Monday, November 28, 2011

Crosswalk Proposed

Thelma Kumar, a Reservoir area resident, recently appeared before the Shoreline Committee of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District and the Rankin County Board of Supervisors.  She asked each group to consider putting a flashing light and crosswalk at the Reservoir Fire Station/Community Center.

 She cited the need for a crossing similar to the trail crossing on Highway 471.

Hwy. 471 crossing

A copy of the letter she presented to each group follows:


To add a Community Crosswalk, with an Amber Flashing / Caution Light or a Full Signal Light, on Spillway Road, which would be adjacent to the Reservoir Community Center, Library / Fire Station, and in conjunction with the updated and newly paved Biking / Walking Path along the Spillway Road.


1) Currently there is no safe access to the new “Public Spaces” now available such as the Reservoir Library, Community Center and Botanical Park Trail for Residents on Foot or Bicycle. Spillway Rd. acts as a barrier between the paved Bicycle / Walking Path to its North and the Reservoir Public Library and newly constructed Community Center to its the South.

2) A Crosswalk along with a Caution Signal would instruct Auto traffic to Yield to Pedestrian foot traffic and allow Pedestrians and/or Bicyclists to cross Spillway Rd. more safely.

3) I have personally witnessed Auto Vehicles moving at high rates of speed along Spillway Rd. by the Reservoir Fire station just when Pedestrians (often Children and Parents with Strollers) are trying to cross the road in order to access the Reservoir Library and the other the Public Spaces, (Botanical Park Garden Trail and the new Community Center).

4) A Caution Signal would not only remind Drivers to slow down for the Cross walking public but would also help the Fire Station function more safely and efficiently in an emergency. This could potentially reduce the response time for the emergency personnel.

In Conclusion:

With all the lovely features already in place along Spillway Rd. and Reservoir amenities I ask that you please take this proposal into consideration for the betterment and safety of our community. I would be very happy to work with other community groups in the Reservoir area in order to get this proposal accomplished. Please let me know if a petition is in order.

Thank you for your consideration,

Thelma H. Kumar

The County and PRVWSD agreed to consider her proposal.

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Anonymous said...

I don't use the trails at all, but I will be the first to admit that the 471 site is dangerous. Folks fly through there. Whether a crosswalk is the answer I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a great idea. There should be some warning signs before cars get to that area so people can anticipate the potential cross traffic.

Anonymous said...

We all know that a flashing amber light is nothing more than highway yard art. NOBODY pays any attention to them. Now, some flashing blue lights in the rear view mirror is much more effective.

Anonymous said...

I like this idea. Many people (my family included) park at the new community center/botanical garden trail entrance to get to and utilize the walking/biking trail. Trying to cross Spillway with your bicycle while watching to make sure your children also get across safely is like playing frogger with your life. It should not be that difficult to access public facilities.