Monday, November 7, 2011

The Kingfish Is Running

From the "In case you missed it" department.

The owner/writer of the Jackson Jambalaya blog is running for Justice Court Judge in Hinds County.

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The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir


Anonymous said...

Here is the Facebook page

James "Jimmy" Hendrix for District 1 Judge

Anonymous said...

His blog's articles are very interesting, deeply researched, and factually informattive backed up with documentation.
Two big 'howevers': too many of the commentings posts are ugly, childish, and simply vulgar.
Secondly, his support of some Downtown Jackson blog is highly questionable considering its author's articles are trashy and reckless, not to mention, very disparaging of Rankin county and its citizens. The commenting posts are even more childish, vulgar, racist, and are almost entirely unfiltered.
Don't have a dog in the hunt, since I live at the Rez.
Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

You might reconsider reading it. It is much larger than the simple few articles you browsed.

Look up Irby.

Look up Steadivest (he used to live in Palisades)

Read about the exposure of corruption.

Or not. Get past yourself on reading expletives, join real world conversation or live in a bubble.

Downton Jackson Trash is pure comedy. Look for your funny bone.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the King Fish is more than capable. I also think he should have announced his running much sooner. Monday was the first I'd heard of it. The race was very close, considering.....

Anonymous said...

@1:13- you must not read the first sentence of my post re: his articles.
And no, don't believe childish, vulgar comments for the sake of insulting or lacking better demonstrative words is either ''real world'' or part of living in a bubble...unless your real world bubble life is Jersey Shore and such.
With regards to downtown blog, I don't consider it humorous to slander folks, two of which targets I know either professionally or personally (and no they aren't the wendy person, guy who has parties on his roof, or any of the club owner people).
Of course I may be wrong since I live in a bubble and not in your real world...thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

<a href=">James Hendrix Jimmy Mississippi Kingfish?</a>

Jimmy Misssissippi Hendrix said...

James Hendrix Jimmy Mississippi Kingfish?

Anonymous said...

you mean this dude?