Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Call For Audubon Point Residents

A group of residents in Audubon Point wants to re-establish their dormant Homeowners Association.

They're looking for residents who will participate in discussions on the proposed Overlay District as well as organize neighborhood activities such as Christmas lighting/decorations, 4th of July parades etc.

If you live in Audubon Point and would like to become part of the group please contact Thomas E. Yates, III at thomasyatesiii@aol.com

If anyone has any records from the old Audubon Point Homeowners Associate please get in touch with Thomas, he would like to hear from you.

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Rodney Keith said...

An absolutely beautiful afternoon yesterday ended in absolute disgust due to the conditions of the Pelican Place ramp.

I damaged my trailer in an attempt to pull the boat out of the water. As the bottom of the trailer caught on the broken concrete it swung the boat around into the concrete pier an damaged the hull.

I live on the water and due to the absence of dredging over my 12 year tenure as a leaseholder I can't pull a boat up to my sea wall and now I can't safely use the ramp.

The ramp is dangerous and the pier is an accident waiting to happen and it did. The lake needs water and the ramp and pier need immediate repair and upgrading otherwise just Shut It Down as it's dangerous.

It's an open water concrete pier which subjects the boaters to waves from other boaters and the weather. Even with no boaters and perfect weather conditions and as proven yesterday this pier will literlly tear a boat up and somebody is going to be injured if not attended to very soon.

In addition to being disgusted with the conditions of the Rez I am now looking at time and expense in boat an trailer repairs. All this for attempting a simple boat ride with the family.

If Audubon Point homeowners don't join forces to combat our problems then expect further lack of use of the REZ.

The PRV continues to state they simply don't have the money to maintain our lake but they do seem to have the money to continue meeting their payroll.