Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upcoming Meeting To Discuss Overlay District

Letter From Federation Of Reservoir Homeowners

Overlay Discussion for Rankin County, District 2
and all PRV property in Madison & Rankin Counties

Rankin and Madison Counties are large, diverse areas of land with populations that vary from light to dense. Several areas of these counties want and need different rules and regulations to meet their needs.

The Reservoir area is unique because it has a high population density that is not located within a city.  Many homes are located within a few feet of one another and what their neighbor does significantly impacts them.  In addition, Reservoir homeowners enjoy the benefits of the regional shopping and recreational destinations.  Finally, the area residents are served by water and sewer services that further differentiate our Reservoir area from more rural parts of the county.

Many homeowners in the Reservoir area believe that more strict rules and regulations need to be in place to protect homeowner values and maintain our quality of life. One way to address this issue is to explore an overlay district.

A simple definition of an overlay district is a mapped area where special regulations on development are applied.  An overlay district may require additional or special land-use controls on top of existing, underlying zoning classifications.

Different issues will be addressed, such as the following:   
  • Nuisance property
  • Unattractive commercial or shopping areas
  • Unattractive sprawl/visual clutter
  • Parking on streets
  • Signage
  • Landscaping and buffering on community property
  • Boats and trailers
  • Urban and architectural design
  • Large trucks in residential areas
  • Conditional use of commercial property
Procedures to be used to look at the possibility of an overlay district will include the following:
  • Assemble stakeholders
  • Determine if an overlay district is the right solution
  • Identify areas where an overlay district may be appropriate
  • After many discussions, decide if a consensus exists for a specific overlay boundary and requirements within that area; this consensus must include citizens, legislators, PRV, and the counties involved
  • Present findings to appropriate governing bodies for their approval
The Federation of Reservoir Homeowners is hosting a meeting at the Northwest Rankin Middle School cafeteria on Sept. 20, 2011 at 6 p.m.

Everyone is invited to attend and voice your opinion about a possible overlay district for the Reservoir area.


Homer Burns
President, Federation of Reservoir Homeowners


Anonymous said...

Is this more of the Tea Party trying to keep Government out of our lives?

Anonymous said...

My neighbors don't have the right to leave abandoned homes which serve as playpens for delinquents. They don't have the right to have outbuildings in their front yards, leave trash vehicles in their driveways, appliances and indoor furniture on their porches, and display duct-taped windows. It puts out the welcome mat for criminals who think this area is a safe place for them to conduct their crimes, since it looks like nobody would notice or care. My neibors don't have the right to have a day-care business with 20 children and their parents creating traffic problems in the busy hours on our residential street. They don't have the right to rent to people who keep multiple families with several children in a three-bedroom house. All this brings down the value of my property. My next-door neighbor and I can link arms and touch each other's houses. I live on Shenandoah Rd. Come take a look for yourself. This isn't rural Pisgah. This area is just as much a "city" as Flowood. Different rules should apply.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly interested in knowing more about this.

Chris Merck said... the overlay district plan that was submitted to Homer and others.
Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Not waiting on the study eh?

Anonymous said...

Yes, one would think we should but Homer and his group called for this meeting so input+turnout would be good. They prolly wanna get this in the study and are calling this meeting for that reason.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the study. The study is about government and representation. This is about urban vs rural living conditions and good neighbor practices.

Chris Merck said...

Sorry couldn't make the meeting...duty called my clients until a few ago.
Someone who attended please give a report of how it went? Also, let us know if plan was made available at the meeting. With author's permission, will post a link to it for all to see tomorrow.