Saturday, September 3, 2011

Statement From PRVWSD On Drowning

This statement is from the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District

Suspected Drowning Victim's Body Recovered

The Body of Daniel Boyd was recovered from the Pearl River just below the Barnett Reservoir Dam Saturday morning at 6:48 AM.

Reservoir Patrol Officials received a report Thursday night at 11:33 PM that Mr. Boyd had entered the water while bank fishing and could not be located. Initial search efforts lasted until 2:30 AM Friday Morning before being suspended until daylight. The search continued throughout the day Friday. The search was suspended at dark and was scheduled to resume at 7 AM Saturday.

"There is nothing at this time to indicate this incident was anything more than an accidental drowning but as in all death investigations the final disposition of this case will not be determined until the State Medical Examiner's Office conducts an autopsy and issues their report" stated Perry Waggener, Chief of the Reservoir Patrol. "Our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Boyd who were present with us and supported the officers and firemen during the rescue and later the recovery mission."

Waggener further stated that "We are extremely fortunate in the reservoir area to have dedicated officers from many departments that work together in a team effort anytime we have a critical incident. In addition to our Reservoir Patrol Officers, we had Reservoir Fire Personnel, Wildlife Fisheries and Parks Officers, Rankin County Deputies and Rankin County EOC personnel.

Madison County EOC personnel and dive teams were in frequent contact ready to respond if needed. This extensive pool of trained personnel resources allows us to rotate fresh, trained personnel into the search operation. This practice enables rescuers to maintain focus on the task at hand and conclude the search in the shortest amount of time possible"

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Ann Onimous said...

God rest his soul.

Anonymous said...

I was at the spillway dam when Mr Boyd drown. Everyone thought they had a big fish. I told them NO NO they are screaming he is drowing he is drowning. We where so helpless watching them try to get him out. I grew up being a life guard and all i could think was oh my god dont let them jump in that water because of the current of the water. As a lady said that water is fickle I have 2 friends that have drown at lo head swimming
We watch the boats try to find him but they couldnt put a diver in the water that night because of all the broken lines and hooks and nets. One of them told me He was casting a net for bait and they thought he net may have caught on something and dragged him in since you hold the nets lead around your wrist. I have always seen casting on the boat dock or the sand bar but never on the rocks but the water was low and he was standing in a flat area. I am sure this was something he had done 100 times and it just took that one time to cause such a horrible accident. I havent gotten much sleep since it happen. On
pins and needles that they would find in for his love ones sake. He was with his girlfriend and a friend that night. My heart and tears go out to them that God may hold them in his hand. My deepest regrets there was nothing I could do but watch.

Chris Merck said...

Yall be careful out there, on banks, in boats, etc. Mr. Boyd is what? The third to drown this year at rez? Maybe more.
Praying for his family.

Anonymous said...

I had just told a young man of 20 from new york after he said If i catch a big fish i will go in after him. I said sweetie dont you ever go in these waters above your waist that I have had 2 friends that drown on Lo head off a sand bar that the waters in our area of the pearl river where deadly I dont think he thought anything about it he walk off from me and this drowning happen right then and he walk down and sat by me and ask me was I ok I told him you can never be ok when something like this happens its just teaching you a lesson and I hope it taught him one because he said he would never get in the water thinking they where safe nor would his wife or kids. my prayers just go out to Mr Boyds love ones I know finding him does not help that it happen but atleast they can put him to rest in a proper way.