Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter To The Editor

Reservoir property leaseholders,

I attended the Reservoir property leaseholders meeting last Monday night held at the Reservoir Community Center. Approximately forty friends and neighbors attended the event for the purpose of unifying our community to work together in an effort to improve and enhance the desirability of our neighborhoods and stabilize and increase the values of the homes in the reservoir area.

What I gathered from the meeting was that at this point we don't know if our best strategy in gaining assistance will come from the Board of Supervisors, Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, and/or the Mississippi Legislature. It may be that our best long term results will come from the legislature with new legislation giving us an enhanced status as a governing entity, or giving us more seats on the board of directors of the district.  We may need legislation to help us establish an overlay district with governance powers within the county.

Coincidentally, we have local and statewide elections in August and in fact our own Lt. Governor and we think soon to be Governor, Phil Bryant, is a leaseholder, as well as Representative Kevin McGee and his parents, and the parents of District 20 Senate candidate Josh Harkins. We also have a good friend in Representative Mark Baker from the adjoining Rankin County House District. There is a good chance that if Republicans should win control of the House of Representatives, Mr. Baker could become the next Speaker of the House and the first Republican Speaker since reconstruction.

If legislation to allow us to have more self-control is the answer then you can see where it would greatly benefit all of us for the Governor's office, the State Senate, and the State House of Representatives to have someone serving us with a vested interest at the Reservoir.  We all know about the situation with the Rapids property, and how badly we could have used local controls in the past to prevent the un-desirable growth and development that has occurred on Old Fannin Road and on Grant’s Ferry Road.

I suggest that we need to not only vote for these people, but to get out and support all of these men, who have strong ties to our community. Put a yard sign up for these candidates, contact your neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members to help gain support for your candidates from your area. Also, feel free to contact me if I can provide you with information on any of the above candidates.

Not only are our possibilities great they are also critical at this time, as we can see when we come and go every day. Our neighborhoods are deteriorating before our eyes and our home values continue to drop. Together we can move forward to a new era of self governance with proper zoning, planning and property maintenance codes for all of our benefit.

Please go to and join the effort.

See you at the next meeting ....

Your friend and neighbor,

Rodney Keith, Leaseholder
Audubon Point Subdivision

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Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON! Keep up the great work everybody and GET OUT TO VOTE!

Anonymous said...

A candidate from Pelehatchie cannot understand the needs of reservoir leaseholders!!

Anonymous said...

One point about giving the board of supervisors too much authority over the area.
We will have only ONE supervisor looking after OUR interests. The other four can be...not necessarily will be...under the influence of developers who will profit from schemes that will create slums.
Pawn shop owners, payday loan owners, owners of check cashing stores, etc. contribute to candidates running for supervisor.

Anonymous said...

I live here and want to know where the "slum lords and poor development" are located on Grants Ferry and Old Fannin. The open senate seat is for all the citizens of district 20 and not just leasehold properties. Mr. keith maybe you can enlighten the rest of us to what the existing representatives and senators have done for our area specifically for say the last 10 years?

Anonymous said...

2:18, Isn't Josh Harkins a builder/developer ? I'm sure he'll look out for our best interests.

Anonymous said...

Jim are you going to let folks know that you are president and the writer of this blog?

Anonymous said...

Good man.

The Rez News said...

I updated the post about the leaseholder group being formed with that info.


Anonymous said...

Great letter written by Mr. Keith, says it all.