Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fireworks At The Rez

July 1, 2011


Reservoir Patrol Officers frequently respond to calls of fireworks being discharged illegally on Reservoir Property this time of year. The Reservoir Patrol wishes to remind everyone that discharging fireworks on any of the public areas of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District is illegal and individuals can be charged for the offense.

Reservoir Patrol Chief Perry Waggener stated “This is not a new ordinance and Patrol officers do enforce the regulation. Not only could fireworks be an annoyance to others in the parks but it has been our experience litter left behind drains PRVWSD resources to clean up the mess”

Also, there will be no organized fireworks display this Fourth of July Holiday at the Barnett Reservoir.

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Anonymous said...

WHAT?! so I can have sex and leave my used condoms behind, fish and leave my bait containers behind, drink and leave my containers behind, play loud music and annoy the other folks, but I can't shoot firecrackers at the parks? wait, aren't these PUBLIC parks?
well, damn! was hoping that you PRV leaseholders would pay for pickin' up the fireworks debris and handling the possibly fires I started just like y'all pay to upkeep all the parks,boat launches, and groundskeeping on your dime- No Fair!

Anonymous said...

100% Truth behind those comments

Anonymous said...

Another example of how the PRV act on impluse with no planning whatsoever. In the Bay Park SUB-DIVISION PARK, we have asked for NO PARKING ON THE GRASS signs and they give us lip service. NOW, the hurry up and order signs stating NO FIREWORKS ON REZ PROPERTY. The GENERAL PUBLIC is doing a lot more damage to OUR SUB-DIVISION PARK by parking all over the grass than a few fireworks with the family.

alex pierce said...

It is the Fourth of July, and I think it is a real shame that nothing has been organized for a firework show, done by professionals, with safety crews, what happened to the good ol' days where a family could sit on the banks of the rez and watch the fireworks, have we lost the reality of what today is, a day of freedom, not of restrictions and fines for the fine folks in the reservoir community wanting to have a good time.

Anonymous said...

It's all about PR people! Rez Foundation, whateverinthehellthatis, had a free fireworks display for all Sat- to promote the rez, for whatever reason that is actually needed.
It's not about the actual resident leaseholders who pay Chef, errr, Chief's salary or those of all the other prv employees.
Parking on "your grass?" Ha! Just cuz you pay for the upkeep of the parks and the salaries for those keeping up the park, which is actually in your subdivision and backs up to your properties, it don't matter.
Chef Waggoner, Director Sigman, majority of prv employees aren't even leaseholders. What do they care? Just keep quiet and keep paying your leasehold fees so we can keep the lights on.
Btw, will be interesting to see who gets appointed to the board from the leaseholding populace. "Yes men" in the prv favor like Homer, May, etc., or real, unbiased folks.