Monday, September 13, 2010


Have you noticed the flags in Flowood?  Every light pole on Lakeland drive has two flags flying, permanent fixtures to be displayed 365 days a year.

They represent the efforts of one man who wanted to share his love of country with others.

You may have seen him standing at the corner of Highway 25 and Castlewoods Blvd. on patriotic holidays. The picture on the right was taken on a 4th of July.

His name is Don Hartness.

Don assumes his position at 5:00am and holds a flag until 6:00pm. He takes no breaks during that time. It is his way of paying tribute to our soldiers, past and present.

On that particular 4th, a lady stopped to talk with him, she was passing through Flowood and told Don that his flag was the first one she had noticed. She went on to tell him about her husband who she hadn't seen in over a year, he was in the military and deployed in Afghanistan. 

That conversation is what set Don on a mission to make sure that everyone traveling on Lakeland Drive would see a flag, in fact, lots of flags.

He made contact with Woodmen Of The World, after hearing his story they agreed to donate the flags. Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads helped find donors to buy the mounting hardware and the rest, as they say, is history.  

On September 10, 2010 the Flowood City Council honored Don for his efforts.

Quite a tribute to the brave men and women who serve our country.

Thanks Don.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Hartness, you did a very good thing.