Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fisherman Missing After Fall From Boat

At 12:44 Saturday afternoon The Reservoir Patrol received a call from a woman reporting that her husband had fallen from their fishing boat and she could not locate him.

The two had launched their boat at Tommy's Trading Post and were fishing in an area known as Black Lake, approximately 2 miles up river from Highway 43.

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According to Reservoir Patrol Chief, Perry Waggener, Christopher Scott Ingraham, 50, from Vicksburg, was standing on the front deck of his fishing boat while trolling, the boat rocked, possibly hitting a stump, causing the man to lose his balance and fall into the water.

Chief Waggener was told the man could not swim and was not wearing a life jacket.

The fisherman fell from this boat

James Arrington, a Terry resident, was the first person on the scene.  He was traveling down river when he noticed a woman waving her arms trying to get his attention.  He stopped and motored to her location, she explained what happened and Mr. Arrington began searching the area.  He noticed the end of a fishing rod sticking up and retrieved it, then a hat surfaced near the rod.

Another fisherman stopped to help but they agreed to go back to the boat launch for help. They got to the docks just as rescue teams from the Lake Harbor and Reservoir Fire Departments were arriving.   

The rescue teams were led to the area where divers entered the water and began searching.   

Shortly after 4pm the search was called off.  The searchers assembled at the boat launch and exchanged information - they will resume the operation at 7AM Sunday morning.  

The Reservoir Patrol issued the following press release Saturday evening.

A man was reported missing to the Reservoir Patrol this afternoon after falling from his boat. Christopher Scott Ingraham, 50, of Vicksburg, Mississippi was fishing with his wife in the Pearl River approximately 2 miles North of Highway 43 when the incident occurred. Officers from the Reservoir Patrol & Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks as well as Rescue Personnel from Lake Harbor Fire Department responded to the call at 12:44 PM. Divers from The Reservoir Fire Department & Rankin Emergency Operations Center worked until dark before operations were suspended for the day.

“Divers were hampered by the water temperature limiting their effective time in the river.” stated Perry Waggener, Reservoir Patrol Chief. “When we resume operations tomorrow morning the Pearl, Madison & Ridgeland Fire Departments will have divers on hand to assist Reservoir Divers by frequently rotating fresh personnel in the water. Additionally, personnel from the Langford Fire Department will be supporting the operation with specialized equipment. American Medical Response and Madison County Emergency Operations Personnel will also be at the scene.”

Emergency Personnel will resume the search at 7 AM tomorrow.

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