Monday, October 31, 2011

Rez History

A couple of "treats" for you on this Halloween Day.

These two photos date from the early 1960's.  They were taken while standing on the unfinished control tower. 

Click the photos to enlarge.

Spillway looking west (toward Ridgeland)

Spillway looking east (toward Rankin County)
The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir

PRVWSD Board Minutes

Minutes from the September Board meeting.

P.R.V.W.S.D – Regular Meeting September 15, 2011
Page 1


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District was held at 9:30 a.m., on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at the District’s main office. Jack Winstead, President, who presided, called the meeting to order.

Members Present: Jack Winstead, Vernard Murrell, Keith Allen, Jim Carraway, Ramie Ford, Pete Burkes, Phillip Crosby, W. C. Gorden, Kenny Latham, Samuel Mitchell, Trey Bobinger
Members Absent: Robert Webb, John Locke
Others Present: Jim Tohill, David Ash, John Sigman, Greg Burgess, Sharon Larry, Craig Hunt, Susan McMullan, Perry Waggener, Steve Clark, Jason Temple

Nichole Goss introduced Neana Appleberry as a new employee of Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

Under approval of the minutes of a regular meeting of the Board of Directors held on August 18, 2011, a motion was made by Samuel Mitchell, seconded by Phillip Crosby, for the minutes to be approved as presented. The vote was as follows: For: Winstead, Murrell, Allen, Carraway, Ford, Burkes, Crosby, Gorden, Latham, Mitchell, Bobinger. Abstained: None. Against: None. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Ramie Ford presented the Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Report. Ramie Ford stated that he is doing Legislative tours across the state with the Legislative Committees to promote the Agency and State Parks. He stated that considering the Legislative issues this past session, Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks needs to tour every month with the respective Senators and Representatives and he’s hoping that the tours do not conflict with Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Board Meetings. Ramie Ford stated that Wildlife Fisheries and Parks are getting ready to submit their bond issues for the program this Legislative Session.

Trey Bobinger presented the following Nominating Committee recommendations for the Board officers for the year 2011 – 2012:

President: Jack Winstead
Vice President: Samuel Mitchell
Secretary: Phillip Crosby
Treasurer: Susan McMullan
Assistant Secretary: Michelle Guy
Interim Assistant Secretary Sharon Larry

Mr. Tohill asked if there were any additional nominations from the floor. There being no further nominations, a motion was made Trey Bobinger that nominations be closed and that all nominees be elected to serve until a successor is duly elected and that Sharon Larry serve as Interim Assistant Secretary until the Assistant Secretary returns from family leave. The motion was seconded by Vernard Murrell. The vote was as follows: For: Winstead, Murrell, Allen, Carraway, Ford, Burkes, Crosby, Gorden, Latham, Mitchell, Bobinger. Abstained: None. Against: None. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

P.R.V.W.S.D. – Regular Meeting September 15, 2011
Page 2

Jim Carraway presented the following: Shoreline Development and Environmental Quality Committee recommendations:

a. Request for sales of Christmas trees in the Rapids parking lot. John Sigman stated last year that Mr. Nichols leased the Old Rapids parking lot from Bank Plus for the sale of Christmas Trees partially for the benefit of the Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. He stated that Bank Plus is requesting permission for the sale of Christmas trees again this year. John Sigman stated that the District will issue a one-time variance to the lease for the months of November and December 2011, to allow for the sale of Christmas trees. John Sigman stated that Bank Plus or Mr. Nichols will need to furnish the District with a $1M liability insurance certificate, which list the District as additional insured.

b. Approval to adopt a Floodplain Management Measures in accordance with 44 CFR 60.3(b) National Flood Insurance Program. John Sigman stated as required by FEMA, the District must show adoption of these management practices. John Sigman stated that neither the District nor FEMA requires flood insurance; however, lenders do require the insurance. He reported that staff is working with our U.S. senators to urge FEMA to update the floodplain maps around the Reservoir and delete our residents from the areas that require flood insurance. John Sigman recommends that the Board adopt the Floodplain Management Measures.

c. Approval to enter into a Supplemental Agreement on the Harbor Walk Trail Project. Greg Burgess stated that this request to enter into a change order with the
contractor, Coleman Hammond, involves the following changes which were placed on the screen for review: (i) one at Old Fannin and Spillway; where the stop line will be moved to the front of the lane of traffic and the crosswalk will be moved to the front of the stop line so that people are crossing the street in front of cars and not between cars; and (ii) moving the walking trail down Post Road to connect to the Natchez Trace Trail. Staff recommends approval of Supplemental Agreement No.2 for the Harbor Walker Trail Project. John Sigman stated that this project will add $107,529.00, to the Bob Anthony Combo Project. Greg Burgess reported that this amount is within accepted guidelines for a change order and recommends approval.

d. Approval to advertise for two 50KW diesel fueled generators. Greg Burgess stated that staff is requesting to purchase two 50 KW diesel fueled generators for two lift stations that do not have generators.

e. Approval of Neel-Schaffer Engineering for design of Rankin Landing Fishing Pier Replacement. Greg Burgess stated that on August 18, 2011, a major storm came down the lake and destroyed the Rankin Landing Fishing Pier. Greg Burgess is asking for permission to get a design on a replacement pier. He stated that the District received a proposal for Neel-Schaffer for designs of the Rankin Landing Fisher Piers pursuant to Neel-Schaffer’s Master Agreement with the District. He stated that the cost is estimated not to exceed $ 21,500.00 for the design phase.

P.R.V.W.S.D. – Regular Meeting September 15, 2011
Page 3

f. Approval of payment for easement on Old Rice Road Shaw Property. John Sigman stated that the District would like to purchase a 30 foot water, sewer and utility easement from Dr. Shaw to extend water and sewer services from Twin Harbor to the Catfish Landing area, which will be a prime area of development in Madison County. Dr. Shaw is willing to accept the just compensation value of $10,800.00 as previously determined by the Board.

g. Approval to enter into Joint Funding Agreement with USGS. John Sigman stated that USGS maintains gauging stations on the Pearl River and that the data that is gathered from USGS is data needed for the District to route water through the dam and is also data that is entered into a computer model and used for weather service forecasting of inflows to the Reservoir. John Sigman stated that USGS shares the cost with the District.   John Sigman stated that USGS is going to maintain gauging station for another year in the amount of $ 68,955.00.

h. Approval to accept Comcast Franchise Agreement. Jim Tohill stated that the District entered into an agreement with Rankin County Cablevision about 15 years ago and since then the agreement has been acquired by Comcast Cable. He reported that the old agreement has terminated and now we have negotiated a new agreement. Jim Tohill stated that the Franchise fee increased from 3% of gross revenues to 5% of gross revenues. He stated that this will be a 10 year agreement with certain renewal rights subject to Federal Regulations.

A motion was made by Jim Carraway, seconded by Pete Burkes, that items “a” through “h”, be approved by the Board of Directors. The vote was as follows: For: Winstead, Murrell, Allen, Carraway, Ford, Burkes, Crosby, Gorden, Latham, Mitchell, Bobinger. Abstained: None. Against: None. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Approval of Alcohol Counter Measurers Grant Application. Chief Waggener stated that in May the District passed a resolution authorizing the Chief to apply for a grant for Alcohol Counter Measures. Chief Waggener stated that he is coming back to the board to ask for a new resolution because the amount has changed from $ 40,000.00 to 42,000.00. A motion was made by John Arledge, seconded by Trey Bobinger, to approve the Alcohol Counter Measurers Grant Application. The vote was as follows: For: Winstead, Murrell, Allen, Carraway, Ford, Burkes, Crosby, Gorden, Latham, Mitchell, Bobinger. Abstained: None. Against: None. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Upon consideration of the per diem and travel for the month of August, a motion was made by Samuel Mitchell, seconded by Vernard Murrell, that the report be approved. The vote was as follows: For: Winstead, Murrell, Allen, Carraway, Ford, Burkes, Crosby, Gorden, Latham, Mitchell, Bobinger. Abstained: None. Against: None. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

Upon consideration of the cash balance, a motion was made by Samuel Mitchell, seconded by Pete Burkes, report be approved. The vote was as follows: For: Winstead, Murrell, Allen, Carraway, Ford, Burkes, Crosby, Gorden, Latham, Mitchell, Bobinger. Abstained: None. Against: None. MOTION CARRIES UNANIMOUSLY

Upon consideration of the monthly claims docket, a motion was made by Samuel Mitchell, seconded by Phillip Crosby that the claims docket be approved. The vote was as

P.R.V.W.S.D. – Regular Meeting September 15, 2011
Page 4

follows: For: Winstead, Murrell, Allen, Carraway, Ford Burkes, Crosby, Gorden, Latham, Mitchell, Bobinger. Abstained: None. Against: None. MOTION CARRIES UNANIMOUSLY

Chief Waggener presented the Patrol Report. Chief Waggener reported that there was a drowning in the Reservoir and the body has been recovered. Chief Waggener presented a letter to the Board of Directors outlining his five year achievements as the Reservoir Patrol Chief, thanking the Board of Directors for their support and the opportunity to continue to serve as the Reservoir Patrol Chief.

John Sigman commented on the resent Labor Day rainfall. John Sigman stated that 10 to 12 inches fell on the eastern part of the lake and 8 inches at the tower. He stated that this was a big rainfall for the District and that he immediately participated in a conference call with the Corps, Weather Services, the River Forecast Center in Slidell and USGS.

He also reported that the City of Jackson was invited to set in on the conference call and elected not to do so. John Sigman invited all the Board Members to come out to one of the conference calls.

John Arledge recommended that the District review the operation procedures for raising and lowering the lake. Jack Winstead suggested that John Sigman form a Committee to review the procedures for the lake and to keep the Board informed of the progress.

Craig Hunt gave a report of the special events.
• 11 Fishing tournaments scheduled.
• 7 Large special events, including a Triathlon to be held on September 18, 2011 at Fanning Landing Ramp between the hours of 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
• Kayak Race was successful, and that this will be an annual event on the Reservoir.

There being no further business to come before the Board of Directors at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Jack H. Winstead, Chairman

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Morning At The Rez

A few photos taken around the Bay Sunday, Oct. 30th.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir

Help Clean Up The Rez

Keep The Rez Beautiful To Hold
Water & Land Cleanup Nov. 5

A litter cleanup hosted by Keep the Rez Beautiful (KRB) on Nov. 5 will target trash both on land and in the water. This will mark this volunteer group’s first-ever cleanup using kayaks and other boats.

“We want community members to help us with this cleanup,” Keep the Rez Beautiful Board Member Debra Veeder said. “We will be picking up litter along streets and streams, and the more volunteers, the more trash we can remove from our neighborhoods.”

KRB is looking for volunteers to help with this cleanup. To volunteer, meet at the Reservoir Community Center between 8 and 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 5. The Community Center is located at 2232 Spillway Road in Brandon.

Volunteers with kayaks, canoes and other watercraft are asked to bring their craft. Cleanup gear and snacks are provided.

If you have questions, contact Veeder at (601) 605-1790.

Not only will this cleanup allow KRB volunteers to showcase the importance of litter prevention but the importance of recycling, too.

KRB is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, and this cleanup is a registered America Recycles Day event. Community members are encouraged to bring recyclable items to the Reservoir Community Center during the event.

“Keep the Rez Beautiful wants to encourage the community to participate in recycling services in the local communities we cover,” KRB Board President Brenda Miller said. “Recycling is important because it reduces the amount of trash we send to landfills and allows us to reuse our resources.”

This is the fourth cleanup held by KRB but the first with an aquatic component.

“We networked with other affiliates to learn how we could better tackle litter in the water,” KRB Treasurer Leigh Anne Leech said. “Cleaning our shorelines is just as important as cleaning our waters, and we hope this kayak cleanup will cause a ripple of environmental improvements in the Rez. While this is our first water cleanup, it is definitely not our last.”

For more information on KRB, visit Friend KeepTheRezBeautiful on Facebook, and follow TreasureTheRez on Twitter.

click to enlarge

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Barnett Reservoir

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ridgeland Floating Christmas Parade

Ridgeland's annual Floating Christmas Parade is scheduled for December 3, 2011 at Old Trace Park.

Always a fun event.

If you want to participate you'll need to submit an application - available here.  There is no entry fee so get ready to deck the deck boat and join the fun.

Last year's event was cancelled due to bad weather but, as you can see from the following pictures, many boaters were ready to light up the night.  Ridgeland Parks & Recreation sent us a few pictures of last years entrants. 

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Many more photos available at Ridgeland Parks & Recreation Facebook site here

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Barnett Reservoir

Friday, October 28, 2011

Madison Central Defeats Northwest Rankin

It was the Jaguars over the Cougars last night as Madison Central High School defeated Northwest Rankin 52 to 20.

A few highlights.

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir

PRVWSD Board Committee Assignments

At Thursday's PRVWSD Board meeting new assignments were announced for the various board committees.  The committees study matters that come before them and make reccomendations to the full board of directors.

The new appointments take effect November 1.

The committee rosters and a description of the function of each committee follow.

It is noteworthy that all members of the Shoreline Committee are leaseholders on PRVWSD property.

Audit Committee
Mitchell, Samuel, Chairman
Allen, Keith
Burkes, Pete
Crosby, Phillip
Ford, Ramie
Murrell, Vernard

Budget and Finance Committee
Webb, Robert, Chairman
Allen, Keith
Carraway, Jim
Locke, John
Mitchell, Samuel
Murrell, Vernard

Executive Committee (5 members to be designated by President; one from each county to serve with President - By-Laws 04/11/86)
Winstead, Jack, President
Arledge, John (Rankin)
Crosby, Phillip (Leake)
Gorden, W. C. (Hinds)
Latham, Kenny (Scott)
Webb, Robert (Madison)

Forestry Committee
Murrell, Vernard, Chairman
Burkes, Pete
Crosby, Phillip
Gorden, W. C.
Latham, Kenny
Locke, John

Legislative Committee
Bobinger, Trey, Chairman
Arledge, John
Gorden, W. C.
Winstead, Jack

Parks Policy Committee
Latham, Kenny, Chairman
Bobinger, Trey
Burkes, Pete
Carraway, Jim
Ford, Ramie
Mitchell, Samuel

Shoreline Development & Water Quality Committee
Arledge, John, Chairman
Bobinger, Trey
Carraway, Jim
Webb, Robert
Winstead, Jack


Audit Committee (Quarterly or as needed)
This Committee reviews and approves all financial matters related to operation of the District. Duties include, but not limited to:
1. Review claims docket and Directors Per Diem
2. Review insurance need of the District
3. Review and recommend approval of contracts
4. Review and approve audit
5. Recommend approval of loans as required
6. Review projected revenues and compare with annual budget and long range capital improvements budget
7. Review policy on management of funds received by the District (Cash, etc.)
8. Review policy on use of District owned property (vehicles, etc.)

Budget and Finance Committee (As needed)
This Committee reviews budgets and other future financial issues of the District.  Duties include, but not limited to:
1. Reviews and recommend approval of District Budget (Jointly with Executive Comm.)
2. Review employee benefits and compensation
3. Develop strategy for Long Range Financial Plan
4. Review financial policy on commercial leases

Executive Committee (Quarterly or as needed)
Requirements of Pearl River Valley Water Supply District by-laws. The President shall designate five directors, one from each county of the District, who, with the President make up the Committee.  Duties include, but not limited to:
1. Personnel issues
2. Policy recommendations
3. Long range mission and goals (old Vision Committee)
4. Consider issues related to Reservoir Patrol and Security
5. Work with staff and other state, county and local officials to improve water quality.
6. Recommend approval operating plan for reservoir
7. Review annual engineering inspections of the spillway and gates

Forestry Committee (Quarterly or as needed)
This Committee works primarily with the District Forester on all matters related to management of District forest lands.  Duties include, but not limited to:
1. Review Forest Management Plan
2. Recommend approval of timber sales
3. Recommend approval of other timber management practices such as cruises, burning,
replanting, etc.

Parks Policy Committee (Monthly as needed)
This Committee deals with issues related to management of the District's parks, campgrounds, boat ramps, landscaping, etc. Duties include, but limited to:
1. Review of capital improvement budget
2. Recommend policies related to parks and campgrounds (Jointly with Executive
3. Recommend approval of special events
4. Recommend approval of hunting, fishing and boating rules and regulations

Shoreline Development and Water Quality Committee (Monthly)
This Committee has, as its main responsibility, the oversight of development of property owned by the District to insure that projects are not only economically justified, but are environmentally sound.  Duties and responsibility include, but not limited to:
1. Review of capital improvement budget
2. Master planning
3. Approve leasing proposals
4. Approve plats and covenants
5. Review bids related to capital improvements and real estate transactions
6. Recommend approval of aquatic vegetation control measures
7. Coordinate with USGS in mentoring accurate rainfall and river gauge readings

It is the responsibility of the Chairman of each Committee to schedule and conduct their respective Committee Meeting. Meeting times and location may be coordinated with the General Manager. Staff will assist in notification of Committee Members of Committee Meetings.

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pet Of The Week

Meet Duke

Pet Of The Week 
From ARF

Duke is a beautifully large dog, tipping the scales at about 80 pounds.

He gets along well with other dogs and can be quite playful. He is quite energetic and is a favorite of the volunteers who like to run.

On the flip side however, he considers himself a lap dog and tries to wiggle around into a neat small ball in your lap when it is time to snuggle. Duke is about 4 years old and would make a great companion for a family with a secure fenced yard and who will include him in their active lifestyle.

To learn more about Duke or any of the pets available for adoption visit the ARF web site at .

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Ride South Birthday Challenge

News From Ride South

The 2011 Birthday Challenge Ride on the LongLeaf Trace will be the best ever!

We have been doing this ride almost 10 years now and every year it gets bigger! If you are new to the concept, the idea is to start with the group in Prentiss and ride your age in miles, or kilometers, on the beautiful Rails-to-Tails conversion dubbed The LongLeaf Trace.

Don't think you can ride that far this year? Well, it won't be any easier next year when you will a year older! Seriously, we have seen hundreds of folks surprise themselves, and their friends and family, by doing the distance . . . easily.

You have from 9 AM to 3 PM to meet your challenge and the reward is fame, fortune, and a medal!

Next week we will have a Ride South Workshop Clinic on Thursday at 6:00 PM. The proposed topic will be Preventing and Repairing Flats. Be sure to attend and learn from us and others. Bring a friend, new to Ride South, and get a free patch kit for both of you! The date is Thursday, November 3 at Ride South. We have invited representatives from Bacchetta, RANS, Hase and Greenspeed to be at the Birthday Challenge this year.

We have had positive responses so far, as they all know how much you appreciate the effort they make to be here, show their products and get to know their customers better! We appreciate your support, too, and hope to show it by offering a bike giveaway again this year! Just register at the ride, ride your challenge and be present at the drawing at 3:00 PM. Sounds easy, doesn't it? It is.

See you next week!

Ride South

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PRVWSD Board Meeting

PRVWSD Board Meets Thursday.


1. Opening prayer – Vernard Murrell

2. Pledge of Allegiance – W. C. Gorden

3. Introduction of the new Receptionist – Nichole Goss

4. Introduction of the new Special Projects 
   Officer – Steve Clark

5. Request for acceptance of Minutes from a regular 
   meeting held September 15, 2011

6. Report from Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and
   Parks – Ramie Ford

7. Report from Attorney:

8. Recommendations: (Tab 2)
   Shoreline Development and Environmental 
   Quality Committee:
      a. Approval of just compensation for easement
         on Old Rice Road, Carol Lovelace property
      b. Approval for MWH to conduct the 2011 Regular
         Inspection of the Reservoir Dam
      c. Acceptance of Bid for the Long Reach Excavator
      d. Approval of Supplemental Engineering Agreement
         No. 1 to Harbor Walk Trail Project
      e. Approval to accept proposal from Neel-Schaffer
         Engineering for development of public
         Right-of-Ways ADA Compliance Survey &
         Transition Plan
      f. Approval of final ratification of change 
         order for Coal Bluff Campground 
         Sewer & Electrical Improvements
9.  Committee Minutes and Miscellaneous 
    Correspondence (Tab 3)

10. Per diem and travel for the month of 
    August (Tab 4)

11. Consideration and approval of Cash Balance 
    Report (Tab 5)

12. Consideration and approval of Claims 
    Docket (Tab 6)

13. Patrol Report (Tab 7)

14. Executive Director’s comments

15. Next Regular Meeting – November 17, 2011 
    at 9:30 a.m.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Candy's Confections Has Moved

They have moved to a new location and changing their name to "Fat Cake Guy".

But, the same owners, same great sweet stuff (plus a few new goodies) - and same phone number, 601-992-9623.

Their new location is in Magnolia Market on Highway 25 right across the road from The Word Of Life Church in Flowood.

Their hours are:
M - T    7am to 7pm
F - S     7am to 8pm
Sunday  Noon to 5pm

They have added cinnamon rolls and sticky buns to their early morning menu - yum. 

More info is available at their website:

A price list and menu is available here.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

ARF Angels Party

News From ARF

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rankin School Board Meets Wednesday

Agenda of Regular Meeting
The Board of Education
Rankin County School District

A Regular meeting of the Board of Education of Rankin County School District will be held October 26, 2011, beginning at 8:00 AM at Rouse Elementary School, Library, Brandon.

The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are as listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the order shown on this meeting notice.

Unless removed from the consent agenda and placed under discussion / action, items identified within consent agenda will be acted on at one time with no discussion.


The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Ridgeland Trunk Or Treat

Ridgeland Recreation & Parks 
to host Trunk or Treat

Ridgeland Recreation & Parks will host the annual Trunk or Treat on Thursday, October 27, 2011 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

The event will be held at Freedom Ridge Park located at 235 West School Street.

Activities will include carnival games, face painting, and trick-or-treating. The cost per family is a large bag of candy.

Many local businesses have volunteered to decorate vehicles and hand out candy to participants. If other businesses are interested in participating, there is still time to sign up. The night promises to be a time of fun and fellowship.

For more information, contact Wendy Bourdin, Special Events Coordinator at 601-853-2011.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Monday, October 24, 2011

Overlay District Update

Dear Reservoir Homeowners,

We hosted many meetings recently to discuss an Overlay District for the Reservoir area. At those meetings all have been in favor of seeking an Overlay District.

We have many subdivisions in the Reservoir area that are different from others. Some are old, some are new, some have strong Homeowner Groups, some have none, some have very expensive homes, some less expensive, but are all are joined by a common theme, a desire to see the Reservoir area continue to prosper.

All of us realize that events that happen in any subdivision in our area will impact all of us. We are not islands, we are similar to links in a chain. We are as strong or as beautiful as our weakest link. Areas deteriorate one house, one street, and one subdivision at a time, when this happens, how long would it be before we could loose the entire Reservoir Area.

The Reservoir in my opinion has four major arteries, Highway 471, Grant’s Ferry, Old Fannin-Northshore, and Highway 25. The heart of the Reservoir to many is Spillway Road. Many houses in that area are 30 to 40 years old and as all older houses need some attention.

Our goal is to enact some ordinances in the proposed Overlay District that can help older subdivisions and at the same time include precautionary measures that will be helpful with new subdivisions that are not currently experiencing problems.

The meetings have identified four broad concerns that need to be addressed.
  1. How do we maintain rental property at the same level of attractiveness as other homes in the area?
  2. What can be done to improve the appearance of some lots and homes?
  3. What can we do to keep our streets clear for emergency vehicles?
  4. How can we restrict the use of commercial property that could adversely impact our area?

We will be meeting with the PRV and Rankin County Board of Supervisors to see if they will endorse the concept of an Overlay District for the Reservoir Area only. Hopefully the concept of an Overlay District will be adopted and the Board of Supervisor’s would proceed to gather community input from all.

I encourage each of you to participate in those discussions that will lead to specific ways to address concerns for our area.

We must all be active as we search for ways to see our “little piece of heaven” continue to prosper.


Homer Burns
President, Federation of Reservoir Homeowner’s

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

New PRVWSD Employee

D Mitchell has joined the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District as a special projects officer.
She will be responsible for Property Maintenance Code inspections, Building Code enforcement, erosion control inspections and other duties.

She has previous experience with The city of Madison and the city of Brandon.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Madison Tea Party Meeting

The Madison County Tea Party will meet Tuesday, October 25th, at 6:00 p.m. in the  Madison Justice Complex adjacent to the Madison Police Department.

Former Senator Charlie Ross will be the guest speaker and his topic is "Working with the Legislature, Issues to Appropriate Chairman and Committee, Process of Bills through the Senate and House".

Everyone is invited to hear this most important message and needed information.

Details 601-856-4095.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Rez Scenes

This weeks photos.

Click any photo to enlarge.

A windless day

Sitting on the dock of the bay

Cruising Main Harbor

Snoozing - photo by Russ Warner
The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Car Of The Week

Another beauty parked at Jo's Diner.

A 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS owned by Rez residents Mark and Ann Rowe.

This car is considered "Pro Touring" since it has updated components (suspension and brakes).   It has a Chevy LS1 engine and is guaranteed to turn heads when it passes.


Many more great cars will be in Madison this weekend at the 8th annual Scarecrow Cruise and Car Show.
More info about the show here.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Friday, October 21, 2011

Craftsmen's Guild New Members

Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi Presents Newest Members

Ridgeland, MS--The Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi presents its newest members in an exhibit, Tuesday, October 25th, from 5-7 p.m. at the Mississippi Craft Center, 950 Rice Road, Ridgeland, MS. Members from the March and August Standards will showcase their work that gained them entrance into the Guild's membership. No admission charge to the general public for the exhibit and refreshments will be served.

Members are selected by a committee of their peers when they have achieved master craftsmen quality work. The Guild has a membership of 400 members from 19 different states.

Many of the new members will enter the Chimneyville Crafts Festival in December, as well. The 35th Chimneyville Crafts Festival is the first weekend in December every year at the Mississippi Trade Mart in Jackson, MS. This year's festival is December 2-4.

The Preview Party is Friday night, December 2nd, from 7-10 p.m. at the Trade Mart, with the festival following on Saturday and Sunday, December 3rd and 4th. Hours on Saturday are 10 a.m-5 p.m. and Sunday, noon-5 p.m. More than 200 craftsmen sell the work of their hands at the Festival.

Be among the first to see the newest members of the Guild on October 25th. For more information, call 601-856-7546 or visit

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Barnett Reservoir

Mayor's Walk In Ridgeland

City of Ridgeland to hold 18th 
Annual Mayor’s Wellness Walk

Ridgeland Recreation and Parks will hold the 18th Annual Mayor’s Wellness Walk on Wednesday, October 26 from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at Northpark Mall Center Court. The wellness walk is a non-competitive walk designed to promote physical fitness for senior adults.

Come enjoy morning refreshments and learn how you can have “Happy Feet!” Experts will address foot issues that you might face as you age. We will also have free health screenings. Then, participate in a non-competitive walk around Northpark Mall. Free t-shirts for the first 250 participants.

Call Ridgeland Recreation & Parks at 601-856-6876 for more information.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Godfather Cigars

A new business has opened in the Fannin Mart shopping area.  Godfather Cigars, located between Bonnie Blair's and Snap-Fitness, offers fine cigars and smoker accessories.

Owners Neal Haddon, Chris Green and Richard Burgardt invite everyone to stop in and visit the new store. 

The store has one of the largest walk in humidors in Mississippi, they stock many brands including:
  • Alec Bradley
  • Padron
  • Oliva
  • Rocky Patel 

Comfortable seating and widescreen TV's on the wall make it a good choice to watch a football game and have a cigar. 

More info is available at their Facebook Page here.

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir

Win A Jeep

News From The Salvation Army

Be the first to fill your RED KETTLE and
Win a JEEP

Text JEEP to 601-863-8090 or visit

What: Be the first to fill your RED KETTLE and WIN A 2011 Fully Loaded JEEP Wrangler

Who: Sponsored by The Salvation Army of Jackson and Joe Usry Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Joe Usry Dealership on I-55 North

When: START NOW and Register so you can begin raising money for your RED KETTLE.

Why: All money raised during the contest will benefit the Educational Programs at the new Corps Community Center of Jackson.

HOW: Find out HOW and get all the details:
TEXT the word JEEP to 601-863-8090
or visit
or scan the bar code with your smart phone

The Salvation Army of Jackson is giving everyone in the metro area a chance to win a 2011 Jeep Wrangler. The winner will be the person who raises the most money for their Red Kettle during the 3 day contest.

As soon as contestants register they can begin raising money for their kettle. All details of the contest can be found on-line or people can drop by our offices at 110 Presto Lane to fill out an application.

The contest is also a jump start to the holiday season as we are asking the community to volunteer to ring a Red Kettle Bell this season.

Becky Russell
Director of Media/ Public Relations/ Communications
The Salvation Army Greater Jackson Area
110 Presto Lane
Jackson, MS 39206

The Rez News

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Overlay Meeting Coming Up

The next meeting to discuss the Reservoir Overlay District will be Thursday, Oct. 20th at the Northwest Rankin Middle School cafeteria.   The meeting will begin at 6:00pm.

Progress on the project will be reviewed along with a discussion of the steps needed to move forward.  

This is an important meeting for our community, all Reservoir area home and business owners are encouraged to attend and provide input to the process. 

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

PRVWSD Board Meeting Re-Scheduled

News From The PRVWSD

Board Meeting

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors scheduled for October 20, 2011, has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 27, 2011, at 9:30 am.

The meeting will be held at the District Office located at 115 Madison Landing Circle, Ridgeland, MS 39157.

TRN note:  The meetings are open to the public.

 The Rez News

Haunted House

Fright For Life

On Saturday, October 22, the Northwest Rankin High School Junior ROTC Program and Wal-Mart will host a Haunted House in the Performing Arts Building from 7pm to 10pm.

The cost is $5 and all proceeds will go to
the American Cancer Society.

Bring the family!

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

PRVWSD Shoreline Meeting

At Monday's Shoreline committee meeting Mr. Craig Haskins, leasing agent for The Reservoir Square Shopping Center, asked the committee to extend their lease on a 1.4 acre parcel of land next to the Dollar General.  The area in yellow highlights the parcel.

Reservoir Square (click to enlarge)

The owners of the shopping center have the parcel leased but the terms specified that construction of a new building would begin by Dec. 31, 2008.  That didn't happen and the PRVWSD granted an extension to the construction deadline until Dec. 31, 2011. 

The owners are back asking for a second 3 year extension.

The committee discussed it and agreed to take up the matter at a later meeting.

One board member stated that he would have a difficult time supporting an extension and said if the vote were taken right then he would vote against granting it.  

A second board member told Mr. Haskins the PRVWSD had received numerous complaints about the state of repair of the shopping center.  Mr. Haskins said that more work is planned for the shopping center including patching potholes in the parking lot.

The board will likely take some action on the extension at their November meeting.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Halloween 2011

Trick Or Treat Night

A few loyal TRN readers have asked what night to expect Trick or Treaters. 

According to Rankin County Sheriff Ronnie Pennington, Monday night, October, 31 is  the night. 

So, stock up on treats lest ye be tricked!

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

A Haunted Adventure

More Halloween fun.

Halloween Adventure is donating 15% of admissions to the American Cancer Society.

click to enlarge

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Convenience Store

Construction is underway at the old Kangaroo (or Sing if you've been around long enough to remember that) convenience store at the corner of Spillway Rd. and Grants Ferry Rd.

The property was recently sold to J & R International XII, LLC.

According to information at the Secretary of State's office, the officers and directors of that business are Rakesh Patel and Jayesh Patel.
The link to that information is here

The Rankin County Community Development Department tells us the business has filed for a permit for a convenience store/gas station.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Rankin Supervisor Meeting

The Rankin County Board of Supervisors met Friday, Oct. 14th.

A copy of the agenda for that meeting is available here.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rez Scenes

This weeks photos.

photo by Russ Warner

Sunrise on the bay 1

Sunrise on the bay 2

Early morning boat ride

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rez Shoreline Meeting Coming Up

The Shoreline Committee of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District will be meet Monday.  The meeting is open to the public and held at the PRVWSD main office at 115 Madison Landing Circle, Ridgdland.
Their agenda follows.


Monday, October 17, 2011 - 2:00 p.m.

Old Business:
1. Status Report on Property Maintenance Code – Steve Clark

New Business:
1. Discussion of access to Lost Rabbit from the Natchez 
   Trace Parkway – Harris Williams / John Sigman

2. Reservoir Square Shopping Center is requesting an
   additional three year extension to commence construction. 
   Craig Haskins / John Sigman

3. Approve just compensation for easement N/S Old 
   Rice Road – John Sigman

4. Request to adopt New Flood Damage Prevention 
   Ordinance – John Sigman

5. Permission for MWH to conduct the 2011 Regular 
   Inspection of the Reservoir Dam – Greg Burgess

6. Permission to enter into Supplemental Engineering 
   Agreement No. 1 to Harbor Walk Multiuse
   Trail – Greg Burgess

7. Discussion of Bid for the Long Reach
   Excavator – Greg Burgess

8. Discussion of Dredging – Jim Carraway 

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bike Ride To Natchez

A note from our friends at RideSouth.

This Saturday is our annual Natchez or Bust Ride! Aptly named, this is a tough ride down the Natchez Trace from the Ride South shop to the Natchez State Park. 

We have a dinner reservation at the Magnolia Grille at 4:15 PM, so the pace needs to be spirited to make the 104 miles, enjoy a wine & cheese reception, shower, load the bikes and drive to the dinner spot, overlooking the river! 

Lane will SAG with the Outback and bike trailer and Doug has offered to leave his truck at the park (he will be riding up from Natchez on Friday). I will drive Doug's truck back as he has other plans on Saturday.

Please come by the shop this week to sign up as we have limited space. 

It is important that riders leave the shop on Saturday with the rest of the group. The logistics and worry are too much to allow riders to join us along the way! 

Remember to bring a small bag for your change of clothes to put in Lane's car. We will return by 9:00 PM to the shop directly, so you can leave your vehicle here during the day. The shop will be closed all day Saturday. We will hold a brief 6:00 PM meeting on Friday to firm up transport plans.

On the other extreme, The Annual Ridgeland Christmas Parade will be Saturday, December 3! This three mile ride usually runs at a blistering 2 MPH . . . just right for fully decorated recumbent trikes from Ride South! 

Anyway, we have decided to spice it up this year with a little competition, in another way.

Decorate your trike for a little friendly competition and win valuable prizes from the shop, and maybe get our group judged the best in show! Wouldn't that be something! The Parade lineup is 12:45 PM at Holmes Community College. Be there early!

Ride South

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Help The Salvation Army

News From The Salvation Army

Well, actually A LOT of "DO-GOODERS".

Christmas is already here at The Salvation Army!! The holiday season is going to be great and we NEED YOU! 

There is NO way we can help those seeking our help without volunteers - you are the "army" behind The Salvation Army.

Please visit the following link or text Volunteer to 601.863.8090 on your smart phone to register. 

Included in the opportunities are Thanksgiving, Angel Tree, and the Red Kettle. 

You can make your Christmas better this year by giving your time. I will follow up with you by email or phone. Also, feel free to share with others who may want to help.


We greatly appreciate your support! I look forward to "Doing the Most Good" with you!

Cindy Cheeks
Director of Events and Volunteers
"Breaking the Cycle, Building Lives"
110 Presto Lane, Jackson MS 39206
601.982.4881, ext. 115

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reservoir Overlay District Update

A group of Reservoir area residents met Tuesday evening to continue discussions about forming an overlay district.  The meeting was hosted by Homer Burns, president of The Federation of Reservoir Homeowners.

The formation of the district is a grassroots movement by residents, the purpose of the effort is to improve the quality of life for area homeowners and protect property values.

The proposed district would be a cooperative agreement between Rankin County and the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

The goal of Tuesday's meeting was to discuss possible boundaries for the district and identify general areas where stronger ordinances are needed.

Many of the older neighborhoods around the reservoir were established without mandatory homeowner associations and/or have weak covenants - the overlay district can provide a means for adopting and enforcing property ordinances for those areas.

The boundaries for the district were discussed and the first draft included the subdivisions along Old Fannin Road, Spillway Road, Hugh Ward, Grants Ferry Road (north of 25), Bay Pointe, Holly Bush Road, and the subdivisions on PRVWSD property south of Fannin Landing Circle.

The group discussion on property ordinances fell into the following areas:
  • Rental Property
  • Appearance 
  • Parking
  • Transfer of Property inspections
  • Safety
The next meeting of the group will be at 6pm Thursday,  Oct. 20 at Northwest Rankin Middle School.

All reservoir area residents are encouraged to attend.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Rankin School Board Meeting

The Rankin County Board of Education met Wednesday morning at the District office in Brandon.

We reported their agenda in an earlier post here.  Much of the morning was dedicated to awards for students, staff and faculty.

The Board recognized the Rankin County Board of Supervisors for the support they have shown the district. Three Supervisors were present to accept the awards.

Left to right:  Greg Wilcox, Wood Brown, Jared Morrison
School Board President, Ann Sturdivant

Superintendent of Schools for Rankin County, Dr. Lynn Weathersby, spoke about National School Lunch Week (Oct 10 -14) and recognized members of District school cafeteria staffs.

A very informative video was shown to highlight the efforts that go into food preparation for the District's 19,000 students. 

Take a few minutes to watch the video and learn about the huge effort undertaken by the many people that make a tasty and nutritious lunch available for Rankin County students.

Did you know that RCSD does not serve any fried foods?  Watch and learn!

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Car Of The Week

Spotted this great 60's muscle car at Jo's Diner a few days back.
A 1969 Pontiac GTO owned by Rez resident Butch Matherne.

The average male who sits behind the wheel of one of these asphalt ripping beauties will feel his testosterone level surge by a factor of 10.  The standard engine was a 400 cubic inch 350 horsepower monster.

A new one would have set you back about $3200 in 1969.  To buy the car today would take about 10 times that much.

If you had been watching TV in 1969, Laugh-In or Bonanza maybe, and a commercial popped up this is what you might have seen.

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir