Friday, October 28, 2011

PRVWSD Board Committee Assignments

At Thursday's PRVWSD Board meeting new assignments were announced for the various board committees.  The committees study matters that come before them and make reccomendations to the full board of directors.

The new appointments take effect November 1.

The committee rosters and a description of the function of each committee follow.

It is noteworthy that all members of the Shoreline Committee are leaseholders on PRVWSD property.

Audit Committee
Mitchell, Samuel, Chairman
Allen, Keith
Burkes, Pete
Crosby, Phillip
Ford, Ramie
Murrell, Vernard

Budget and Finance Committee
Webb, Robert, Chairman
Allen, Keith
Carraway, Jim
Locke, John
Mitchell, Samuel
Murrell, Vernard

Executive Committee (5 members to be designated by President; one from each county to serve with President - By-Laws 04/11/86)
Winstead, Jack, President
Arledge, John (Rankin)
Crosby, Phillip (Leake)
Gorden, W. C. (Hinds)
Latham, Kenny (Scott)
Webb, Robert (Madison)

Forestry Committee
Murrell, Vernard, Chairman
Burkes, Pete
Crosby, Phillip
Gorden, W. C.
Latham, Kenny
Locke, John

Legislative Committee
Bobinger, Trey, Chairman
Arledge, John
Gorden, W. C.
Winstead, Jack

Parks Policy Committee
Latham, Kenny, Chairman
Bobinger, Trey
Burkes, Pete
Carraway, Jim
Ford, Ramie
Mitchell, Samuel

Shoreline Development & Water Quality Committee
Arledge, John, Chairman
Bobinger, Trey
Carraway, Jim
Webb, Robert
Winstead, Jack


Audit Committee (Quarterly or as needed)
This Committee reviews and approves all financial matters related to operation of the District. Duties include, but not limited to:
1. Review claims docket and Directors Per Diem
2. Review insurance need of the District
3. Review and recommend approval of contracts
4. Review and approve audit
5. Recommend approval of loans as required
6. Review projected revenues and compare with annual budget and long range capital improvements budget
7. Review policy on management of funds received by the District (Cash, etc.)
8. Review policy on use of District owned property (vehicles, etc.)

Budget and Finance Committee (As needed)
This Committee reviews budgets and other future financial issues of the District.  Duties include, but not limited to:
1. Reviews and recommend approval of District Budget (Jointly with Executive Comm.)
2. Review employee benefits and compensation
3. Develop strategy for Long Range Financial Plan
4. Review financial policy on commercial leases

Executive Committee (Quarterly or as needed)
Requirements of Pearl River Valley Water Supply District by-laws. The President shall designate five directors, one from each county of the District, who, with the President make up the Committee.  Duties include, but not limited to:
1. Personnel issues
2. Policy recommendations
3. Long range mission and goals (old Vision Committee)
4. Consider issues related to Reservoir Patrol and Security
5. Work with staff and other state, county and local officials to improve water quality.
6. Recommend approval operating plan for reservoir
7. Review annual engineering inspections of the spillway and gates

Forestry Committee (Quarterly or as needed)
This Committee works primarily with the District Forester on all matters related to management of District forest lands.  Duties include, but not limited to:
1. Review Forest Management Plan
2. Recommend approval of timber sales
3. Recommend approval of other timber management practices such as cruises, burning,
replanting, etc.

Parks Policy Committee (Monthly as needed)
This Committee deals with issues related to management of the District's parks, campgrounds, boat ramps, landscaping, etc. Duties include, but limited to:
1. Review of capital improvement budget
2. Recommend policies related to parks and campgrounds (Jointly with Executive
3. Recommend approval of special events
4. Recommend approval of hunting, fishing and boating rules and regulations

Shoreline Development and Water Quality Committee (Monthly)
This Committee has, as its main responsibility, the oversight of development of property owned by the District to insure that projects are not only economically justified, but are environmentally sound.  Duties and responsibility include, but not limited to:
1. Review of capital improvement budget
2. Master planning
3. Approve leasing proposals
4. Approve plats and covenants
5. Review bids related to capital improvements and real estate transactions
6. Recommend approval of aquatic vegetation control measures
7. Coordinate with USGS in mentoring accurate rainfall and river gauge readings

It is the responsibility of the Chairman of each Committee to schedule and conduct their respective Committee Meeting. Meeting times and location may be coordinated with the General Manager. Staff will assist in notification of Committee Members of Committee Meetings.

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