Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rez Community Center Opens

Updated: 1:55PM 7/12/11

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Monday for the new Reservoir Community Center.

Rankin County District 2 Supervisor Wood Brown sliced through the ribbon and officially declared the facility open for business.

Supervisor Brown spoke to the crowd and thanked the many people that made the building possible.  The center can be used to host community meetings and special events, it has kitchen facilities and a large outdoor deck.

Land for the building was donated by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

The Community Center is located on Spillway Road adjacent to the Reservoir Fire Station and Library Complex.

It is a great addition to the Rez Community.  Many thanks to the Rankin County Board of Supervisors for constructing the building and the other people and businesses that helped make it possible. 

For availability and rate information contact the Reservoir Fire Station at:  601-992-2657.

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Jeanhee Muse said...

What a great addition to our community!

Anonymous said...

This article should have included such information as how much does it cost to use?

Anonymous said...

I suppose you want to make it private for Rez users only?

Anonymous said...

Cool. I need to stop and check that out.. Who do you contact to reserve it? Who is it managed by? PRVWD?

The Rez News said...

Our apologies, we forgot to include a contact number for the Community Center. The article has been updated to show the following.
For availability and rate information call the Reservoir Fire Station at 601-992-2657.

Merck said...

nice! disappointed we missed it but will hopefully be able to stop by soon.
Iggy? that you? I now realize that name is so appropriate for you in more than one way ...
short for Ignoramus as well!

Kapt Kangaroo said...


Are you saying folks with opposing viewpoints should be ignored?

Next, are you for or against closing the boat ramps?

Kapt Kangaroo said...


Also, isn't there an nature trail there too? I've spent many an afternoon walking through there and have tried to find out the history, to no avail. Just know there is a lot of lighter-knot ripe for the pickin'.

Also, the library is still there too, if I am correct.


Merck said...

no, not saying that at all.
Saying that Iggy, who posts the same general comment regardless of what story is run by TRN or the subject matter, is an ignoramus.
Never on point, never constructive in matter.
boat ramps? don't think anyone wants to close them per se(well, except PRV who would love to sell them and get $ for residential waterfront lots); they'd be open for the proper lessees. The public non-lessees would still enjoy all the much larger public parks that are located in the more appropriately located places (ie, those not in subdivisions).
How many neighborhoods do you ever go into that have park-like areas, playgrounds, clubhouses, pools, etc., that the public get to access and use?

Makes sense, right?

Anonymous said...

My sister had her wedding reception at the center. Great space that managed to keep a large crowd cool on a very hot June day. Parking was a concern but ended up not being too bad but some did have to park on the grass which I know is a sore point with the other public spaces on the Rez.

The rate was very reasonable and the crew at the station were nice despite some guests getting confused and attempting to park at the station. The bride invited them all over to eat which they did so hopefully all was well.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know what the maximum capacity is at the community center?