Monday, November 14, 2011

Fred's Opening Soon

The Fred's Super Dollar on Spillway Rd is opening December 2nd. 

Fred's corporate headquarters in Memphis sent us the following info on the new store. 

MEMPHIS, TN. (November 11, 2011) – Brandon, MS, will be introduced to the unique shopping experience of fred’s Super Dollar with the grand opening of a new store at 8:45 a.m. on Friday, December 2nd.

Special offers and activities at the new 16,000-square-foot store at 1898 Spillway Rd. will help celebrate the occasion. 

There will be free product giveaways and customers can register for a chance to win a $100 shopping spree to be held once a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The fred’s Super Dollar in Brandon is the new-store concept for Fred’s Inc. This new-store prototype offers the famous low prices and wide variety of merchandise that fred’s Super Dollar is known for, all in an improved, customer-centric shopping experience. Changes in store layout, lighting, shelving, aisle widths and signage have made this new prototype a unique and appealing shopping environment. 

“We have conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research into what our customers and our competitors’ customers want in a shopping experience,” said Dave Mueller, SVP Sales and Marketing for Fred’s Inc. “We feel fred’s Super Dollar will deliver the ideal size, product mix and store flow to accommodate customers who are looking for a quick in-and-out shopping trip, or those who want a full bargain-hunting shopping experience.”

Brandon’s new store features an expanded food selection that doubles traditional fred’s Super Dollar food offerings with additional breakfast foods, quick meals, beverages and more. Customers will also find a wide selection of recognized national brands as well as fred’s brands. 

The fred’s Super Dollar also includes a state-of-the-art Pharmacy experience. The pharmacy will feature a drive-through window providing easy pick-up and drop-off of prescriptions. Conveniently located in the front of the store, the pharmacy offers a friendly, knowledgeable staff that is available to answer health-related questions. From the pharmacy, to in-store help, to check-out, customers will notice a friendly overall in-store atmosphere.
“We believe the community of Brandon will be attracted to the new fred’s Super Dollar, and that they will be thrilled by every aspect of the service, product variety, pharmacy, and the ease of the shopping experience,” added Mueller. 

Grand Opening activities will begin with the official ribbon cutting at 8:45 am on Friday, December 2nd.
The first 150 customers will receive a free fred’s Super Dollar reusable shopping bag and the first 35 customers will also receive a coupon for a free 10 ounce bag of LAYS chips, redeemable at the new store. Customers may register for a $100 fred’s Super Dollar shopping spree that will be given to one customer each day from Friday, Dec. 2nd, through Sunday, Dec. 4th. 

FRED’S offers the products customers need most at the lowest prices everyday.
For more information, please visit

Other grand opening events are being planned so expect an update soon.

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Anonymous said...

For the folks that are not sure, the above article and store is located on Spillway Rd. at the Reservoir It is NOT in Brandon. It is near the intersection at Ward Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Would that be Hugh Ward and Spillway?

Brooke said...

that area is stil considered Brandon by the post office so that's why it said Brandon. And yes, it's just past Hugh Ward before you get to Polk's.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You mean that area known as the Reservoir? Just because the post office says Brandon is NOT Brandon. Besides, the post office you refer to is in Flowood. PLEASE do not tell me you are in Brandon when you are at the Reservoir, stupid me, I would go to Brandon to find you.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip! The post office at Grant Ferry is BRANDON and not Flowood. The new Fred's on Spillway Rd is definitely in Brandon. There are two parts of the reservoir spillway: Brandon & Ridgeland.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your grip is slipping. Get the grease out of your gripper. The post office at Lakeland Dr. at Grants Ferry Rd. is located in Flowood. The ONLY post office in Brandon is on Hwy. 80 near I-20. The Fred's on Spillway Rd. is no more in Brandon than Spillway Rd. is in Hinds County. It's people like you that continue to confuse new citizens to that part of Rankin County.

Anonymous said...

The Rez folks on the Madison County side of the lake
continue to be amused at this internal Rankin County disagreement about exactly where the various
City limits,overlay districts,HOA's ect.
... actually begin and end.

We offer this deal :

Madison County will provide ( free of charge ) unlimited survey crews, engineers, ect. to
Rankin County, ... provided that Rankin County
( in return ) agrees to accept that "Harbor Walk and
the Hotel Valencia " will now eventually be built upon the Rankin County side of the Lake.

Anonymous said...

Not biting. You dug this hole for yourself with your agenda. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

The post office at Grants Ferry Road has a Brandon address.

Anonymous said...

PLeez - anyone who does not believe that the Grants Ferry Post Office is in BRANDON - just simply drive by and look at the zip code on the building - 39047!!!!! It doesn't get any more Brandon than that people. GIVE IT UP ALREADY!

Anonymous said...

The Post Office is in the city of Flowood but their address is Brandon. The majority of the area they serve is outside of the Flowood city limits so they did not change their address when the area was annexed by Flowood.

Anonymous said...

The post office has a Brandon address because it is located in Brandon. Is it located in the city limits of Brandon, NO! Howver, it is in Brandon. The Flowood post office is located on Airport Road.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pleez....when you are driving up to see the zip code, call for police help and see who shows up, Brandon or Flowood. It does not get any more Flowood than that. Now, MOVE ON !!!!!!
I recently talked with a customer service guy at the Grants Ferry post office. He said this mess is getting confussing and old. People get notified of a package in Brandon, so the go to the Brandon post office where they are told to go to Flowood, so they go to the post office on Airport Rd. Finally, they go to the post office at Grants Ferry.

Anonymous said...

I say again, this Rankin County debate provides
much amusement to those of us that live on the Madison County side of the Rez.

Our offer still stands. In addition, we will also
include ( free of charge of course) , our many
Landscape Architects.

Madison and Ridgeland might feud with each other.
but they both agree on their respective boundaries and Post Offices.


Anonymous said...

WOW, Brandon 39042@ hwy 80 is in Brandon City limts, Brandon 39047 @ grants ferry is in the city limits of flowood, flowood post office on airport rd is in the city of flowood

Unknown said...

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