Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reservoir Fire Department

The Reservoir Fire Department recently acquired a new truck and it's an amazing piece of technology.

The custom built truck is a 2011 Pierce Contender.

Pierce, based in Appleton, Wisconsin,  may not be a household name but the company manufactures 48% of the worlds fire trucks.

A few stats about the truck.

  • Can pump 1250 gallons of water per minute
  • Has a 1000 gallon self contained water tank
  • Has a 50 gallon foam tank
  • Has integrated extraction tools (Jaws of Life)
  • Powered by a 425 H.P. Cummins Diesel engine
  • Expected life span - 20 years. 
  • Cost new - $450,000

Deputy Chief, Josh Swales, showed us around the station and explained the structure of the Reservoir Fire Protection District.

The District, one of many in Rankin County, is funded from property taxes paid by residential and commercial land owners and lessee's. The Rankin County Board of Supervisors appoint a 5 person board to oversee the District.

Day to day management of the department is the responsibility of Chief Scott Berry and Deputy Chief Josh Swales.

The department has 3 stations:

Spillway Road, Northshore Parkway at Church Road and Castlewood Blvd.

The 23 full time amd 10 part time  firefighters are assisted by 15 volunteers.  All members of the team are certified fire fighters and EMT's.  Five firefighters are paramedics.

The department also has a dive team.

The Reservoir Fire Department covers 17 square miles and includes the subdivisions around the Rankin County side of the Barnett Reservoir and the homes in unincorporated areas near the reservoir.

Firemen are special people, they lay their lives on the line each day they go to work.  We are lucky to have this professional group of highly trained people watching over us.

Keep up with The Reservoir Fire Department at their website:

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