with Mrs. Victoria.  Cost is a cool $30.  Register here.

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

This Week at the Rez Email

·     Below is the weekly email from the PRVWSD.  So, the Lighted Boat Parade voting was hacked.  Is nothing sacred?  

            Fan Favorite Voting – Lighted Boat Parade:   Our FaceBook Fan Favorite voting was compromised by a hack.  To ensure a fair voting process, we have changed the voting procedure to email.   Please email:  FanFavoriteVote@TheRez.MS and give us the number of your favorite boat in the subject line.  Voting has been extended until July 14th at midnight.

·         The REZ tag presales have reached 225.  Only 75 more needed to complete our 300 goal.  Sign-up now if you haven’t already! 

·         PRVWSD will exhibit again at the 2014 Wildlife Extravaganza August 1, 2 & 3.  The Barnett Reservoir Foundation will have numerous prizes for raffle at this year’s Extravaganza, including two special permit draw hunts (archery only), a guided bass fishing trip, and a guided crappie fishing trip.   

·         Eli Manning autographed NY Giant’s Super Bowl jersey.  The Barnett Reservoir Foundation will hold a special raffle for the jersey.  Tickets will be on sale August 1st  

·         Like to hunt deer with a bow and hate waking up early for a long pre-dawn drive to camp?  The perfect answer for PRVWSD residents would be a weekend of quality hunting experience within a few minutes of your front door.  PRVWSD will conduct its second draw hunt below the dam and on sections M & N on the north shore of Pelahatchie Bay this season. The hunts are all four-day weekends, Thursday through Sunday, from Oct. 1-Jan-31.   The application period is Aug. 1-15 and there is no fee to apply. Permits are $300 for the spillway and $200 for the Bay, and you can bring a partner, who can also have a bow.

·         For more information, visit us online at

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

YMCA Blastball Sign-ups Ongoing

It's a rite of passage in the Reservoir area.  Sign those youngsters up and watch the bee hive in action.