Monday, April 18, 2011

Mona Biddy - Part 1

If you will, come with us on a journey back in time.  Over the coming days we will tell you about a 6 year old girl named Mona Biddy and the bizarre events surrounding her, it all happened over 40 years ago.   

The story has all the ingredients of a Hollywood mystery.  Crime, coverup, multiple trials, appeals and a legal "Dream Team".

And yes, a Rez connection to the story will be revealed.

Intrigued?  Read on.

The front page of the Clarion Ledger for Friday, Dec. 4, 1970 carried a story titled  "Massive Search Pushed For Child"

A six year old girl, Mona Biddy, had apparently wondered away from her north Jackson home the previous Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Hundreds of volunteers joined police in a 16 hour search for the girl.  Some feared she might have fallen into a stretch of Hanging Moss Creek near her home.   Pumps were brought in and the creek was drained but there was no sign of the girl.

She was described by her father, Ted Biddy, as brown eyed, standing 3 feet 6 inches tall with brown hair.  The child had a speech impediment which precluded her normal development, she could say "mama" and grunt.  Her legs were poorly developed and she often wore leg braces. 

Bloodhounds were brought to her home but could only follow a trail to Hanging Moss Rd. 

Read the Clarion Ledger story for Dec. 4, 1970 HERE.

More to come.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about missing persons, what about the Herrin lady, wife to the guy in charge at Miss. Valley Gas (I think). There was only a small amount of blood at her house. Odd thing was, there was also a little black girl missing that same day. Neither was ever heard from.

Anonymous said...

I remember this story very well. My son was in 2nd grade at the new Council Hanging Moss elem. school and police showed up in the classrooms asking the kids if they had seen her while they were out playing. He was so frightened and was just sure there was someone out there taking children. I won't reveal the outcome for those who did not live here then, but thanks for telling the story again after all these years.

Anonymous said...

I remember when this happened but can not remember all of the details. Very interesting, sounds like a good book or a made for tv movie!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to read more. My big question at this point is -- Where is this child's mama? The daddy is referenced, but not the mama. And the Clarion-Ledger says that she "loves to meet strangers, especially men." THAT is an interesting detail.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you SO much for exploiting the suffering of a family 41 years after this heartbreaking event. Time has been served and lives changed forever while this couple is reportedly still together, old now, their children inevitably grown, but their personal lives are still fodder for anyone who wants to profit from dragging out a "Hollywood mystery" decades later. These are REAL people, not characters in a book--they don't deserve to be re-judged by a sensationalized public, especially after what they've already endured.

Anonymous said...

She did, after all, kill this innocent child. She is the one who changed their lives forever. Anything they endured was because of Carol Lee. This is all public knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes to bring in traffic 'eh Rez?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunitely there are sad events that mark our history. The rez is just posting the facts of a crime that worried most people in and around the City of Jackson. Parents worried and children were scared. Not all memories are happy ones.

Chris Merck said...

Here here...if TRN posted a story about a victim's family of 9/11, would we be sayin the same?