Friday, January 7, 2011

The Low Head Dam

We received an email this week from a reader wanting information about the Low Head Dam located upriver from Ratliff's Ferry.

I am originally from Neshoba County, MS. My dad used to take me fishing down at the low head dam when I was a kid. I recently was in the area and went by to visit the dam. It brought back a lot of good memories and also a couple of questions. What was the low head dam built for? What purpose does it currently serve?

Appreciate any info you can provide on this. I have asked a few folks, but no one seems to know.

Barry Dale Green
Knoxville, TN

The answer provided by the Executive Director of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, John Sigman.

The low head dam was built to provide impounded water in Leake and Scott Counties. It raises the level of the Pearl about six feet (thus the name “Low Head”). The Low head Dam increases the fishing and recreational opportunities in Leake and Scott.

It was built along with the main dam although it was started later it was finished about the same time as the rest of the work. There used to be a boat lift, a store, gas pumps and a lot of activity at Low Head. The area is still very popular for fishing and we have a small campground there.

This link will get you a PDF copy of the Camp Ground info at Low Head including directions, click HERE

A few old photos of the Low Head Dam area.
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