Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day
May 31, 2010 

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint upon the snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awake in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush,

Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.
I am in the flowers that bloom.
I am in a quiet room.

I am the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I did not die.

Mary Frye (1932)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meet John Sigman

On April 14th the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District got a new Executive Director, John Sigman took over the office that had been occupied by Benny French.  Mr. French retired after many years of service with the PRV.  John is 61 years of age and married with two daughters, he lives near the banks of the Rez in Madison County.  Prior to his new assignment he was the Chief Engineer for the PRV and responsible for the operation of the lake, general maintenance of the property, and new construction.
Before joining the PRV he was an engineer with the Neel-Schaffer Engineering firm and did consulting work for the Rez.  John grew up in Marshall County and attended Mississippi State University where he received two engineering degrees.  He also has a degree in business from Millsaps.  
John was in the Army Reserves and served in Bosnia when his unit was called to duty.  He retired from the reserves as a "full bird" colonel.  When he is not doing Rez stuff he enjoys riding and tending to his Tennessee Walking Horses.

We welcome John to his new job and wish him the best.
If you have a problem with the Rez that no one else can solve then give him a call at 601-605-6898 or email him at

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Rez Library

A Grand Re-Opening ceremony was held this morning at the newly renovated Northwest Point Reservoir Library at 2230 Spillway Road  (where the fire station is located). The event was attended by many of your elected officials and representatives from the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.  New office and work areas for the fire station were added and the outside of the building was updated.   A community center building is being constructed across the parking lot and is targeted for completion in late July.  The new building will be a voting precinct and can be used for community meetings and events. Been looking for a place to hold that homeowners association meeting?  Your problem has been solved.

If you haven't been to the library lately then do yourself a favor and stop by.  It is VERY nice and will be much different than you remember.  The library has doubled in size and contains a great selection of books, books on CD, and DVD's.  Been itching to see Disneys animated version of The Jungle Book again?  They got it.
Four computers and a printer are also available for your use.  Keep that in mind the next time your computer is down or your printer is out of ink.
And there's more, Wi-Fi is being added and will be online soon.

The Rez Library is part of The Central Mississippi Regional Library System and is one of 20 branches.  The libraries are inter-connected so if the book you want is at another branch then you can request that it be sent to the Rez Library and in a short time it will be there for you to pick up.  Many online services are available through the CMRLS web site so pay them an online visit.  (Links below) 

And here is the best part.  There is no charge for any of their services but late fees apply to overdue books and there is a small fee for using the printers.   You must have a library card to take advantage of all they offer so stop by and fill out an application form.  What are you waiting for?  Did we mention it's free?

Their hours of operations and lots of other info can be found on their web sites.
Ann Marsh is the branch manager and can answer any questions you have, give her a call at 601-992-2539 or email her at
Folks, this is a very nice facility and a great asset to our community.  The cost of all of this work was paid for by the Rankin County Supervisors, time you see one of them  tell him thank you.

Thank you Rankin County Supervisors.

To go to the Central Mississippi Regional Library web site click HERE
To go directly to the Reservoir Library site click HERE 

The Rez News

Old Fannin Road

If you have missed the excitement of dodging orange barrels on your daily commute down Old Fannin Road then this news will make you happy.  This summer construction will start on a project to widen it to 5 traffic lanes and one bicycle/pedestrian lane.  Here is the scoop.  The county is in the process of acquiring right-of-ways and the utility companies are, or will be, relocating electrical lines, gas lines, and whatever else needs moving.  After the necessary bid process the county will select someone to do the work and when MDOT signs off on the plan dirt will start moving.   The project will be paid for with  9 1/2 million dollars in federal funds and 1 to 1.5 million dollars of Rankin County tax dollars.
You excited yet?  If not, this should do it.
There will be 5 traffic lights installed on the new road.  We are told that the lights will be inter-connected and computer controlled to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.  (Computer controlled?  What could possibly go wrong with that?)

The project should take 12 to 16 months to complete.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So you are tired of seeing cars streaking down your street doing twice the speed of sound.  You pick up the phone and call the Rankin County Sheriffs Department and ask them to come catch the perp.  Chances are you won't be happy with the outcome of that call.

The sheriff would like to help you but is handcuffed by Mississippi law. Specifically section 63-3-519 which states who is authorized to use radar. Sheriff departments and the Reservoir Patrol are not on the list. (a link to that section of the law is below).
Municipalities with a population of at least 2000 can use radar so slow down the next time you go through Carthage but, fear not, when you get back to Spillway Road you can make up any lost time.

Our elected officials in Rankin County have repeatedly sponsored or co-sponsored bills that would change this law.  We commend them for doing that.  
In the last legislative session there were 8 house bills and 8 senate bills introduced that would permit sheriffs to use radar, one bill was introduced to give the Reservoir Patrol radar.  All died in committee.

Seems some of the GOB's (good ole boys) in the legislature just can't come to grips with giving the law enforcement officials the tools they need to do their job.
If you would like to read the section of the Mississippi law that restricts the use of radar then click  HERE

What do you think?  Should the sheriff be authorized to use radar?
Sound off in the comment section below.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rez Budget Part 2

As promised. The document on this post is a portion of what was submitted to the legislature by the PRV as part of their annual budget approval process. It shows what was requested and their actual expenditures for the previous fiscal year.
The previous post showed the bill that was passed by the legislature which authorized slightly less than what they asked for. 
Also included is a breakdown of income sources that you may find interesting. A few comments about the income items. When you see a number like $3,083,299 in water/sewer income you are seeing a gross income number, it does not show the expense side. The net profit from the sale of water would be a fraction of the total when reduced by the dollars required to maintain the water lines, pumps, etc.

Contained near the end of the document is a sentence stating their intent to request a Boater Usage Fee in FY2011.  You may remember that the PRV tried that last year and it was shot down by the legislature.

To view the document click HERE 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rez Budget

How many times have you wondered how much money the Rez folks spend and what they spend it on? Read on and you will find out, but first a few comments.

The funding for the reservoir comes from several sources but they get NO money from the legislature. The Rez is self funded.  So, where does the money come from, you ask?
Several sources. A large portion of it comes from the lease payments made by the people who live on Rez property and the businesses that operate there.  Other sources are timber sales, campground revenue, the occasional grant from the feds and profits made from the sale of water and sewer services. New businesses that enter the area also pay for the land they build on, such as the new BankPlus on Spillway Road.
The budget bill shown is a high level overview, we will post more detail later.  So, stay tuned.
To see the current budget click HERE

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rez Board of Directors

Ever wonder who is on the Rez board of directors? Wonder no more, you can see a list by clicking here.

So, now you know who is on the board of directors.  Are you going to attend a board meeting to hear what they talk about?  Why not?  You don't know when?  Well you can't use that as an excuse because we are going to show you.  Before you view their schedule please note a few things.

The "real work" takes place in the board committee meetings and they take place a few days prior to the full board meeting.  So if you would like to hear what is being discussed or comment on something that is bugging you then the committee meetings are for you.   Of course the meetings are open to the public so just show up and take a seat.  All meetings are at the main office of the PRV which is located on 115 Madison Landing Circle (near Cock of the Walk).  It is always a good idea to call the reservoir office a few days in advance of a meeting to make sure that it is still scheduled.
View the board meeting schedules by clicking here.

Rez Boat Crash

Big boys and their toys.
This boat crash occurred at the rez in May of 2009 and with boating season upon us it is a good reminder of why all boaters should wear life jackets and use their kill switches.  If you are familiar with the area you will recognize that the video was shot in Pelahatchie Bay and the main lake area around the trestle.
The driver suffered several injuries but lived to ride the waves another day.  However, we understand that his severely bruised ego may never be the same.
Click on the button in the center of the video to watch it. 
Hey!  Lets be careful out there!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seismic Activity

If you have driven around the rez lately you may have noticed the many small buoys dotting the water.  Seems there is some seismic activity going on and it will continue for some time.  The company doing the work has developed some information for you to veiw and you can see it HERE.

This process occurred last June and WAPT did a story that provided some information about the process.  Click HERE to view it.

It seems that the rez is sitting atop another rez...a reservoir of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Denbury Resources Inc. captures the CO2 and uses it to extract additional oil from old oil fields.
If you would like to read more about it Denbury has information that you may find interesting.   Read about it HERE.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Property Maintenace

The PRV board of directors is in the process of adopting portions of the International Property Maintenance Code of 2006.  The PRV made the required filings with the Secretary of State and after a 90 day period for comments the board will take a final vote for acceptance at the June PRV board meeting.
This code is very broad and covers many things, here are some examples.

  •  Exterior peeling, flaking, and chipped paint shall be eliminated and surfaces repainted 
  •  All exterior property and premises shall be free of rubbish or garbage
  • No inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicle shall be parked, kept, or stored on any premises and no vehicle shall at any time be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair, or in the process of being stripped or dismantled.
We can't include a copy of the document as it is copyrighted material.  But amendments that the PRV is making to the code can be found on the Secretary of State Web site by clicking HERE  

If you read that link you will get a feel for how strong this ordinance is.
If you want to read the entire code then google "international property maintenance code 2006" and you can find a copy.

Folks, this is a dream come true for those who want to get the south shore area cleaned up.  It is very strong and has been adopted by Rankin County, and Madison, The City.

This ordinance will allow the PRV to begin the process of cleaning up years of neglect on some properties.

However, this will only be effective if YOU report those run down properties to the PRV and if the PRV is aggressive in enforcing it.

And I know you are wondering about the teeth in the ordinance.  Fines are up to $1000 and/or 10 days in jail.   How's that?  

We will keep you informed of the status of this ordinance once it is officially in force.  

Thank you members of the PRV board.

Bike Trail Completed

A very nice thing has just been completed at the rez and we at The Rez News want to thank the nice folks at the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District for making it happen.
Read all about our new bike trails by clicking HERE

Tattoo Parlor

Been thinking about a tattoo?  A tastefully done nipple ring perhaps?  Well now you can now spend those dollars locally.  Woo Hoo.

Really now, did you ever think you would see the day that a tattoo parlor moved into your neighborhood?  

This new business recently appeared in the Old Fannin Mart strip mall.

We have been told that upon hearing about this the Rankin County Board of Supervisors quickly passed a moratorium on Tattoo Parlors.  They will discuss this matter at the June 15th Board of Supervisors meeting at 9:00AM in the Rankin County Annex building (the place where you buy car tags).   Those meetings are open to the public so go and tell the supervisors what you think.  If you can't go to the meeting then please let your feelings be know by contacting the supervisor for that area, Mr. Wood Brown.  You can call him at 601-825-1475
or send him an email by clicking here ==>

ZONING, ZONING, ZONING.   Rankin County must deal with this or there will be check cashing stores, cash for titles, and pawn shops occupying the vacant properties that will start appearing everywhere.
We predict that if land use planning and strong zoning ordinances don't happen quickly there may be some elected officials visiting the tattoo parlor after the next election looking for a Born to Lose tattoo permanently placed on their person.

We here at The Rez News don't believe that a tattoo parlor will enhance the value of commercial and residential real estate in our area.  Think for a moment......ever seen a Barnes and Noble close to a tattoo parlor?   Neither have we.

Of course we want to hear from you on this one.

Click on the COMMENTS below to share your thoughts.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rez Rental Property

Did you know that the Reservoir has an ordinance that governs rental property?
See how much you are going to learn from this site!
In March of 2009 an ordinance passed by the Rez board went into effect.  The intent of this action was to put an inspection and licensing agreement in place to ensure that rental property was in a good state of repair and not become an eyesore in your neighborhood.
Do you have any rental property in your neighborhood?  And, is it not looking so good?  Then take a look at the ordinance and then call the reservoir office to make sure that they know about the rental property.  The rez office number is 601-856-6574.
To read the ordinance(at least read the last page to see what is inspected)   The doc is in PDF format  CLICK HERE

The net of it is this. ALL rental property on the Rez is supposed to have an agreement in place.  The cost of this agreement it $100 per rental dwelling per year.
Inspections of the property must occur before any vacant property can be rented.
Violations of the agreement may carry a fine up to $1000 and/or imprisonment not to exceed 15 days.

Got a slum lord in your neighborhood and want to send him/her to the big house? Go for it.    

Please leave any comments you may have about rental property at the rez.-

Dollar Store - Another One?

Do we really need another dollar store?  This sign is next to the Regions Bank across from Fresh Market Cafe on Spillway Road.   The developers are asking Rankin County for a variance of the current zoning (C2) in order to build a Fred's Dollar Store. 
It seems that the current zoning for the area allows almost anything to be built on the property.

This is one more example of why Rankin County needs to quickly put a plan in place that will attract upscale businesses to our area instead of driving them away.  It is time to bring an end to the hodge podge of strip malls, firework stands, and now, believe it or not, a tattoo parlor.   
If you feel that we don't need any more businesses of this nature then call the Rankin County Zoning Administrator at 601-824-2570 and let him know.  There will be a public hearing on this zoning request at 9:00am June 15 at the Rankin County Annex Building.

Let us know what you think by clicking on COMMENTS below this article.

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