Saturday, November 19, 2011

LSU vs Ole Miss

LSU vs Ole Miss
Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011
Oxford, MS


This rivalry always stirs memories of that famous game played in Baton Rouge on Halloween night, 1959.

LSU and Ole Miss were topped ranked teams in the country - the game, won by LSU 7 to 3, made Billy Cannon a legend.

On October 27, 2009 the Jackson Touchdown Club held a 50th anniversary celebration of the game.  Players from both teams attended along with LSU's coach Paul Dietzel.  Memories were recalled along with amusing anecdotes.   

A JTDC member gave us a recording of the evening and we've posted it on YouTube.  It's a very entertaining piece of football history.

The first clip shows the two scoring plays followed by Coach Paul Dietzel's comments.
Links to the remaining clips follow. 

Second video
features LSU's Paul Dietzel and Billy Cannon

Third video
features Billy Cannon

Fourth video
features Billy Cannon and Ole Miss player Warner Alford

Fifth video
features Ole Miss players Charlie Flowers and Bobby Ray Franklin

Sixth video
features Ole Miss players Bobby Ray Franklin, Robert Khayat, Richard Price, Marvin Terrell

Seventh video
features Ole Miss player Jake Gibbs

Eighth video
features Ole Miss player Jake Gibbs

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Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Why is this on the site?

Vicky said...

Maybe because Ole Miss is playing LSU today!

Anonymous said...

@ Vicky

Somebody should have told the coaches.