Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The bike trails have been a great addition to The Rez community and more are coming.  The widening of Old Fannin Road will add trails connecting The Rez with Flowood.

You've probably noticed the increasing number of recumbent bicycles, you know - the ones that look like you are sitting on a La-Z-Boy recliner.

We decided to stop by our local bike shop, RideSouth, and find out more about these strange looking machines.

Owner, Jim Snider, showed us around his store and pointed out the advantages of the recumbent.  His assistant, Major Pain, provided a graphic example of why the recumbent is outselling traditional bicycles these days.

"People are buying recumbents for 4 reasons", Jim said.
  • Safety
  • Speed
  • Fun
  • Comfort
RideSouth has approximately 50 recumbents in stock along with a great selection of traditional bikes.

They also stock kayaks including a model that is similar to a recumbent bike, it has pedals that power underwater fins.

Hobie MirageDrive®

The Hobie Mirage line of kayaks allows you to pedal quickly and quietly through the water.  Several models are designed for fishing.

RideSouth offers complete repair service for bicycles.  Stop in and visit Johnny Rawls, he'll get you ready to hit the trails.

RideSouth is located at 105 Avalon Court just off Old Fannin Road.   More information is available at their website, www.ridesouth.com

RideSouth organizes bike rides around the community and long distance rides.  We'll keep you informed of what they are doing and where they are going.

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