Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rankin Republican Women Meeting

Rankin County Republican Women
August Meeting

The RCRW monthly meeting will be held Monday, August 15th.

Chastaine Flynt Memorial Library
103 Winners Circle
Flowood, MS
Library phone: 601-919-1911 

Time:  6:00pm

The speaker this month will be Congressman Greg Harper

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir


Kristen Windham said...

Please join us! Many of the run off candidates will be in attendance as well!

Anonymous said...

Questions that need to be ask of Mr. Harper. 1) Is he for term limits. 2) Is he for congressional members getting special treatment in terms of perks such as free medical, free dental, full retirement vested with 4 years served, 3) Why does congress not have to abide by the same laws that the COMMON FOLK abide by. THESE ARE NOT "TRICK" QUESTIONS, JUST COMMON SENSE QUESTIONS FOR OUR CONGRESSMAN TO ANSWER. ANYBODY HAVE THE GUTS TO ASK THESE QUESTION. AFTER ALL, HE DOES WORK FOR US!

Kristen said...

Well Anonymous, why don't you ask him yourself? That is IF you have the guts to stand up in front of a crowd and not sit behind your computer writing anonymous posts.