Friday, October 14, 2011

Bike Ride To Natchez

A note from our friends at RideSouth.

This Saturday is our annual Natchez or Bust Ride! Aptly named, this is a tough ride down the Natchez Trace from the Ride South shop to the Natchez State Park. 

We have a dinner reservation at the Magnolia Grille at 4:15 PM, so the pace needs to be spirited to make the 104 miles, enjoy a wine & cheese reception, shower, load the bikes and drive to the dinner spot, overlooking the river! 

Lane will SAG with the Outback and bike trailer and Doug has offered to leave his truck at the park (he will be riding up from Natchez on Friday). I will drive Doug's truck back as he has other plans on Saturday.

Please come by the shop this week to sign up as we have limited space. 

It is important that riders leave the shop on Saturday with the rest of the group. The logistics and worry are too much to allow riders to join us along the way! 

Remember to bring a small bag for your change of clothes to put in Lane's car. We will return by 9:00 PM to the shop directly, so you can leave your vehicle here during the day. The shop will be closed all day Saturday. We will hold a brief 6:00 PM meeting on Friday to firm up transport plans.

On the other extreme, The Annual Ridgeland Christmas Parade will be Saturday, December 3! This three mile ride usually runs at a blistering 2 MPH . . . just right for fully decorated recumbent trikes from Ride South! 

Anyway, we have decided to spice it up this year with a little competition, in another way.

Decorate your trike for a little friendly competition and win valuable prizes from the shop, and maybe get our group judged the best in show! Wouldn't that be something! The Parade lineup is 12:45 PM at Holmes Community College. Be there early!

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Anonymous said...

So, for 104 miles, a group will be riding bicycles on the Natchez Trace. A narrow roadway highly used by sightseers in motorhomes, people pulling boats and campers, and just traffic in general. Yet, a group wants to jam up traffic, cause vehicles to come to a screeching halt, and endanger their own lives to go to a cheese eating contest?
Yes, I know people on bicycles have "rights" to be there, just to bad they don't have the "smarts" to stay away from certain hazards.

Anonymous said...

They ride through Avalon like they own the road, then right on old's going to be ugly someday!

OLD DOG said...

The Trace is a park not a super highway to speed on !! So slow down !!

Anonymous said...

go use the frappin' trails built for you. Get off the roads, please.
You are being borderline asses, using roadways-with automobiles having to follow behind you at low rates of speed or passing you (both dangerous to motorists)- instead of all these miles of paths we've all paid for and built for you, all the while breaking law after law that we motorists must follow (like observing stop signs, signaling, maintaining a minimal speed, etc.)
It's becoming pretty darn obvious y'all are doing this to try and prove some point to the safety of yourselves and those of us driving.
Drive to the paths, if you don't live near them. Get your bike off your car and cycle your hearts away. Once finished, put your bicycle back on your car, and drive home.
I know, I know- Same rights to the road. Like someone posted on here some time back, that was meant for transportation, not recreation.
As a pedestrian, I have right of way vs. motorists according to the law. Yet, I don't walk in the roadways with cars lined up behind me, only to prove a point.
And save me the entire ''lazy, fat, ignorant suv-driving redneck vs.healthy people'' argument as well. As someone who plays basketball, tennis, soccer, and occassionally rollerblades, I don't dribble the ball down the road or rollerblade down the road en route to my destination or playing court. I either use the trails available or drive to the closest court.

Anonymous said...

Trails are difficult for bicyclists due to the walkers/runners...and they are shorter than most bicyclists usually ride. I ride the Trace 4 days a week. Tue/Wed/Thu at 5:30 am - yes, i have a headlight and blinkie. I ride 20 miles from the West Florida turnout to Hwy 43 and back...most of the time the vehicle operators are polite and judge passing time so no one is inconvenienced. Some of the vehicles are doing speeds more suited for I-55 - and some try to see how close they can pass us. Some pass us even when there are oncoming vehicles - scary !! On Saturday, i usually ride up to River Bend..a round trip of 35 miles. We started out riding 20 years ago on North Old Canton, but a run in with a "redneck" from Smith County helped us decide that riding the Trace was a little safer. If you are "inconvenienced" just pretend that your children are out riding their bikes for some recreation and adjust your attitude accordingly. Luv Ya!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, my children, when they were very young, were taught NOT to play in the road. This also includes riding their bikes. I like to believe most of this common sense practice has stayed with them. Then comes along an adult, (I think) who tells us how dangerous it is that riding a bicycle on the Natchez Trace. But insist on doing so anyway. Now, talk about being "inconvenienced", think about that 4 day stay in the hospital 'cause you just had to put it out there in a dangerous roadway.

Anonymous said...

''trails are difficult for bicyclists due to the walkers/ runners...''
And roads are difficult as well for motorists due to cyclists.

Anonymous said...

You are right - I see the error of my ways.. I will immediately stop riding in the road...forgive me !!

Anonymous said...

Pay the cost of a tag to ride the roads

Anonymous said...

Trace isn't a park, it's a roadway!
To previous poster about not using trails b/c difficult for cyclists due to walkers/runners- DERRRR! Substitute car with cyclists and walkers/runners with cyclists.
And regarding idea that trails aren't long 'bout concept of turning around and cycling back to point of origin on the trail? Still not long enough? Take bicycle, turn 180 degrees, and peddle.

Anonymous said...

It's no wonder that in 2006 this America's Byway was named by ESPN as one of the country’s top ten road biking destinations............
Start your ride along the byway at any point, but make sure to stay to the outer edge of the road because it has no defined shoulder. Motorized traffic, however, is sparse, leaving more than enough room for you to enjoy your bike ride. The National Park Service (NPS) offers a free road biking packet that contains rules and regulations for biking the Parkway, as well as lists of bicycle-specific visitor services such as bike shops, campgrounds, and drinking water along the way. Contact the byway to request the packet (see the NPS Natchez Trace Parkway website for their visitor information number.)

Anonymous said...

Hate to break the news to you but your fine southern hospitality has made the NTP a tourist destination. The National Park Service fully supports our right to ride it. Be well !!

Anonymous said...

Got no prob with Trace cyclists as much as do with other road cyclists in our area like banana-shaped 'bike' a**hole on Old Fannin and the like.