Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Handworks 2011

A Gift Show of Handworks--With 30 years of tradition, artists from the southeast have found a home in Jackson

When Missy Rhee Breazeale opened her home to shoppers in 1981, she didn’t realize thirty years later that legacy would still be thriving.  Handworks, a high quality arts and crafts show, was begun as a way for young mothers to stay at home with their children, have an outlet for their handcrafts and earn extra money.

Breazeale was a fine seamstress, as well as a stay-at-home mother, and wanted to sell her hand-smocked dresses. She had seven friends who created art and pottery (Gail Pittman being one of them), and so, a small business incubator was born. Now, there are more than 150 exhibitors from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and beyond who converge at the MS Trade Mart, once a year, and sell their handcrafted products.

The slogan “Mississippi’s Favorite Arts and Crafts Shopping Party, “born in 1981, continues to this day.

Breazeale turned over the reins of the show nine years ago to Julia Daily and her daughter, Janie Giffin. Both had experience in promoting artists and craftsmen.  While Julia Daily is currently the executive director of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, Janie Giffin has an obsession about finding new talents to bring to the Handworks show each year.

“The South is renowned for its creative artists,” she remarked. “We are so fortunate to bring many of them under one roof at Handworks and delight thousands of customers who have been attending this show for years.” Still, the small business incubator of stay-at-home mothers is in full swing. “We are excited about assisting new businesses in their start-up and helping others to expand,” Giffin explains. “One of the missions of the Handworks show remains having brand-new artists and young mothers exhibit their wares.”

“It is exciting to see new ventures grow from an idea to a success story,” Giffin said. “This is why Handworks continues to have veteran artists and craftsmen located beside brand-new ventures. Each craft show is filled with customers’ favorite, long-time exhibitors as well as the newest of trends. This holiday show will be no exception. The combination of fine art, bath and body products, candles, pottery, custom-made children’s clothing, gourmet foods, home d├ęcor, jewelry, and gifts makes Handworks an irresistible shopping experience.

A two-day show will be held Friday, November 18, from 9 am – 7pm, and Saturday, November 19, from 9 am – 4pm at the MS Trade Mart, located on High Street, in Jackson, Mississippi. Want to shop for the holidays by selecting unique, handmade gifts that can’t be found in stores? Handworks Holiday Market is a tested-and-true way to do just that for everyone on your list!

For more information: Handworks, 205-937-4834; or Admission, $5; children under twelve, free. Handworks is a “stroller-friendly” show. Group rates are available.

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Anonymous said...

What a joke! All the lip service in the world wontnchange the FACTS. This is NOT a quality handmade art and craft show. Anyone who has been to it will see for themselves that there are junk made in china booths and other very bad quality items. The official statements all have a nice spin on them and make it sound really great, but look at it and you will see there is no concern about hand crafted items, the only concern is for the promoter to make a quick buck. The reason it is still operating is because it is still living off it's past reputation, but soon people will see what it has become and then all the pretty words will be useless. People will see that it's all a load of crap. There isn't even a real jury, just one woman who does very little and is only concerned with her own profit. This is NOT even close to the type of show it started out as. Skip it and go to the Chimnyville show instead. At least you will see quality handmade items there.