Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reservoir Overlay District Update

A group of Reservoir area residents met Tuesday evening to continue discussions about forming an overlay district.  The meeting was hosted by Homer Burns, president of The Federation of Reservoir Homeowners.

The formation of the district is a grassroots movement by residents, the purpose of the effort is to improve the quality of life for area homeowners and protect property values.

The proposed district would be a cooperative agreement between Rankin County and the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

The goal of Tuesday's meeting was to discuss possible boundaries for the district and identify general areas where stronger ordinances are needed.

Many of the older neighborhoods around the reservoir were established without mandatory homeowner associations and/or have weak covenants - the overlay district can provide a means for adopting and enforcing property ordinances for those areas.

The boundaries for the district were discussed and the first draft included the subdivisions along Old Fannin Road, Spillway Road, Hugh Ward, Grants Ferry Road (north of 25), Bay Pointe, Holly Bush Road, and the subdivisions on PRVWSD property south of Fannin Landing Circle.

The group discussion on property ordinances fell into the following areas:
  • Rental Property
  • Appearance 
  • Parking
  • Transfer of Property inspections
  • Safety
The next meeting of the group will be at 6pm Thursday,  Oct. 20 at Northwest Rankin Middle School.

All reservoir area residents are encouraged to attend.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like more government. Don't need it. Don't want it.

Damn Democrats.

Anonymous said...

From the C/L (Dustin Barnes)

McDowell said the proposal would strengthen subdivisions lacking strong covenants or homeowner's associations.

However, the overlay wouldn't supercede the rules laid out by strong HOAs, he pointed out.

Instead, an overlay district could make subdivisions with strong covenants and HOAs even stronger, Burns said.

Why have the communities not formed HOA's with strong covenants FIRST?

Why the need to create an overlay district than will "criminally" enforce HOA Covenants of other communities who are doing just fine?

If the Reservoir PRV communities cannot form, manage, participate in their own HOA's; it is not the job of other neighborhoods who have put in the blood sweat and tears to bail them out with this overlay proposal.

Since the overlay would lay out rules as a county ordinance, violators could be prosecuted for criminal offenses. For now, anyone who violates a covenant can only be taken to civil court, since the dispute involves a personal contract.

Great idea. Lets criminalize civil matters, AKA HOA Covenants.

I sympathize with the plight of the Southern Rez leaseholders, but it is your job as a community to fix your own problems. Well organized and participatory HOAs should not bear the responsibility of a few community's inability to come together on their own.

Anonymous said...

Is the Oct 20th meeting soley for the District Overlay discussion, as there is a far more pressing issue with homeowners being required to purchase "Flood Ins", based on inaccurate information being uploaded to FEMA?

Frank D. Perez

RWX said...

The PRVWSD's International Property Maintenance Code already addresses a lot of these issues. I have read it, and it is fairly intrusive. They have already made modifications to it, and it could be further modified if required.

Anonymous said...

From all of the comments above, I assume y'all attended the meeting and expressed your thoughts. I attended the first meeting and most of the folks were from neighborhoods that had HOA's and were looking for help in resolving issues. Both the PRV and Rankin Co use the International Property Maintenance Code, but it does not cover all issues that need to be addressed.

So attend the next meeting on Oct 20 and let them know what you think.

RWX said...

What are the proposed changes? Are there any specifics?

Anonymous said...


I believe part of the problem with the OD is the fact there are no specifics. Questions were asked at the meeting and the common complaints were shared; mostly by Federation covered homeowners.

The lack of specifics leaves one to wonder what is really behind the push to incorporate the OD; especially given that the larger HOA's don't really need it.

I, personally, would never want to have a neighbor arrested for failure to cut their lawn. That is just extreme. The rental issues in the newer neighborhoods have been mitigated by the existing HOA's without the need to enforce regulatory control over them. Fines and liens are NOT what a lessor wants on their rentals.

I'm curious where Palisades, North Bay, Bridgepointe, and Windward Oaks stand. They all have very strong HOA's - do they see a need for an Overlay District? Doubt it.

I'm convinced the Federation is after more influence over the South Shore homes that are not covered by an HOA. Including the new sub's HOA's will give this movement credibility. Without that support, they will have to hoe the long road, one which is more appropriate than incorporating a larger governing body to police our homesteads.

If you cannot tell, I'm not in support of this.

If we want to get on the issue of business zoning, there is a solution there too: start a Chamber of Commerce.

RWX said...

Thanks for the information. Maybe someone will publish some minutes of the next meeting.

Anonymous said...

Well RWX the OD is just in the talking stages and as before come to the meetings and provide your input. It is easy for you to stand and throw rocks at it without even knowing what they are talking about.
No one knows where they are going with this OD thing at this time. The question is it possible to have an area designated as urban vs rural. If something is not done it only a mater of time and you will find it next door with grass four foot tall.

RWX said...

I'm not throwing rocks at what I can't see. Someone is trying to accomplish something with this -- it is hard believe that no one knows where we are going. That said I might be all for it.

FYI, if the grass is over 18" the Rez will ticket you. They can also ticket you if you have pealing paint, an inoperative vehicle, or if your house numbers are not at least 4" high (which the reservoir's office does not meet).

Anonymous said...

The area is not all in the PRV, but some of it is RC which is not covered. Why don't you come to the meeting and make known what you think. I am sure at some point a draft copy of what will be asked for will be presented to you and all of the others as to what will be asked for as for as area in the OD. After it is established then ordinances will be drafted and presented to the Board of Supervisors to be implemented. At that time you will be able to stand and speak in support or against what is being requested.

Anonymous said...

That was a misstatement 4:48PM with respect to:

The area is not all in the PRV, but some of it is RC which is not covered

The MAJORITY of the people affected are NOT on PRV land. The MAJORITY are in RC, not the PRV as you implied.

Anonymous said...

What is goin in at old amoco/bp at spillway /GF corner?