Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Unclaimed Property Coming My Way

Treasurer Lynn Fitch spoke at the Flowood Rotary Club yesterday. Part of what she talked about included her office's shepherding of unclaimed property. "It's so easy," she said, to determine if you have unclaimed property out there. Go to the Unclaimed Property website and click the search button.

When I returned to the office, I took her up on it.  It took all of ten seconds to determine neither my wife, nor I, had any lost money. However, I did see where my law firm, Blair & Bondurant, P.A., did. I filled out the claim form online and mailed it in yesterday. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, all you reading this should take ten seconds and search for your name. You never know. Just make sure you pass me my 10% finder's fee. 

John Dailey of Brandon had no idea there was $200,000.00 out there for him.  

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

City of Flowood Easter Egg Hunt

Here is the skinny on the City of Flowood's Easter Egg Hunt:  It's at Liberty Park (behind the Flowood YMCA) and begins at 10 a.m. this Saturday!  There will be games, prizes, plenty of activities, including an egg hunt.  All are invited, and it is 100% free.

Proposed Bike Trail?

If you check out the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District's online gis map, there is a proposed bike trail that runs from near Fannin Landing to Goshen Springs Campground.  Excellent idea.  Last year, the PRVWSD ran a water line along the path.  They cleared a right-of-way approximately fifty feet wide through the forest.  I've had the pleasure of walking some of the right-of-way, and it is beautiful.  Go to Google Maps to get a better view of the actual right-of-way.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Rash of Missing Dogs

Numerous dogs have gone missing in the Reservoir area.  And while dogs will inevitably run off, it is the opinion of some concerned readers that there have been an inordinate amount in recent times. Evidence of this can be gleaned from any number of Facebook pages created for our Reservoir community.  A recently solved case of a missing dog highlights a disturbing motive:

A St. Bernard went missing from a fenced yard in the Lake Harbor subdivision. Luckily, witnesses saw the abduction and reported it to authorities.  Information obtained from the witnesses led authorities to a home in the Bridgetowne Subdivision, where the dog was recovered.  The motive was to "rescue" the dog from perceived poor living conditions.  Good intentions aside, taking the dog constitutes larceny, and, from what I understand, Animal Control found no evidence the dog had been mistreated by its owners.

Anyone else seeing evidence of this?

Friday, March 27, 2015

University Physicians Health Fest Tomorrow!

In addition to what is listed on the below flyer, the Flowood Rotary Club has teamed up with Mississippi Blood Services for a Blood Drive at the Health Fest.  Come save a life!

Upcoming Events at the Rez

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District posts an Upcoming Events page on their website. Some of these you need to go ahead and mark your calendar for.

4/11/2015  Racin' For the Seed Duathlon at Fannin Landing.  Previously discussed here.

4/18/2015  On the Road to Health Bike Ride at Old Trace Park.

4/23/2015  Project REZway at the Craftman's Guild.  Prior post.

4/25/2015  Cajun Fest Crawfish Boil at Old Trace Park.

5/2/2015   Natchez Trace Century Ride at Old Trace Park.

5/8/2015   Pepsi Pops at Old Trace Park.  34th Annual Jackson Tradition.

5/16/2015 Dragon Boat Regatta at Old Trace Park.

5/30/2015 Gator Bait Hatchling Kids Kayak Race at Lakeshore Park

6/6/2015   Heatwave Classic at Old Trace Park

6/27/2015 Independence Day Celebration at both Old Trace Park and Lakeshore Park

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weekly Summary from MS House of Reps

Kindly provided by Rep. Brent Powell:

Here is the House Summary for the week of March 23, 2015

This week, conference members were assigned to bills the Senate and House members did not agree or “concur” on changes that the other chamber made to a bill. Conferees from the House and Senate began meeting to work on bill language, in hopes of reaching an agreement.

The deadline to file conference reports on Appropriations and Revenue bills falls this weekend. Conferees must file reports, or final versions, before 8 p.m. Saturday, March 28. Monday, March 30, is the deadline for adoption of those conference reports filed. With deadlines back-to-back, it is likely members and staff will work through the weekend.

On that note, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC,) led this year by Speaker Philip Gunn, met this week to adopt revisions to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 General Fund Revenue Estimate and the FY2016 General Fund Revenue Estimate. Committee members voted to adopt the revisions to FY2015, which was $101.6 million more than the November revised estimate. Committee members then voted to adopt the changes to FY2016 for a total of $5.66 billion, which is $30 million more than the November estimate.

Late this week, House and Senate members will begin wrapping up their discussions regarding the Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15) budget. Both sides must agree on how to spend the approximately $6 billion General Fund budget for FY16. At this stage in the conference process until the Saturday evening deadline is met and reports are adopted, exact numbers may change.                                                                                                                                    
Once both chambers concur with the changes and adopt a conference report, that bill is then sent to the Governor’s desk. So far in the 2014 Legislative Session, Governor Bryant has signed 83 House Bills and 44 Senate bills into law. Some of these signed bills originating in the House include:

·         House Bill 389 prohibits texting and accessing social media while driving.
·         House Bill 739 creates the Property Insurance Clarity Act.
·         House Bill 825 revises the Personal Service Contract Review Board
·         Senate Bill 2185 requires CPR/AED to be taught as instructional component of physical or health education curriculum.
·         SB2389 enacts a Compact for a Balanced Budget.
·         Senate Bill 2687 creates the Mississippi Direct Primary Care Act.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.  My email is and my Capitol phone number is 601-359-3770.

Thank you,
Brent Powell
District 59

Future Rez Residential Developments

The website for the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District has a separate page for "Real Estate:Residential" with links to existing subdivisions like Lost Rabbit and Arbor Landing, and some not-so-existing like HarborWalk.  What I found interesting were the links to "Future Residential/Commercial Developments".  The above map demonstrates the proposed sites, including the 600 acres between Fox Bay and Windward Bluff.  While this shouldn't come as any surprise to Reservoir residents, I though it interesting to see the next phases of residential development.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Article Concerning Student Shift in Local Elementary Schools

Sarah Fowler (@FowlerSarah) the new Clarion Ledger Suburban Correspondent for Rankin and Hinds County, wrote an article published in the Clarion Ledger concerning the shift of elementary students in the Northwest Rankin Attendance Zone.  Essentially, 140 students will be moved from Highland Bluff to either Northshore or Oakdale Elementary, and approximately 40 from Northshore will move to Oakdale.  Check out the Clarion Ledger article here.  I published a letter from Dr. Weathersby to Highland Bluff parents shifting to Oakdale here. According to Sarah's article, this will more evenly distribute the population at those three schools to around 750 students.  

Reservoir Community District Social Media Page

Email recently received:

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.


If you live close to the Rez or in Castlewoods join the Facebook Group working to protect your property values and more - “Reservoir Community District”.                                                       

To Join the Group You Need to Complete 2 Easy Steps
1st, Submit the required information via email to join the Group (Proper Name, Facebook Name, Email Address, Residence Address, Subdivision where you live, and you're 18 or older) to

2nd, Click on the Facebook link and “Request to Join the Reservoir Community District Group”  


(More below the jump)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Highland Bluff and Oakdale Elementary Shifting Students

I apologize for the poor quality photo below.  It is a notice from the Rankin County School District stating that children who reside in the Cliffview, Hanover, and Pelahatchie Shores subdivisions would be shifted from Highland Bluff Elementary School to Oakdale Elementary School beginning next school year. 

The Pearl River Valley Reservoir Project

I'm not sure how I missed this.  The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District published on its website The Pearl River Valley Reservoir Project, a 45 page document, complete with footnotes, written in 1962 by James E. Sorrels, of the Bureau Governmental Research at the University of Mississippi.  

From the Summary and Conclusion:

          While water supply increasingly is becoming a national problem, the Pearl River Reservoir will stand as an illustrious example of urban and regional planning independent of Wash· ington. This independence is not easy. The Mississippi taxpayer residing within the district area will have to ((foot the bill." From all indications, it will he money well spent. 

        The immediate future may reveal that aggressive self-interest motivated a few men in backing the reservoir. It seems much dearer, though, that the vast majority of the steps leading to its creation came from enlightened public interest. 

        Out of the collective thinking of leaders in five central Mississippi counties evolved a regional watershed plan designed to grace human life in the area for generations to come. As former Governor Hugh White characterized it, the Pearl River Reservoir was "Big League" thinking. 

Snow Days Pay Off

From the Highland Bluff Elementary School Facebook page, complete with smiley-face emoji:

Rankin County School District received verification today that the State Board of Education HAS agreed to forgive the three days we missed due to inclement weather, meaning that teachers and students will NOT be required to attend additional days to make up these days missed. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Taste of Flowood

An email from the Flowood Chamber of Commerce, who is hosting the event, encourages prospective attendees to purchase their tickets in advance because only a limited amount of tickets will be sold.  

School Board Endorses Idea of Electing Superintendent

Mississippians, for a while now, have debated the efficacy of electing school board superintendents, as opposed to having the county school board appoint them.  Many of our state's leaders have pushed, in recent times, to move Mississippi away from electing superintendents, believing it gives the school boards better options in choosing qualified leaders.  For whatever reasons, those efforts have failed to change the law.

Despite these efforts, Rankin County School District remained quiet until, ironically, an election year. On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, the Board of Education of the Rankin County School District executed the below Resolution, endorsing the idea of electing superintendents.  Obviously, the surprise and timing of this effort has rankled a number of the electorate.  See Clarion Ledger article here.