Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vicksburg Scenes

The 1900 U. S. Census reported that 14,834 people lived in Vicksburg, a very busy river port and center of commerce.

A few shots of how it looked over 100 years ago.  

Click any photo to enlarge.

Vicksburg waterfront circa 1915

 Washington St. - Vicksburg circa 1915
St. Paul's Church - Vicksburg - circa 1895
Vicksburg Street Fair - 1906

Carroll Hotel- 1906

Credits:  Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection

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Red Tail

A recent drive around Main Harbor yielded a great photo opp of a Red Tail Hawk.

(click photos to enlarge)

A few Red Tail Hawk facts.

It's probably the most common hawk in North America. If you’ve got sharp eyes you’ll see several individuals on almost any long car ride, anywhere. Red-tailed Hawks soar above open fields, slowly turning circles on their broad, rounded wings. 

Other times you’ll see them atop telephone poles, eyes fixed on the ground to catch the movements of a vole or a rabbit, or simply waiting out cold weather before climbing a thermal updraft into the sky. 

  • The Red-tailed Hawk has a thrilling, raspy scream that sounds exactly like a raptor should sound. At least, that’s what Hollywood directors seem to think. Whenever a hawk or eagle appears onscreen, no matter what species, the shrill cry on the soundtrack is almost always a Red-tailed Hawk.
  • Birds are amazingly adapted for life in the air. The Red-tailed Hawk is one of the largest birds you’ll see in North America, yet even the biggest females weigh in at only about 3 pounds. A similar-sized small dog might weigh 10 times that.
  • Courting Red-tailed Hawks put on a display in which they soar in wide circles at a great height. The male dives steeply, then shoots up again at an angle nearly as steep. After several of these swoops he approaches the female from above, extends his legs, and touches her briefly. Sometimes, the pair grab onto one other, clasp talons, and plummet in spirals toward the ground before pulling away.
  • Red-tailed Hawks have been seen hunting as a pair, guarding opposite sides of the same tree to catch tree squirrels.
  • The oldest known Red-tailed Hawk was 28 years 10 months old.

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Dragon Boat Memories

Rezident Russ Warner sent us photos of the recent Dragon Boat Regatta held on the Barnett Reservoir.  Russ, you may recall, was the subject of a recent article about his photographic skills, if you missed it you can see it here.

The 3rd Annual Dragon Boat Regatta was held May 14th at the Rez.  Read about it here.

Then....get your team ready for next year!

note: click on any photo to enlarge

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

East Metro Parkway

A major road project is underway that will connect Highway 25 (Lakeland Dr) and I-20.

East Metro Parkway is slightly ahead of it's 600 day schedule, the first phase is visible from the entrance to Dogwood Festival Market in Flowood.

The new Parkway will lead south from Dogwood and connect with Crossgates Blvd.

The graphic below shows the planned route.

Plans call for the roadway to open in late 2012.

Click image to enlarge. 

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Lost Rabbit Lawsuit

Report from WLBT on Lost Rabbit.

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Spillway History

History Time.

Couple of old photos that show the Spillway nearing completion.

The pictures show the progress through mid-year 1961.

Click a photo to enlarge.

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Guild Director Wins Award

Executive Director of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi honored by NICHE Magazine

Baltimore, Md. (July 19, 2011)

Julia Daily (pictured right), the executive director of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, Ridgeland, Miss., was awarded the inaugural AmericanStyle Honor Award by NICHE Magazine as part of the 2011 Top Retailers competition.

Winners were announced in a ceremony at the 2011 Buyers Market of American Craft on July 12, 2011 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md.

The annual Top Retailer Awards program recognizes craft retailers who are committed to fair business practices and to growing and strengthening the North American craft community.  The AmericanStyle Honor Award was introduced to the program this year to seek out and recognize the unsung heroes of the craft world.

Julia Daily is the founding director of the Greater Belhaven Market, Jackson’s first Producers-Only Market in the historic neighborhood of Belhaven, which allowed for the sale of hand-made/hand-grown goods only, creating significant economic impact for artisans in the community.  She was the promoter of the gift show Handworks, a holiday market of handmade crafts.  She is responsible for bringing visitors from 50 states and 27 countries to the Mississippi Craft Center, a center which was recently voted the top tourist attraction in the state.  She brought awareness to craft through the campaign “I am a Craftsman” and has managed to keep the Mississippi Craft Center financially sound, as well as grow its membership base.

“I am honored to be chosen for this award for working with the most talented artisans in the country,” Daily stated.  “It is my mission to assist our craftsmen in making a living at their craft and to pass along their skills to the next generation.”  Education is a top priority at the Mississippi Craft Center where classes and demonstrations take place on a regular basis.

Daily applauded the efforts of her staff at the Mississippi Craft Center, as well as a committed board of directors and many volunteers in bringing exposure to more than 400 craftsmen in the Guild.

Professional fine craft artists, art enthusiasts and craft retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada nominated retail stores, arts advocates, museums and guilds in various categories for the 2011 competition.

Another Mississippian and Exhibiting Member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, Craig Escude, was presented one of the Top Retailer Awards for Social Networking or Viral Marketing for his and his wife Michele’s store Circa.  A complete list of winners is available at

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sales Tax Holiday 2011

Buying back to school clothing?  This is the weekend to do it.

Info from the Mississippi Department of Revenue about this year's Sales Tax Holiday.

Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-65-111(bb) provides a sales tax holiday in the State of Mississippi.

A sales tax holiday is a temporary period when sales taxes are not collected or paid on purchases of specific products and/or services.

According to the Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday passed in the 2009 Legislative Session, Sales Tax is not due on the sale of articles of clothing or footwear if the sales rice of a single the item is less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

The 2011 Sales Tax Holiday takes place between
12:01 A.M. Friday, July 29, 2011 and
12:00 Midnight Saturday, July 30, 2011.

 One interesting twist in the law allow cities to opt out of the holiday.

This year the following cities have opted out.


Full details including a list of items eligible for the exemption can be found HERE.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Race Across The Rez

Mark Your Calendar

Gator Bait Paddlers 1st Annual
Reservoir Regatta

Benefiting Barnett Reservoir Foundation
August 20th Pelahatchie Shore Park, Brandon MS

9 Mile Race across the Reservoir

Open to all human power craft

Medals and T-shirts will be given out
Registration online at $20.00

Or Register Day of race at Pelahatchie Shore Park

Cock of the Walk Restaurant will cater the Post Race Party


David Christopher,

Gator Bait Reservoir Regatta Overview

The Gator Bait Reservoir Regatta is a 9 mile open water race across the Reservoir and back. The Race Benefits the Barnett Reservoir Foundation. 

Participants will row or paddle or pedal small boats in the reservoir starting from Pelahatchie Shore Park across the Reservoir and back. All participants should be comfortable in their boats in windy conditions. We will have some power Boats on the course to monitor check points. Safety is the upmost importance during the race and fellow competitors should always lend a helping hand to paddlers who get in trouble.

There will be no rain date; the event will go on unless conditions are considered too rough. 

The Regatta is open to all Human powered seaworthy craft using oars, paddles, and pedals. Boat classes include Row Boats of all kinds, Rowing Shells, Outriggers, Canoes, Kayaks, Surf Skies, Pedal crafts, Stand up Boards and paddleboards. 

Double or Multiple teams may participate the final Classifications will be revealed at the captains meeting.

Reservoir Regatta Day of the Race Info
  • Online Registration or Register the Day of the race.
  • Or mail to Barnett Reservoir Foundation, In care of PRVWSD, PO BOX 2180, Ridgeland, MS 39158
  • Race Fee $20.00
  • Fee will include T shirt and Swag Bag
  • 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM Registration Check in.
  • 9:00 AM Captains Meeting
  • 9:30 AM Start the Recreation Boats
  • 10:00 AM Start the Racing Boats
  • 2:30 PM Awards Ceremony
  1. All Racers must sign a waiver in person day of race. All Racers will be required to wear a coast Guard approve life vest with some exceptions depending on class of boat in which case the vest must be in the boat. The Race numbers should be taped to both sides of the Bow if practical otherwise pinned to the Life Vest.

  2. Anyone who drops out of the race early should report into the Registration Table in person or Call in at 601-376-7226. Otherwise people will be needlessly searching for a missing Boat

  3. Equipment should include Life Jacket and a whistle or noise maker.

  4. Remember to bring fluids and energy food for the event
There will be food and Drinks after the Race the food and drink will be free for the Registered Racer and $8 dollars for Guest.

Reservoir History

Race Class will be divided by Gender and may be divided by Age Group.
K1 REC Boat, <12ft
K1 Tour Boat, 12’ 1” – 16’
K1 Tour Boat, > 16’ 1”
K1 Fast Kayak, Beam > 20”
K1 High Performance Kayak (HPK), Beam < 20”
K2 REC Boat
K2 Fast Kayak
K2 HPK Kayak
C1 Solo REC Canoe
C1 Solo Race Canoe
C2 REC Canoe
C2 Race Canoe
K1 Pedal Craft
K2 Pedal Craft
Row Boats, Dories
Fixed Seat
Sliding Seat Touring
Sliding Seat Racing
Stand Up Paddle Board
Paddle Board
Misc. Class Full Description
More than 3 People
First Name __________________
Last Name __________________
AGE __________________
Gender __________________
Address __________________
City __________________
State __________________
ZIP __________________
Phone # __________________
Alt Phone # __________________
Email __________________
Emergency Contact and Medical Info
First Name __________________
Last Name __________________
Phone # __________________
Alt Phone # __________________
Medical Conditions ______________________________________________
T Shirt Size __________________
Are you an ACA Member (Yes/No)
ACA # __________________
Class Boat __________________
Description of your Boat ______________________________________________

To download/print form click here.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PRVWSD Board Minutes

Minutes from the June PRVWSD Board of Directors Meeting.


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District was held at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at the District’s main office.

The meeting was called to order by Samuel Mitchell, Vice President, who presided.
Members Present: Ramie Ford, Jim Carraway, Vernard Murrell, W. C. Gorden, Phillip Crosby, Kenny Latham, Keith Allen, Pete Burkes, Samuel Mitchell, John Locke
Members Absent: Jack Winstead, Trey Bobinger, John Arledge, Robert Webb

Poker Run On The Rez

Pelican Cove Boat and Bike Poker Run

To Benefit Ms. School for the Deaf

Sunday July 31, 2011  10a.m. - 6.p.m.

$35 per hand (donation.) Buy as many hands as you like. Each hand gets an ID Badge with a unique number on it. At each one of the designated stops, you will be required to have your ID Badge punched with a hole-punch. Each Stop has a unique hole-punch that has been assigned by the event coordinator. If you break down, you can give your ID Badge to another participant and ask them to have your Badge punched at the stops you have not made.

The number on your ID Badge will match a number on the Participants' board at Pelican Cove Grill. When you return to Pelican Cove Grill, you will present your ID Badge to a Dealer at the Dealer table. The dealer will check to see how many stops you have made (five is minimum for a hand.) At that time you will pick 5 sealed cards from the Card Vault. If you make at least 5(five) or more stops you will be eligible to purchase 2(two) additional cards. The first card is $10 and the second card is $20. Your hand will be determined by your best 5 cards picked.

Dollar amounts of Prizes will be awarded based on the number of hands entered in Poker Run. First, Second and lowest hands will be payed. Lowest possible hand is 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. Aces may be played as high or low.

Each hand purchased will receive a complimentary raffle ticket for Door Prizes.  Additional raffle tickets may be purchased by anyone present on day of Poker Run for $10 each.

Mandatory Captains/Rules meeting on Friday, July 29th, 2011 at 7 p.m. at Pelican Cove. Dollar amounts of payouts will be announced at the meeting.

All hands must be purchased by no later than 9:00a.m. on Day of Run.

All hands must be turned in by no later than 6:00 p.m. on Day of Run.

Questions?  Contact Pelican Cove at: 601-605-1865
or visit their website:

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rez Leaseholder Meeting

A meeting of The Reservoir Leaseholders Association will be held Tuesday, July 26th at 6:30pm. The location will be the new Reservoir Community Center (next to the fire station) on Spillway Rd.

Details and agenda at their website here.

All Pearl River Valley Water Supply District leaseholders are welcomed to attend.

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Main Harbor Store

Main Harbor Store, near Cock of The Walk, caters to the needs of boaters on The Rez.

Food, beer, snacks, oil and ethanol free gas are all available, also fishing supplies and ski accessories.

Dockside service is available, pull your boat up to their pier and they'll fill it up for you. 

Not a boater but want to be?

Consider renting one of the very nice pontoon boats they offer.

Three boats are available that accomodate from 12 to 16 people.  Details including photos and pricing is available here.

SEATOW, a service offered by Main Harbor Store, can offer peace of mind for members.  Tows, gas delivery and other benefits are available for boat owners.

The store also handles slip rentals for Main Harbor.  

Stop in and visit manager Aaron Criddle, he'll get you fixed up with whatever you need.

Main Harbor Store is open Monday thru Thursday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and Friday thru Sunday from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

Questions?  Call them at 601-853-0683 or visit their website:

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Sunday Storms

An intense electrical storm passed over The Rez Sunday afternoon.

Two trees took a simultaneous lightning strike at the Bay Park neighborhood park.  The tree shown had the top blown out of it, bark and pieces of the tree were scattered as far as 50 ft. from the trunk. 

Ever heard that lighting doesn't strike in the same place?  Don't believe it, the top of this tree was dead from a previous strike.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Whiskey Speech

Our recent post about the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District's decision to review their alcohol policy is sure to draw supporters and opponents.

If you're one of those people who can see both sides of the issue then this post is for you.

We have referenced this speech in the past but felt the time was right to recycle it.

The speech was made by Rep. Noah S. "Soggy" Sweat to the Mississippi Legislature in 1952.

The text is below but we encourage you to listen to the speech, you'll think you were there when it was delivered. 

The voice is that of former Mississippi Representative Ed Perry - he gives a 5 star performance of Rep. Sweat's most famous oration.

If player doesn't work try this link.

If When You Say Whiskey

By: Noah S. "Soggy" Sweat

"My friends,;

"I had not intended to discuss this controversial subject at this particular time. 

However, I want you to know that I do not shun controversy. On the contrary, I will take a stand on any issue at any time, regardless of how fraught with controversy it might be. 

You have asked me how I feel about whiskey. All right, here is how I feel about whiskey.

"If when you say whiskey you mean the devil's brew, the poison scourge, the bloody monster, that defiles innocence, dethrones reason, destroys the home, creates misery and poverty, yea, literally takes the bread from the mouths of little children; if you mean the evil drink that topples the Christian man and woman from the pinnacle of righteous, gracious living into the bottomless pit of degradation, and despair, and shame and helplessness, and hopelessness, then certainly I am against it.


"If when you say whiskey you mean the oil of conversation, the philosophic wine, the ale that is consumed when good fellows get together, that puts a song in their hearts and laughter on their lips, and the warm glow of contentment in their eyes; if you mean Christmas cheer; if you mean the stimulating drink that puts the spring in the old gentleman's step on a frosty, crispy morning; if you mean the drink which enables a man to magnify his joy, and his happiness, and to forget, if only for a little while, life's great tragedies, and heartaches, and sorrows; if you mean that drink, the sale of which pours into our treasuries untold millions of dollars, which are used to provide tender care for our little crippled children, our blind, our deaf, our dumb, our pitiful aged and infirm; to build highways and hospitals and schools, then certainly I am for it.

"This is my stand. I will not retreat from it. I will not compromise."

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gulf Fishing Report

A great fishing report from a TRN reader.

Cliff Hoke (3rd from left) took his boat to Venice, La for the last few days of Red Snapper season, he and his crew scored an impressive catch.

Pictured from left to right:
Connor Tackett, Mark Deck, Cliff Hoke, Myron Watson, Geordan Permenter

This year's 48 day Red Snapper season was shorter than usual with limits of only two fish per person, the season ended July 18th.  The fish shown are 10 lbs or better.  The smaller fish in the foreground are Lane Snapper.

The group was fishing around an oil rig about 10 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River (Southwest Pass) in 155 feet of water.  Squid and Pogies lured these tasty creatures to the boat.  

The Rez News
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rez Board To Review Alcohol Policy

The Board of Directors of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District met on Thursday, July 21, 2011.

A copy of their agenda is available HERE.

A couple of items of interest.

Kayak Race.

A newly formed kayak club (they call themselves Gator Bait) is planning a Kayak Race in August, the course would begin in Pelahatchie Bay, cross the main lake and then return to the Bay, a total of 9 miles.

We will bring you details and entry information as soon as they become available.

Alcohol Sales.

At a previous Parks Policy Committee meeting, Rayford Hudson, a member of the Reservoir Foundation, asked the committee to consider allowing alcohol sales for special events in District parks.  The committee agree to ask the full board to review the policy on alcohol.

After some discussion the full board voted to look into the issue.  They authorized the PRVWSD staff to conduct a study of the impact of changing their current policy banning alcohol.

The board will review the study and discuss the alcohol policy at a future meeting. 

The PRVWSD prohibits alcohol in parks, the current ordinance says:

3.7.5 It shall be unlawful for any person to consume beer, wine, liquor or any other alcoholic beverage, including wine coolers, within any public park (including a neighborhood park), public recreation area, public boat launching facility (including a neighborhood ramp), public fishing pier, public parking area or other public area  within the Reservoir Project Area not inundated by the waters of the Reservoir.

3.7.6 Each violation of this regulation shall constitute a misdemeanor and shall be punishable by a fine of not more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leaseholders And Flood Insurance

Many reservoir leaseholders have received letters from their mortgage companies demanding they purchase flood Insurance for their homes.

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District has attempted to help homeowners by writing letters to FEMA stating that water would top the emergency spillway before waterfront homes would flood.

So far the federal bureacacy has not budged.  

The PRVWSD recently sent a letter to the Mississippi Congressional delegation asking for help in the matter.

A copy of that letter can be seen HERE.

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Rankin Receives MDEQ Grant

Rankin County was awarded a grant from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. The grant was designated for use in a "white goods" program.

White goods are heavy consumer appliances such as washing machines, stoves, etc.

July 19, 2011


(Jackson, Miss.) -- The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has awarded Rankin County a solid waste assistance grant of $23,594 that will be used by the county for a white goods collection program.

“The Solid Waste Assistance Grants support a variety of useful solid waste management activities for cities and counties, and this grant will assist the efforts of Rankin County in improving their management of solid waste,” said Trudy D. Fisher, MDEQ Executive Director.

Cities and counties may apply for Solid Waste Assistance Grants through the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. These grants are utilized by local communities for programs to prevent and clean up unauthorized dumps; to aid in hiring local solid waste enforcement officers; for public education efforts on solid waste disposal and recycling; and to establish programs for the collection of white goods, bulky wastes and recyclables.

Information about this grant program and other initiatives is available at

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harkins Ad Targets PRVWSD Leaseholders

Josh Harkins has released a new ad addressing issues affecting PRVWSD leaseholders.

Josh is a candidate for the Miss. Senate District 20 seat being vacated by Lee Yancey.

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Pearl River Alert

WLBT reports on condition of Pearl River after sewage overflows into river.

The area immediately below the Spillway is not affected.


State environmentalists are monitoring potentially harmful bacterial levels in a section of the Pearl River.

An advisory was posted Monday warning residents that untreated waste water is pouring into the Pearl River near Lakeland Drive in Jackson.

Read more

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Sample Ballots

Yesterday's election calendar will help you keep track of upcoming election dates.

Today we'll show you sample ballots.

Madison County voters can find sample ballots on the county website HERE.

For Rankin County voters:

Sample ballot for Democratic Primary HERE.

Sample ballot for Republican Primary HERE.

Alternate Rankin Links (download PDF): Democratic here Republican here.

The sample ballots shown here contain all candidates regardless of district.  The ballot voters mark on election day will only list candidates within the voters district.

If you are not sure what district you are in call your county Circuit Clerks office.

Madison County Circuit Clerks office:  601-859-4365
Rankin County Circuit Clerks office:  601-825-1466

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Election Calendar

The Primary Elections will be held August 2, 2011 - runoff elections on August 23rd.

Upcoming Election Dates


Absentee Voting: Circuit Clerks’ Offices must remain open until noon for absentee voting for the first Primary Election. (Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-653 (1972)).

Absentee Voting: [Saturday] Circuit Clerks’ Offices must remain open until 12:00 noon for absentee voting for the first Primary Election. (Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-653 (1972)). Today at 12:00 noon is the last day to vote by absentee in the Circuit Clerks’ Offices for the first Primary Election. (Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-715 (1972)).


Absentee Voting: [Monday] Mailed absentee ballots must be received by the Circuit Clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. for the first Primary Election. (Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-631 (1972)).

PRIMARY ELECTION: Polls open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. for voting in the first Primary Election. (Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-191 (1972)).

Absentee Balloting (if applicable): [Saturday] Circuit Clerks’ Offices must remain open until noon today for absentee balloting for the second Primary Election on August 23rd. (Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-653 (1972)).

Absentee Balloting (if applicable): [Saturday] Circuit Clerk’s Office must remain open until 12:00 noon today for absentee balloting for the second Primary (Runoff) Election. (Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-653 (1972)).  Today at 12:00 noon is the deadline to vote absentee in the Circuit Clerk’s Office for the second Primary Election. (Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-631 & 715 (1972).

Absentee Voting (if applicable): [Monday] Mailed absentee ballots must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. for the second Primary Election. (Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-631 (1972)).

PRIMARY RUNOFF ELECTION (if applicable): Polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for the second Primary (Runoff) Election. (Miss. Code Ann. 23-15191 (1972)).

Source:  Mississippi Secretary Of States Office

The Rez News
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Pet Of The Week - Wilson



Looking for a small/medium sized dog with BIG personality? Well, meet Wilson.

Those of you who visited us at Petsmart Saturday might have seen Wilson,  he was there hoping to go home with a new owner.

Wilson and his brothers and sisters were dumped at a hunting camp.   Luckily the owners were there for the weekend and found these puppies but only after something attacked them in the middle of the night.... leaving one of Wilson's siblings with a mauled ear and one with a injured tail.

Thankfully all survived and are safe at the ARF farm.

Wilson is expected to grow to 20-25 pounds and is the runt of the group. He is super cute and playful, but is also known to slip away from the other puppies and nap when no one is looking.

Come meet Wilson today.

For more photos of this playful, extremely photogenic puppy, find his album on Facebook.

Did you know that black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of light colored dogs at shelters across the county? The phenomenon is called Black Dog Syndrome and is very commonly known among shelter owners and volunteers. The exact reason why this is the case is highly debated, but the shocking numbers don't lie.

Shelters all over the county are highly populated with dogs with black coats. Some believe the reason is that they do not photograph as well, others say it's because black dogs are simply plain or ordinary. Hollywood, of course, doesn't help, often portraying black dogs as aggressive or violent.

It's a fact that black dogs take beautiful photos, anyone at ARF will tell you there is not a single plain, ordinary, or mean dog in the bunch!

So, when you are out choosing your next best friend, remember this and take a second look at the black dogs that need homes.

Every Friday ARF will be highlighting an available black dog for adoption. Don't let our black dogs be the last to get adopted. For more information on Black Dog Syndrome, here are several websites:​m/2009/10/13/black-dog-syndrom​e/


Learn more about adopting a pet from The Mississippi Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) at their website:

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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Friendship

For over 40 years The Friendship and her predecessor, the Melody Ann, have carried passengers on voyages around the Barnett Reservoir. 

The boat belongs to Fr. Edward Balser, a Catholic priest who has served parishes in the Jackson area for over 50 years.

Fr. Balser was the priest at St. Jude's Catholic Church in Pearl when the reservoir opened in the mid-1960's.  He had the idea to start a church ministry at the Barnett Reservoir.

Weekends would find him with a group of children swimming and enjoying the water.  The demand soon outgrew the capacity of his small runabout and the idea to build a houseboat was born.

With friends and volunteers he built the Melody Ann, a 24 x 10 houseboat.

Fr. Balser - 1967

The Melody Ann was expanded 8 times to accommodate a growing demand from the church, finally the decision was to build a larger boat.

And a big boat was built, the Friendship 1- a triple decker.

The Friendship I served the church and the community well but had a difficult life - it sank 3 times.

One of the episodes occurred when a group of Callaway High School students rushed to one side of the top deck causing it to sink.  Weather was responsible for the other incidents.  A TRN article about one of the accidents can be seen  here

Later, fire swept through the boat while moored at Main Harbor Marina, it was a total loss.  

Fr. Balser promptly made plans for the Friendship II

Pontoons were constructed and moved to the parking lot at Madison Landing where Fr. Balser and a group of volunteers completed the boat.

The boat sits atop two 98' pontoons, it's powered by two 150hp Cummins diesel engines that can power the huge craft at speeds up to 12mph.

The Friendship is busy - about 110 trips a year, it's popular for parties, reunions and church groups.

Fr. Balser (seated) and Captain Danny Doty

Captain Danny Doty handles the pilot duties, both Danny and Fr. Balser are U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captains. 

The Friendship II is located in Main Harbor and available for charters.

For availability and rate information call 601-862-3569.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Botanical Garden Scenes

Reservoir resident and avid photographer, Russ Warner, sent us these photos taken on a trek through the Botanical Garden by the Reservoir Fire Station.

Note:  click on any photo to enlarge.

The Rez News
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Americana IV

More photos from a time gone by.

The pictures are from a collection by The Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information.

All photos and captions from the Library Of Congress.

Note:  click on any photo to enlarge.

Title: Natchez, Miss.
Creator(s): Wolcott, Marion Post, 1910-1990, photographer
Date Created/Published: 1940 August
Summary: Photograph shows store or cafe with soft drink signs: Coca-Cola, Orange-Crush, Royal Crown, Double Cola, and Dr. Pepper.

Title: Negro migratory workers by a "juke joint" (?), Belle Glade, Fla.
Creator(s): Wolcott, Marion Post, 1910-1990, photographer
Date Created/Published: 1941 Feb.
Summary: Photograph shows signs advertise Atlantic Ale and Beer, Royal Crown Cola and Nehi.

Title: Migratory laborers outside of a "juke joint" during a slack season, Belle Glade, Fla.
Creator(s): Wolcott, Marion Post, 1910-1990, photographer
Date Created/Published: 1941 Feb.
Summary: Photograph shows man standing at left with a gun. Signs advertise Ice Cold Jax Ale Beer Stout, Royal Crown Cola, and Ice Cold Coca-Cola.

Title: A cross roads store, bar, "juke joint," and gas station in the cotton plantation area, Melrose, La.
Creator(s): Wolcott, Marion Post, 1910-1990, photographer
Date Created/Published: 1940 June
Summary: Photograph shows Sign on left building: Frenchies Beer Garden; above porch: Frenchies Bar.

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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Rankin Supervisor Meeting - July 15

The Rankin County Board of Supervisors met Friday, July 15th.

A copy of their agenda can be seen HERE.

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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Friday, July 15, 2011

ARF At Petsmart

Actually we have lots of pets this week!

Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) will be at the Flowood Petsmart on Saturday, July 16 from 10 am to 3 pm with puppies and kitties for adoption.

Please come by and consider providing a "furever" home to one of these pets.

While at Petsmart, you can buy and donate a bag of Purina or Pedigree dry dog food for the ARF dogs. They require 250 lbs of food each day!

ARF needs your financial support.

It takes $550 each day to run the shelter.

ARF will thankfully accept your donation at Petsmart, of course donations can always be made at ARF's website

Use the click and pledge method to make a one-time donation or consider setting up a recurring donation. Checks can be mailed to ARF of MS, 1963 Holly Bush Road, Pelahatchie, MS 39145.

Your financial donations are tax deductible.

Learn more about ARF at their website:

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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Help The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed in Flowood has a chance for some big bucks and you can help!

McAlister's Deli is sponsoring a contest - "Tea Town USA".
The top ten spots pay money to a non-profit, McAlister's Deli in Flowood has selected The Mustard Seed as their beneficiary.

Winners are decided by votes from Facebook users.  And, you can vote once each day.  So, what are you waiting for?

Help our friends at the Mustard Seed!

Vote Early and Vote Often
For The Mustard Seed

Full details at McAlister's Tea Town Challenge HERE.

Learn more about The Mustard Seed at their website HERE.

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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Karate Demo

The Reservoir YMCA Karate class will perform a self-defense exhibition at Liberty Baptist Church in Flowood on Saturday, July 16th from 11:15am till 1:00pm.

Liberty Baptist Church is located at 5199 Lakeland Dr.

The Mustard Seed DoJo Karate Students will perform a bonus performance.

In addition there will be food, live music, and door prizes.

Live music by Shaken.

Fun for the whole family.

 (click image to enlarge)

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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dredging Beginning Soon

News from the PRVWSD

Dredging of the Barnett Reservoir

July 14, 2011

Dredging in the Ross Barnett Reservoir will soon begin near Overlook Pointe Subdivision and Point Clear Condominiums in Madison County. 


Pearl River Valley Water Supply District personnel will be dredging two channels in this area over the next few months. The dredged material is to be disposed in a nearby deep portion of the lake that will be bordered by a turbidity curtain.

Boaters should exercise extreme caution in this area throughout this activity.

For the latest in activities related to the Barnett Reservoir, please check out our Facebook page at

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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Nepotism at Rankin Schools?

WJTV reports on questions of nepotism in the Rankin County School system.

View video 1 Here

View video 2 Here

View video 3 Here

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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Rez Community Picnic - 2011

The Reservoir Community Picnic will be held Sunday July 17th, 2011 at Pelahatchie Shore Park, hours are 5:00pm till 7:00pm.  Map here.

The first community picnic was held 17 years ago.  Mr. Bob Anthony, a former PRVWSD Board member, wanted to bring the reservoir community together for an annual "meet your neighbor" event.   (TRN article about Mr. Anthony here

This year promises to be bigger and better.

Here's the deal.
  • Picnic for Reservoir area residents
  • Free admission/food
  • Rides & games for children
  • Free entertainment
You'll notice a number of elected officials and candidates as sponsors, however, this is not a political event.

Questions?  Call Sharon McBeth at 601.624.3603

For a larger copy of the picnic brochure click here.

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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Main Harbor Postcard

A bit of history.

This old postcard shows Main Harbor BD (Before the Dock).

No date available but likely mid 1970's.

(click photo to enlarge)

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Ross Barnett Reservoir 

Spill Grill Under New Management

The Spill Grill in the Reservoir Square shopping center is under new management.

Co-owner Jim Anderson said he has made a few menu changes and more will come. 

They now have a "Daily Special", Tuesday's was a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a scoop of ice cream.


The first thing you'll notice is the change to the front.  A collection of items, such as old chairs and tables - and all for sale.

Jim described their new theme as: "An eclectic yard sale that has a good burger".

A few menu changes:
  • Fresh squeezed lemonade
  • Home made chicken and tuna salad (also sold by the pound)
  • Fresh cut fries
  • Fried Kool-Aid
Be sure to bring your kids and your dog, they give free popsicles to kids and a free dog biscuit to your dog.

And, $1.00 ice cream cones...all day.

Walkers/joggers/cyclist on the bike trail can stop in for a free drink of cold water.  Very nice!

Their current hours of operation are 10:30am to 9:00pm 7 days a week - hours will expand when football season starts. 

Stop in for a visit and help support our local Rez area businesses.

Questions or to want to place an order?  Call them at: 601-919-2885.

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Ross Barnett Reservoir