Friday, September 30, 2011

ARF Pet Of The Week

Someone - adopt this beautiful dog!

Meet Toby 

He's a Boxer/Lab Mix around 1 year old. He was rescued running along Interstate 20.

When picked up he was malnourished and scared, he's fattened up, healthy, and just a dream of a dog.  Toby is a very active dog who will need an experienced dog owner and good obedience. He is full of puppy play and loves to jump up and box with you.

This beautiful pup dreams for a runner or an active family who will give him constant walks and play with him in a large fenced yard. Toby has so much personality, and, as you can see from his pictures, his tendency to hang his tongue from the side of his mouth will bring you nothing but smiles. 

Adopt Toby today.... or come to the shelter this weekend and take him for a nice long walk.

To learn more about ARF visit their website here

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Avalon Sale

Avalon subdivision is having a big Garage Sale

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Ross Barnett Reservoir

Thursday, September 29, 2011

School Board Meeting At NWRHS

The Rankin County Board of Education met Wednesday morning at Northwest Rankin High School.

The meeting was routine but the entertainment that preceded it was outstanding.  

The program began with tunes from the NWRHS Band, followed by a flag presentation by the ROTC Color Guard. Then some singing.

A short sample of the program. The soloist is Stevie Flynt - a ninth grader who hit one out of the park, she is followed by the NWRHS choir.

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PRVWSD Spraying For Hydrilla

News From The PRVWSD

Herbicide Applications to be conducted 
at the Ross Barnett Reservoir

On September 28 and 29, 2011, herbicide treatments for control of hydrilla will be performed at the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

The treatment will include liquid application of herbicides Reward and Komeen, which are approved by the EPA for aquatic use. The use of these herbicides at the prescribed rate for hydrilla control does little or no damage to the native vegetation species present in the treatment areas.

Boaters may presently notice discoloration of the Native American Lotus throughout the lake; this is typical for this time of year for that species.

Hydrilla is an invasive aquatic plant species that can cause considerable damage to a lake and its ecosystem. When left uncontrolled, some of the most undesirable impacts that hydrilla can cause on a lake are unsuitable habitats for desirable game fish species, limited recreational boating access, and an increased mosquito population.

The planned treatment, which is performed in conjunction to hydrilla surveys performed on the lake by Mississippi State University, will include 11 treatment sites totaling approximately 160 acres. During a recent survey of the lake, a significant hydrilla growth was noted in these areas, and specialists stated that it is imperative that we initiate our treatments as soon as possible. These aquatic weed treatments are necessary to keep hydrilla from becoming a bigger problem on the Barnett Reservoir.

For the latest information on this issue, including a map of the areas to be treated, and other related activities on the Barnett Reservoir, please check out our facebook page at

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Overlay District Update

More info about the proposed Overlay District for property around The Rez

Dear Reservoir Residents,

We had a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20 to begin discussions about a possible overlay district in our area. The meeting was well attended, and all agreed that we should proceed with plans for an overlay district.

An excellent account of the meeting is available here

The Federation of Reservoir Homeowners (FRH) is hosting two upcoming meetings for area residents to further discuss this overlay district. The first meeting will be held at Northwest Rankin Middle School on Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 6 p.m. This meeting will be a work session to make recommendations about what area is to be included in the overlay district and what issues need to be addressed that could become ordinances.

The initial discussion on what areas may require an overlay will include all land north of Highway 25 to Holly Bush (not in Flowood), land east of Old Fannin Road, and land north to an area yet to be determined.

Each subdivision (or Homeowners Association) is urged to send a representative/officer to this first meeting. In subdivisions where no Homeowners Association exists, an unofficial representative(s) should be present. Each subdivision should communicate with its residents to determine (up to five) issues that are a cause for concern. The study group will look at all issues and make recommendations for the second meeting.

This second “area” meeting will be at Northwest Rankin Middle School on Thursday, Oct. 20 at 6 p.m.

Everyone in District Two, Rankin County is invited to attend. It is our goal to draft a plan for an overlay district that could be presented to the Rankin County Board of Supervisors.
Everyone is invited to attend and voice your opinion as we work to make this “little piece of heaven” even better.

Best Regards,

Homer Burns
President, Federation of Reservoir Homeowners

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rankin County Board Of Education Meeting

The Rankin County Board of Education conducts a regularly scheduled meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at the RCSD Headquarters in Brandon.  The board often schedules a second meeting later in the month that's held at one of the district schools.

This month's second meeting will be at Northwest Rankin High School.  All School Board meetings are open to the public.  

The agenda for the meeting follows.

Agenda of Special Called Meeting
The Board of Education
Rankin County School District

A Special Called meeting of the Board of Education of Rankin County School District will be held September 28, 2011, beginning at 8:00 AM at Northwest Rankin High School Performing Arts Building, 5805 Hwy. 25, Flowood.

The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are as listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the order shown on this meeting notice.

Unless removed from the consent agenda and placed under discussion / action, items identified within consent agenda will be acted on at one time with no discussion.




      - TIMBER SALES - 16-4-2 / 16-7-4
      - HUNTING & FISHING LEASE - 16-4-5
      - PEARL RIVER VALLEY - 16-7-3 / P# I14-15
      - PEARL RIVER VALLEY - 16-8-4/ P# L17-14
      - CAMPBELL - 16-5-3 / P# I8J-70
      - CAMPBELL - 16-5-3 / P# I8J-70
      - CROOKED CREEK - P# I8M-2 / 16-5-3



The Rez News

Call For Audubon Point Residents

A group of residents in Audubon Point wants to re-establish their dormant Homeowners Association.

They're looking for residents who will participate in discussions on the proposed Overlay District as well as organize neighborhood activities such as Christmas lighting/decorations, 4th of July parades etc.

If you live in Audubon Point and would like to become part of the group please contact Thomas E. Yates, III at

If anyone has any records from the old Audubon Point Homeowners Associate please get in touch with Thomas, he would like to hear from you.

The Rez News
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Rez Botanical Garden Trail

There is a great walking/jogging trail at The Rez that is easy to overlook.

The Reservoir Botanical Gardens and Trail, ( .62 miles long  according to our GPS), meanders through a beautiful wooded area along the banks of Mill Creek.

The trail entrance is at the back of the parking area at the Reservoir Community Center/Fire Station/Library Complex on Spillway Rd.

There are elevation changes along the way that enhance it's workout value.

Mill Creek
Mill Creek provides scenery and mosquitoes.  Consider applying a generous dose of insect repellant when using the trail in warm weather.

A rest stop for the weary
The layout
If you haven't taken this walk please give it try, we think you will be impressed.

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Rankin Republican Women

Rankin County Republican Women
September Meeting

Rankin County Republican Women will meet on September 26th in the Rankin County Supervisors Board Room at 6 pm.

The speaker will be Deputy Circuit Clerk Becky Boyd.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strange Car Of The Week

Spotted at the Kroger parking lot.

Fill it up please, and check my Mascara.

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Rez Scenes

This weeks photos.

 Photo by  Sandi Robinson

Photo by Rita Hall

Photo by Rita Hall

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

GermanFest 2011

Gluckstadt GermanFest 2011
Set for September 25

The 25th annual Gluckstadt GermanFest is scheduled for Sunday, September 25, 11 am - 5pm at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Gluckstadt.

The family-oriented festival is best known for its food and music. Free music will be provided by Die Mitternachters, an authentic German folk band. The band, which has entertained at GermanFests since the first festival 25 years ago, is a crowd pleaser. People who have never experienced a polka will tap their toes and maybe even get up and dance. And then there is the Chicken Dance, a favorite of young and old which truly has to be seen and heard to be fully appreciated.

Sizzling shish kabobs, bratwurst slathered in sauerkraut and authentic German desserts as well as pies, ice cream and other home-made favorites aplenty will be dished out all day. The menu also includes giant fresh oven-baked pretzels, hot dogs, and rippchenkraut, which is pork chops with homemade sauerkraut. Dark and light beer will be on tap, along with Pepsi products and bottled water. A special treat this year will be a German wine tasting booth.

Meal tickets cost $5 in advance, and will be $6 on the day of the festival. Advance meal tickets are available from parishioners of St. Joseph Catholic Church. Ticket information is also available by calling the parish office at 601-856-2054.

Horse drawn wagon rides, a climbing tower and an assortment of childrens games will provide hours of entertainment. A stroll about the grounds to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells is an experience to be savored.

For those who want to take home something to enjoy, the Country Store will be in business with an assortment of commemorative items, t-shirts, home made breads, desserts, jellies and canned goods. The hottest seller usually is the sauerkraut. Church members make hundreds of quarts of the salty cabbage delicacy using a recipe handed down through generations of German descendants living in Gluckstadt. Gifted church folk also have their creative energies in overdrive to produce fun craft items for sale.

The Gluckstadt community was founded in 1905 by families of German descent. Many of the descendants of the original families still attend St. Joseph. Each year St. Joseph Catholic Church hosts the GermanFest the last Sunday in September. GermanFest is the annual fund raising event for the church.

No coolers or solicitors will be allowed on the grounds. Festival goers are also asked to refrain from bringing pets.

The festival is held on the grounds of St. Joseph Catholic Church, which is located off Interstate 55 north of Madison. Take Exit 112 at Gluckstadt and go west three-tenths of a mile on Gluckstadt Road to Church Road. Or just follow the crowd from the Interstate.

Admission and parking are free. Festival goers may wish to bring a lawn chair. There usually aren't enough hay bales to go around.

For more information, call Pam Minninger, St. Joseph Catholic Church, 601.856.2054.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

WellsFest 2011

The 28th annual WellFest event will be held Saturday September 24th and benefit the Mustard Seed.

Great event for the entire family. 

WellsFest details  HERE.

Learn more about the Mustard Seed HERE.

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Changes At Cellular South

Full Press Release from Cellular South 


C Spire Wireless Launches Personalized Wireless Services
Tailored For Each Individual Customer

Ridgeland, Miss. (Sept. 22, 2011) – C Spire Wireless will officially launch operations on Monday, September 26, as the nation’s first and only wireless provider to introduce personalized wireless services. By recognizing that customers are individuals with their own interests and wireless needs, the company, formerly Cellular South, will offer unique and game-changing products and services that adapt to customers, understand who they are and are designed just for them.

“We have entered a new era in wireless – an era centered on broadband networks, mobile computing devices and now personalized services. Completing calls is only a small part of what we deliver our customers,” said Hu Meena, president and CEO of C Spire. “Since 1988, our main focus has been on providing exceptional service for our customers and their wireless needs. Those needs have changed dramatically and will do so at an even more rapid pace in the future. In the new era of wireless, given our continued focus on the customer, we have been inspired to sharpen our vision for delivering the best possible experience in wireless and look forward to doing just that under the C Spire brand.”

No other wireless provider understands its customers and adapts to their wireless needs like C Spire. Customers will see this unique personalization in apps and content that fit who they are, services that anticipate their needs, and rewards they’ll get just for using their phone in new ways. C Spire’s industry-leading personalization capabilities are powered by Pulse, a proprietary system that enables the company to understand and develop a closer relationship with its customers. In turn, C Spire recommends and provides the right selection of technology experiences tailored for each customer – giving them unmatched wireless personalization.

“Our new brand and strategy reflect what today’s consumers really want – truly personal experiences based on their individual desires and needs,” said Kevin Hankins, chief operating officer of C Spire. “At C Spire, we don’t believe a wireless carrier should just ‘serve the masses’ without recognizing each and every customer as being unique. We are taking the vastness of all the technology, devices, content and apps that are available to wireless users and enabling customers to experience them in much more meaningful and rich ways. At the end of the day, it will be a much more productive, inspiring and rewarding experience to engage with C Spire.”

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Concern Over Rez Level

Many Rez homeowners are complaining about the water level of the lake.

A sample.

This letter to John Sigman, Executive Director of the PRVWSD, and his response.

Dear Mr. Sigman,

I’m sure I am not the first one to contact you about the current water levels on the lake or will be the last. I live in a waterfront home on Martin Dr. in the Audubon Point subdivision. I have heard all the explanations and excuses and so have my neighbors about the low water levels in regards to the tropical storm and then not being able to lower the river too fast due to the banks could slough and I understand that.

However, here we are a couple of week later and I, nor my neighbors can get our boats out of our cove to enjoy the lake we pay leases to live on.

We pay good money to the reservoir and expect our water access to be maintained and would like for the lake we live on to hold a good reputation that seems to be dwindling at this date, so there is two questions I would like specific answers to:

When it the water going to be raised to above winter pool? (I noticed a couple of days ago there is still an increased volume of water being discharged above the minimum flow)

What is the time schedule for dredging our cove as it is way overdue because of silt/sedimentation runoff? (there is places in our cove that has less than 2 inches of water and this is at the center of the channel!)

Thanks in advance for your answers/assistance with these issues,

Bryan Walker
Concerned Reservoir Leaseholder


Mr. Walker,

Thank you for your inquiry. The lake is now rising. It is up 0.24 feet (or 2.8 inches) since Friday when we were able to reduce outflow below inflow. The lake is now at 296.12. Winter pool is 296.0. The rain in the Kosciusko area last night will give us some more water in a few days. Future inflows depend on future rain.

You can track these outflows and the projected inflow on the National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service site,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

The lake water surface level can be tracked on the United States Geological Survey site,00060

I am as concerned about the water level as everyone else. It is not where it should be and I regret that. We will retain the excess inflow as received until we intersect the winter drawdown schedule.

That schedule is as follows:

October 12 – 297.25
November 1 – 297.00
December 1 – 296.00

We are currently developing a dredging plan for the Rankin County properties. We have begun the permitting process and I plan to produce a prioritized list of areas to be dredged. Remember some areas in Rankin County have never been dredged.

Dredging is an expensive undertaking and we won’t be able to do all of it immediately. We plan to contract some of this work because our dredge is too large to navigate some of these small creeks. We know that we can not fund all of the dredging needs anytime soon. To catch up on dredging backlog is going to take a number of years.

Once we develop a dredging plan, I will put it out for comment by the leaseholders.

Please stay in touch. I value your input.

John Sigman

The letter and response were printed with permission

The Rez News
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rez Overlay District

Over 100 people gathered at Northwest Rankin Middle School Tuesday night to discuss a proposed overlay district on the Rankin County side of the Reservoir. 

Homer Burns, President of the Federation of Reservoir Homeowners, called the meeting and moderated a discussion that defined an overlay district and described how it could be used to help deal with nuisance property and improve property values.

The overlay district was described as an area with a defined boundary where special ordinances could be applied.  Such a district and any applicable ordinances would have to be created by the Rankin County Board of Supervisors.  

Many subdivisions in the area do not have homeowner associations and feel the overlay district could be a tool to deal with situations like unsightly property and parking on streets.

Representatives from Rankin County, The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, and Rep. Mark Baker and Republican Senate nominee Josh Harkins participated in the discussion.

After the meeting a quick poll was taken to see if there was any objection to moving forward with the project, there was none. 

The group agreed to assemble a small work team to draw up a proposed overlay district map and present it to a future meeting of the group.

Stay tuned, we will keep you up to date on when the next meeting will be held. 

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir 

PRVWSD Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the August PRVWSD Board meeting.

P.R.V.W.S.D. – Regular Meeting August 18, 2011
Page 1

MS. 39157

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District was held at 9:30 a.m., on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at the District’s main office. Jack Winstead, President, who presided, called the meeting to order.

Members Present: Jack Winstead, Vernard Murrell, W. C. Gorden, Phillip Crosby, Kenny Latham, Pete Burkes, Samuel Mitchell, Trey Bobinger, John Arledge, John Locke, Keith Allen

Members Absent: Robert Webb, Jim Carraway, Ramie Ford

Others Present: John Sigman, Greg Burgess, Jim Tohill, David Ash, Sharon Larry, Susan McMullan, Jason Temple, Craig Hunt, Steve Clark, Linda Horton, Jim McDowell

Others Absent: Perry Waggener

Under approval of the minutes of a regular meeting of the Board of Directors held on July 21, 2011, a motion was made by Kenny Latham, seconded by John Locke, for the minutes to be approved as presented. The vote was as follows: For: Winstead, Murrell, Gorden, Crosby, Latham, Burkes, Mitchell, Bobinger, Arledge, Locke, Allen. Abstained: None. Against: None. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Capitol Street - Then And Now

Capitol Street - 1957

Capitol Street Jackson, Mississippi
Then and Now
by Dr. Jerry Dallas

Both my wife and I are from Jackson, and though we haven’t lived there for a long time we still regard it as our hometown. With children and grandchildren living in the area, we go back home a lot. One thing we never miss is our high school reunions Provine (1959) for me and Central (1960) for the wife.

On such occasions, classmates who have been away from Jackson for a long time are always shocked and saddened at the deterioration of their old neighborhoods. In fact, two returning Provine ladies were warned by a Jackson policeman that it was unsafe for them even to cruise their adolescent stomping grounds, much less get out and walk it.

West Capitol was once one of the most fashionable of all Jackson streets and west Jackson’s main thoroughfare. From 1948 to 1953, my family lived in the City Housing Project at the old Air Base, a low-income area, but with all the empty buildings and discarded military equipment this was a fascinating place for kids to play.

Saturday mornings, weather and finances permitting, Mom would let me go downtown to the movies. Sometimes I went by myself, but usually I had to take my little sister. With just enough money for the bus, movie tickets, and maybe a bag of popcorn, we'd walk across Bullard Street and the railroad tracks, up Columbia Avenue to West Capitol and catch the Number Two Bus downtown.

To a project kid, all the homes on West Capitol with their well-tended yards looked large and imposing. Along the route toward town the bus passed Parkway Baptist Church, Livingston Park, the Old Ladies Home, Cedarlawn Cemetery, Barr Elementary (where we went to school), and the Greek Orthodox Temple. Just west of downtown were the Calvary Baptist Church with its steep steps and big columns, Central Presbyterian Church, and the Wahabi Shrine Temple, the later site of Saturday night teenage sock hops.

Wellsfest Art Night

Wellsfest kicks off tonight with Art Night at Duling Hall in the Fondren District.

Food, Art, Music, and more.

The details at:

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Paving To Begin On Lower Road

News From The PRVWSD

September 19, 2011

Periodic Lane Closure on Bob Anthony Parkway

On Tuesday, September 20, 2011, an overlay of the lower road of the Bob Anthony Parkway, also known as Spillway Road, will begin and is expected to last approximately three weeks.

Lane closures will be necessary at times for this project; expect one lane of the lower road to be closed starting each morning. It is anticipated that the lane will be reopened each afternoon by approximately 4:00 p.m.

Drivers should plan ahead and expect delays. Please be careful, slow down and respect the workers in this area.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

New Poll - Alcohol Sales At Rez Parks?

At the July PRVWSD board meeting Mr. Rayford Hudson, with the Barnett Reservoir Foundation, asked the PRVWSD Parks committee to consider changing the District's alcohol policy.

The current PRVWSD policy prohibits alcohol in the parks.
The current ordinance:

3.7.5 It shall be unlawful for any person to consume beer, wine, liquor or any other alcoholic beverage, including wine coolers, within any public park (including a neighborhood park), public recreation area, public boat launching facility (including a neighborhood ramp), public fishing pier, public parking area or other public area within the Reservoir Project Area not inundated by the waters of the Reservoir.

3.7.6 Each violation of this regulation shall constitute a misdemeanor and shall be punishable by a fine of not more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

A link to PRVWSD Ordinances is HERE.

The committee discussed it and agreed to pass the request to the full board of directors. The full board asked the PRVWSD staff to study the idea and report their findings at a later date.

A copy of the July PRVWSD board minutes can be seen HERE.

No action has been taken to date.

Mr. Hudson stated that the Reservoir Foundation is trying to lure big events, like barbecue competitions, to a reservoir park and believes the prohibition on alcohol sales hurts their chances of landing such an event.

The Barnett Reservoir Foundation is a nonprofit that, according to papers filed with the Secretary of States office, declares the following:

The Barnett Reservoir Foundation will be an advisory board that will give suggestions to the Reservoir Board regarding activities to improve the use of the reservoir.

You can see their filing papers at the following link.

The incorporating officers of the Barnett Reservoir Foundation are:
Spencer E. (Buddy) Medlin
Homer Burns
Rayford Hudson

What do you think? Alcohol sales at Rez parks a good idea or bad idea?

We have a new poll - cast your vote.

And, your comments please.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upcoming Meeting To Discuss Overlay District

Letter From Federation Of Reservoir Homeowners

Overlay Discussion for Rankin County, District 2
and all PRV property in Madison & Rankin Counties

Rankin and Madison Counties are large, diverse areas of land with populations that vary from light to dense. Several areas of these counties want and need different rules and regulations to meet their needs.

The Reservoir area is unique because it has a high population density that is not located within a city.  Many homes are located within a few feet of one another and what their neighbor does significantly impacts them.  In addition, Reservoir homeowners enjoy the benefits of the regional shopping and recreational destinations.  Finally, the area residents are served by water and sewer services that further differentiate our Reservoir area from more rural parts of the county.

Many homeowners in the Reservoir area believe that more strict rules and regulations need to be in place to protect homeowner values and maintain our quality of life. One way to address this issue is to explore an overlay district.

A simple definition of an overlay district is a mapped area where special regulations on development are applied.  An overlay district may require additional or special land-use controls on top of existing, underlying zoning classifications.

Different issues will be addressed, such as the following:   
  • Nuisance property
  • Unattractive commercial or shopping areas
  • Unattractive sprawl/visual clutter
  • Parking on streets
  • Signage
  • Landscaping and buffering on community property
  • Boats and trailers
  • Urban and architectural design
  • Large trucks in residential areas
  • Conditional use of commercial property
Procedures to be used to look at the possibility of an overlay district will include the following:
  • Assemble stakeholders
  • Determine if an overlay district is the right solution
  • Identify areas where an overlay district may be appropriate
  • After many discussions, decide if a consensus exists for a specific overlay boundary and requirements within that area; this consensus must include citizens, legislators, PRV, and the counties involved
  • Present findings to appropriate governing bodies for their approval
The Federation of Reservoir Homeowners is hosting a meeting at the Northwest Rankin Middle School cafeteria on Sept. 20, 2011 at 6 p.m.

Everyone is invited to attend and voice your opinion about a possible overlay district for the Reservoir area.


Homer Burns
President, Federation of Reservoir Homeowners

Rez Scenes

Photos submitted this week.
Click any photo to enlarge.

One of the many minks that live among the rocks around The Rez
photo by Karen Cadle

Great pose by one of our Rez goats.
photo by Stephen Owens

Baby Mallards
photo by Karen Cadle

New Swan
photo by Karen Cadle

Mallard Drake in Eclipse phase. The male sheds his feathers
at the end of the summer and is rather dull compared to 
the brilliant green head he will have when his new feathers grow. 
photo by Karen Cadle 

The Rez News

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Car Of The Week

We spotted this beauty (the car) at the Kroger Fuel Center near Castlewoods, a 1940 Ford Deluxe owned by Grant Barrett.  Grant is a long time resident of the Lake Harbor area of the reservoir.

Grant has owned the car about 2 1/2 years.  It has been completely restored, inside and out.

The rear hinged doors for the back seats are known as suicide doors.

The car is powered by a Mustang engine and transmission. 
One very cool car. 

A few facts about the 1940 Ford Deluxe

Engine Location               Front
Drive Type                    Rear Wheel
Body / Chassis                Steel unibody
Production Years for Series   1937 - 1940
Price                         $720-$955
Weight                        2970 lbs
Engine                        V8
Displacement                  135 Cu In.
Horsepower                    60HP
Fuel Feed                     2 bbl carburetor
Transmission                  3 speed manual
Number produced 1940          541,896

The Rez News

Friday, September 16, 2011

Comcast Vs U-VERSE

A reader raised the question about Comcast TV and internet service compared to AT&T U-VERSE.

Thought that would be a good discussion.

Leave us a comment and share your experience.

Ever wonder how fast your internet connection is?  Run a speed test to find out.  Many sites on the web will test it for free, here is one you can try:

Select the closest server (Dallas or Atlanta) and run the test to see your upload/download speed.  Download will always be much faster than upload, that is normal.  Good idea to run it at different times of the day to see if your connection is consistent.

Post your times in the comment section. 

At TRN we use Comcast as our Internet Service Provider. Our test results using Speakeasy and Dallas as the server:

20.07 Mbps download   3.48 Mbps upload

The Rez News

New AT&T Store Opening At Rez

An AT&T store is preparing to open next to the Kroger on Spillway Road.

The store, called an Experience Store, will be one of only 4 in the United States where customers can have a hands on experience with the latest technology. 

In addition to wireless service they will offer DSL, Direct TV, AT&T's new U-VERSE service and many other items.

They plan to open Wednesday, September 21.

The Rez News

Rankin County Budget FY2012

The Rankin County Board of Supervisors met Thursday and passed a budget for fiscal year 2012. 

Budget Highlights:
  • Total budget - $124,338,459
  • Increase over FY2011 budget - $68,941
  • No tax increase
  • Fully funds all County Services
  • Includes 3% cost of living raise for full time employees
  • Continues the infrastructure program funded through 2008 bonds
  • Fully supports strong law enforcement and public safety programs
  • Provides full funding to maintain and improve local roads and bridges
  • Supports efforts to attract new and sustain existing jobs and businesses
  • Provides start up funding for the new Juvenile Justice Center
Numbers and charts with the detail can be seen HERE.

District 2 Supervisor Wood Brown offered an amendment to the salary increase portion of the budget stating he was opposed to "across the board" raises.  He suggested an alternative that would have given lower paid employees a higher percentage raise than those on the upper end of the pay scale, his amendment failed on a 3 - 2 vote. 

The Rez News

Board Meeting Day

Two board meetings on Thursday, The Rankin County Board of Supervisors and The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

Their agendas follow:

Rankin County Supervisors available HERE.


The Rez News

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Report On Bond Issue

WLBT report on Rankin County School Board meeting Wednesday morning.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Changes To Garbage Pickup

Waste Management has announced changes to pick-up schedules for some Rez area homes.

604 homes on the northeastern side of the lake will change from Wed/Sat pick-up to Tuesday/Friday. Lake Harbor will go to the new schedule.

WM will notify homeowners by mail and distribute flyers door to door.

A map of the areas can be seen here.

WM hopes to implement the change in early October.

For questions contact Waste Management at 601-825-9513.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rez Drawdown Schedule

The PRVWSD will soon begin a drawdown of The Rez to it's winter pool.

John Sigman, Executive Director of the PRVWSD sent us the follow information.

PRVWSD goals are:

Start on October 1.

By October 12 - 297.25
By November 1 – 297.0
By December 1 – 296.0

If we can gain any water in the lake prior to hitting these goals, we will. For example, we are below 297.0 now. If we can gain any water surface elevation above that by October 12, we will allow the lake to rise.

Note:  The level of the reservoir is available on a U.S. Geological Survey website, you can see it here

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Bond Issue Fails

Rankin County School Board President, Ann Sturdivant (right), takes a look at early results in Tuesday's bond issue election.  They did not bring a smile to her face.

The 8:31pm report showed 8782 (59.5%) against and 5965 (40.4%) for the issue - 42 of 51 precincts had reported.

The 60% margin against the issue held up as remaining boxes arrived at the old courthouse in Brandon.

The question is.....what now?

The undeniable fact is that many schools are overcrowded and the problem is only going to get worse.

What should the Rankin County School Board do next?

Your comments please.

The results as of 9:32pm Tuesday night.

  (Vote for Not More than )  1
   FOR THE BOND ISSUE            6,522   39.70
   AGAINST THE BOND ISSUE        9,905   60.30

     Precinct                         For   Against
0001 109 West Pearl                     1     5
0002 110 Clear Branch                  64   160
0003 111 Cleary                       149   297
0004 112 East Steen Creek             209   377
0005 113 Mountain Creek                29    96
0006 114 North Richland                68   217
0007 115 South Richland               123   356
0008 116 Star                         111   142
0009 118 West Steen Creek             210   318
0010 209 Grant's Ferry                367   213
0011 212 Fannin                       165   184
0012 214 Holbrook                     416   274
0013 215 Castlewoods East             406   236
0014 216 Castlewoods West             231   226
0015 218 Reservoir East               259   220
0016 219 Reservoir West               166   176
0017 220 Northshore                   364   239
0018 306 Antioch                        5    88
0019 307 Mayton                         6    72
0020 308 Johns                         31   180
0021 309 East Brandon                 213   390
0022 310 Cato                          54   241
0023 312 Dry Creek                    126   112
0024 313 Monterey                     144   267
0025 318 Puckett                       28   210
0026 320 West Brandon                 152   208
0027 321 South Brandon                109   127
0028 322 Park Place                    48    65
0029 323 Greenfield                   139   245
0030 407 Pisgah                       119   155
0031 408 Oakdale                      375   353
0032 409 Shiloh                        20    97
0033 410 Crossroads                    37   200
0034 411 Leesburg                      17   151
0035 412 North Brandon                411   756
0036 413 East Crossgates              327   573
0037 414 Pelahatchie                   90   409
0038 415 South Crossgates              75   181
0039 418 West Crossgates              219   333
0040 419 Northeast Brandon            177   280
0041 507 Mullins                       63   101
0042 508 Eldorado                      54   174
0043 509 Liberty                       97   138
0045 511 Flowood                       35    19
0050 516 Springhill                     3    19
0051 520 South Pearson                 10    25

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Light Voter Turnout For Bond Issue

A noon time check of 3 polling places along Spillway Road shows a very low voter turnout for the RCSD initiative.

202 votes cast at St. Marks on Grants Ferry Rd.
122 votes cast at River of Life Church on Spillway Rd.
165 votes cast at Reservoir Community Center

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Questions About The Rez Level

Our inbox contained a couple of questions about the level of The Rez and why it is down after TS Lee dumped many inches of water on the lake. 

We asked John Sigman, Executive Director of the Pearl River Water Supply District, if he would respond.  The Q's and his A follow.  

Letter 1

I was the anon commenter last week asking why the PRV decided to lower the water levels so much. I believe Mr Sigman and his crew had a major miscalculation... My boat is still dry docked, water levels are NOT back to normal, and are at least 12 inches below normal. Can we get an explanation for that from Mr Sigman?


Audubon Point Resident

Letter 2

Would you please give us an update on the discharge at the Spillway? The water level in the reservoir has fallen since last Tuesday 9/6 to or below the winter pool level. It seems that someone has erred in the week following the storms associated with Tropical Storm Lee, especially since the reservoir is not for flood control but for recreation. They need to close the gates and return the reservoir to summer pool levels immediately.


Mr. Sigman's response.

Hydrology is a complex science and there is a lot of judgment involved. The physical configuration of a watershed is difficult, at best, to describe either mathematically or empirically. The PRVWSD consults with the best minds in the country when approaching a flood event.

As you remember, the rain fell on the night on September 4. We received almost eight inches at the spillway control tower. Areas to the east, within our drainage basin, received 10 to 12 inches. We had a major rainfall event.

Some of that rainfall makes its way to the Reservoir. The National Weather Service, The United States Geological Service and the Corps of Engineers are involved in predicting the amount and the time of arrival, at the dam, of this water. We at the Reservoir rely on these agencies for predictions of the amount of water we have to send through the dam.

These are very experienced scientists and engineers with the best equipment available. These are world class people predicting what will happen over a 3,000 square mile drainage area. Every rainfall event is different in its amount and distribution over the drainage basin.

When the rain started the lake was at approximately elevation 296.9. With the rain the surface elevation went, immediately, to approximately 297.7. This is above winter pool and we don’t want to go above 298.0. The first inflow projections were for 35,900 cubic feet per second. We increased discharge to 16,000 cfs.

Daily conference calls were begun with the above listed agencies. The first one was at 7:00 PM Monday. At that time the forecasted inflow had increased to 38,000 cfs. There was still a large degree of uncertainty in the predictions as there always is at the beginning of large rainfall events.

We use a computer model developed by the Corps of Engineers to help us manage floods. This model takes the input data from the NWS predictions and computes water surface elevations of the lake and river for differing discharge rates. We have used the model many times with good success.

On September 5th we increased discharge to 25,000 cfs. Predictions of inflow were still increasing. The September 7th, 7:00 PM prediction went to 41,000 cfs and there was some discussion of a peak in the 50,000 cfs range. We increased discharge to 35,000 cfs.

By 10:00 AM on the 8th, the predictions began to fall and we reduced the discharge to 27,500 and later to 25,000 cfs. By now the lake was back down to approximately 296.4. At this point the uncertainty of the predictions was well reduced and we knew much better what we could expect in terms of water into the lake. We are now down to a discharge of 9,800 cfs.

At no point did we raise the Pearl River in Jackson to a point that streets were blocked or any houses or businesses were flooded. The lake began to rise and we are now returning to about where we were.

In the end, the amount of rainfall absorbed into the ground was more than expected. This was due to the very dry ground conditions at the start of the rain.

With the very large rainfall event and the degree of uncertainty involved, the appropriate course of action was taken.

The lake is now at about 296.5 which is above the winter pool of 296.0. From this point on we have a control program of how rapidly we reduce the discharge in order to control bank sloughing downstream. In other words, we can’t let the river fall too fast or the banks will slough.

Also, we can’t shut the river off. We have to release a minimum amount of water even during the driest of months. The downstream users need water.

I thank everyone for trying to understand that in a world of technological miracles, Mother Nature still rules.

John Sigman

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Monday, September 12, 2011

ARF Names Shelter After Miriam Weems

Press Release from ARF, September 12.

Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi (ARF) is pleased to announce the facility is being named THE MIRIAM WEEMS SANCTUARY.

In naming of the facility after Mrs. Weems, we hope to provide a lasting testimony to the love she had for animals, particularly rescues.

“ Miriam was a most passionate person in all her pursuits and endeavors, whether it be the love of her family, her vibrant and vivid use of color in paintings, her multitude of friends or her impassioned concern for rescued animals. She was one of ARF’s most constant cheerleaders, ardent supporters and exuberant promoters of our mission and our works.

It is an honor to have her memory forever associated with our organization and the work of rescue, rehabilitation, redemption and restoration of the countless companion animals we help on this earth.  We will never get over the loss of such a fine person and great friend, as the world seems a bit more dulled with her gone.

We hope this tribute to her memory will fill that void in our hearts and provide some of the warmth she shared with her blazing smile as she would discuss the success of yet another rescued animal,” said Elizabeth Jackson, Executive Director and founder of the organization.

With this dedication of the memory of Miriam, we have established a capital building campaign to provide for improvements to the facility.

Anyone wishing to contribute in Miriam’s memory and to the building fund for the rescues she cared for so deeply, may contact us at one of the following locations:

  • Nancy Anne Branton, Treasurer of ARF of MS, at Wells Fargo Advisors, 601-898-8787
  • At our website
  • By mail at Miriam Weems Sanctuary at ARF of MS, 1963 Holly Bush Road, Pelahatchie, MS 39145

We will be kicking off the capital campaign with our 5k event on September 17th, THE MIRIAM WEEMS MEMORIAL DOG TROT, in Miriam’s beloved Belhaven neighborhood.

Registration for the event can be done at the event site at the Belhaven Center for the Arts on Riverside Drive the morning of the event.

Registration starts at 7:30 a.m. The run starts at 9 a.m.

All donations are tax deductible.

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RCSD Bond Issue To Be Decided Tuesday

Tuesday, September 13, is the date set for the vote on the $169M bond issue proposed by the Rankin County School District.

Some last minute info for voters.

Voters will return to the same precincts they used for the August primaries, polls will be open from 7AM till 7PM.

The bond issue requires 60% voter approval to pass.

An explanation of why the election was set in September instead of waiting till the November general election.  This info from the Rankin County School District Blog

July 26, 2011
Today, the Rankin County School District Board of Education voted to set Tuesday, September 13 as the date for the Special Election on its proposed $169.5 million bond issue.

Prior to making that decision, the board heard recommendations from bond attorney Randall Wall of Watkins, Ludlam, Winter & Stennis and financial advisor Demery Grubbs of Government Consultants that the special election be held in September.

“When a school bond election is held separately from a general election, voters participate in the election for the sole purpose of affecting the outcome of the school bond election and, thus, tend to be better informed regardless of their position on the bond issue,” said Wall. “Over the years, relatively few school bond elections have been held in conjunction with a general election because there can be confusion over eligibility to vote and the completion of the ballots.”
read more....

A good Q & A about the bond issue from the "Vote Yes Rankin" web site.

Why is there a need for this bond issue?
Rankin County is a great place to live, work and raise your family. We are one of the fastest growing counties in Mississippi and, according to U.S. Census data, we will continue to grow into the next decade.

Since our last bond issue in 2001, our student enrollment has increased by nearly 5,000 students. Census projections indicate continued growth over the next decade.

Are there other projects covered in this bond issue?
Yes, miscellaneous district-wide projects include roof replacement, awnings for student dropoff, and electrical and security lock upgrades.

How much is the bond issue?
$169.5 million

How will this affect my taxes?
The average home value in Rankin County is $100,000. A six-mill increase on a $100,000 property equates to just $5 a month, or approximately the cost of a hamburger at a local restaurant.

Currently, Rankin County has the lowest taxes in the metro area. Even with the approximate six-mill increase, the RCSD tax rate will be one of the lowest in the Jackson Metro area.

How will this bond money be spent?
Funds from this bond issue will be used to build two new high schools (Northwest Rankin and McLaurin), a new elementary school and athletic complex in Brandon, over 150 classroom additions and renovations throughout the district and upgrades to auditoriums, band halls and athletic facilities.

Why a bond issue now?
We believe there are several reasons to go forward now with this project:

• Each year, our student population increases substantially.
• Interest rates are the lowest they have been in years.
• Construction costs are also at some of the lowest we’ve seen in years. If we wait a few years, the cost of building materials will be much more expensive than it is now.
• Contractors are readily available, so projects can be completed faster and students can benefit from upgraded facilities sooner.
• Vote Yes Rankin is a continued investment in the children and the future of Rankin County.

What if my children are grown and I do not have school-age children anymore? Why should I support this bond issue?
Consider it a way to protect your investment:
• Up-to-date educational facilities enhance property values.
• Investing in today’s student produces successful graduates and future taxpayers for Rankin County.

Who may vote in this election?
Only registered voters living in the Rankin County School District area may vote in the special election. Residents of the Pearl School District may not vote and are not affected by the outcome of the election.

Is it true that people 65 years of age and older don’t have to pay property taxes?
If you are 65 years of age and older OR disabled you are given a maximum homestead exemption up to $75,000 of assessed value. For example, if you own a home that is valued at $100,000 you will only be taxed on $25,000.

What will happen to the existing Northwest Rankin High School?
Once the new high school is built to house grades 10-12, the current NWR High School will be renovated for use by Grades 8-9. The current middle school will house Grades 6-7. No school in RCSD will be torn down.

Will the new McLaurin High School be renamed?
No. The new high school will still be known as McLaurin High School.

More info available at Vote Yes web site.

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Possible Shooting At The Friendship

Shortly after 9pm Sunday evening a disturbance occurred on The Friendship houseboat at Main Harbor.

The boat was nearing the end of a cruise with 96 people on board when two females got into a fight over a pack of cigarettes, according to a witness.

The two were separated until the boat could dock.  When they got off the boat their fight continued in the parking area.   

A witness said friends of each girl got involved and the incident grew to 6 or 7 people. The Reservoir Patrol was called to respond.

During the disturbance several people on the boat heard what they believed to be a gunshot.  Ridgeland Police were called and were on the scene within minutes.

The following audio is an edited version of the Ridgeland PD transmission.

If the player does not work in your browser click here to download the MP3 broadcast.

A spokesperson for the Ridgeland PD said no arrests were made in the incident and the allegation of a gunshot could not be confirmed. 

Ridgeland PD searched the area for a bullet cartridge but found nothing. 

Captain Doty, operator of The Friendship, said they have hosted 106 cruises this year and this was the first such incident. 

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Fire Fighters Run Around The Bay

Reservoir area fire fighters gathered at the station on Spillway Road Sunday, the beginning point of a run around Pelahatchie Bay.

The run was a tribute to the heroes of 9/11.

 First a prayer

A group photo

And they're off.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Muscadine Jubilee

Pelahatchie celebrated it's 30th annual Muscadine Jubilee Saturday and country music legend Ricky Skaggs was the star attraction.

Rezident Russ Warner was there and sent us a few pictures.  

note:  click on any photo to enlarge

The Rez News


1 World Trade Center going up at Ground Zero. 

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Rez Scenes

Some great photos submitted by Sarah Holmes. 
Sarah is a paramedic who loves to photograph wildlife at The Rez while floating in her kayak.

Great shots!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 Tribute At Fire Academy

In memory of those who perished and to mark the 10th Anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the United States of America, the Mississippi State Fire Academy will host a Memorial Service the morning of September 12, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. at the Academy located in Pearl, MS.

The Academy is honored to have acquired a salvaged piece of the Twin Towers.

The 100 lb. piece of steel and concrete will be placed on permanent display at the Academy as a tribute to firefighters everywhere who put their lives on the line every day.

Among the 2,753 victims who died in the attacks on the World Trade Center were 343 firefighters. This artifact will be dedicated during the Memorial Service.

The public is invited to attend this event.

Driving directions to the Academy are available here.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Alligator Hunt Postponed

Clarion Ledger report on this weekend's planned hunt.

The first weekend of the alligator hunting scheduled to start Friday on Barnett Reservoir has been postponed two weeks due to dangerously high waters on the Pearl River, wildlife officials announced Thursday.

“We had a recipe for a mess,” said Ricky Flynt, alligator program coordinator for Mississippi’s Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.  Read more......

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Report on RCSD Bond Issue

WLBT reports on the upcoming bond issue proposed by the Rankin County School District.
The text of the broadcast is HERE.

Don't forget to vote in our poll on the bond issue.

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Rez Firefighters 9/11 Tribute

The firefighters will leave the station at 12PM.

Letter from the Fire Department

Last year a group of firefighters from the Reservoir Fire Department ran a triathlon in firefighting gear, our purpose was to honor the fallen of 9/11.

It was a very tough and humbling experience - but we loved it.

We all realized that no matter how hard it was to complete the event we would get to come home at the end of the day.  Many firefighters on 9/11 didn't make it home and left behind families. 

We want to continue our tradition of doing something in their honor.

This Sunday, 9/11/11, a group of firefighters from our area will put on firefighting gear, pick up American flags and complete an 11 mile run/walk on the multi-purpose trail around Pelahatchie Bay.

We will depart from Fire Station number 1 on Spillway Rd. 

We can always use encouragement from people passing by -  so if you see us honk your horn and wave!

Josh Swales
Deputy Fire Chief
Reservoir Fire Department
2232 Spillway Road
Brandon, MS 39047

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fishing For Bait

It was a beautiful day below the Spillway on Wednesday.

Bruce Reed came all the way from Bolton to try his luck, but first he had to catch his bait.  He gave a great demonstration of how to use a casting net.

The wind-up

The release

The follow through

The result

Nothing to it!

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