Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Election 2011

Tuesday, November 8th is election day.  Polls will be open from 7am till 7pm.

Anyone wishing to vote by absentee ballot should contact or visit their circuit clerks office.
  • Madison County Circuit Clerk  601-859-4365
  • Rankin County Circuit Clerk 601-825-1466
Below are sample ballots for most of the areas around the Rez.

Generic sample ballot for Madison County residents HERE.
Generic sample ballot for Rankin County residents HERE.

The following ballots are for most of the precincts around the reservoir in Rankin County. Some precincts have two different ballots as the precinct spans two different House districts.   The poll worker will give each voter the correct ballot when they sign in.  

Precinct 216 Castlewoods West BS49 

Precinct 216 Castlewoods West BS 8
Precinct 215 Castlewoods East BS 8

Precinct 215 Castlewoods East BS 49

Precinct 218 Reservoir East

Precinct 219 Reservoir West

Precinct 214 Holbrook 

Precinct 209 Grants Ferry

Precinct 212 Fannin BS7

Precinct 212 Fannin BS48

Precinct 220 Northshore BS7

Precinct 220 Northshore BS48

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Barnett Reservoir


Anonymous said...

Would it be too much trouble to put an address with each Precinct. Thanks for a great job you and your staff are doing.

The Rez News said...

The Mississippi Secretary of State web site has a great tool to locate your polling place.

Click here to go to the Miss Sec of State site

Anonymous said...

Staff? Now that is a hoot!

John Shirley said...

7:17 wanted an address for each precinct. A list of each Rankin County precinct with address can be located at

John Shirley said...

If a voter wants to look up a Rankin County house address and find the corresponding precinct, that info can be located at