Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Overlay District Article

Today's edition of the Rankin Ledger has an article (with a few photos) about the proposed Reservoir overlay district.

Another subdivision has signed on to be included in talks for a potential overlay district surrounding parts of the Ross Barnett Reservoir area.

Castlewoods subdivision in Rankin County is separated from the other potentially affected reservoir-area homes by Mississippi 25, but overlay officials said they will include the new area in a proposal after several inclusion requests from Castlewoods' homeowners.

"We can look at adding more areas in the future," said Homer Burns, president of the Federation of Reservoir Homeowners and one of the main proponents of the overlay.
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ED-C said...

Maybe they can hire Mayor Queen Mary to consult on how to run the riff raff out of the county with heavy handed rules, standards, and covenants? That is the desired end result of all of the people up in arms over other people's property, right? /sarcasm :)

Anonymous said...

This can't happen soon enough! The declining neighborhoods surrounding mine are dragging down our property values. Thank you Dr. Burns for having the heart to pursue this on behalf of the entire Rankin County Reservoir area!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If a district is created, the county would be in charge of enforcing any special property ordinances passed for the district. Violators would face possible criminal charges if their actions contradict the special district's new rules.

Currently, residents in neighborhoods with covenants overseeing certain property maintenance only face civil charges if they are found to violate a rule.

Officials said civil proceedings can become costly and require an individual or association to take the alleged violation to court. If an ordinance is passed for the overlay district, a violator would be taken to court by the county.

If you want to criminalize civil behavior by arresting those who choose to take care of their property as they see fit, go right ahead. But if your grass is not green enough, don't bitch when you are posting bail.

Anonymous said...

I think detractors are missing an important point. Rules and regulations can be appropriate when they address cost inequities that are not handled well by a free market. For example, the Fred's store on the corner is going to impose a real cost on the homeowners who live a few hundred feet away. Their property is going to lose real value because of it. There are also other costs imposed that are hard to measure in dollars, such as those created by increased noise, traffic, etc. There's no good way to handle this cost. Is Fred's going to issue checks to the people in the neighborhoods around their new location? No. Without rules and regulations controlling what costs Fred's can impose on the people nearby, those homeowners have no choice but to absorb the loss. While Fred's benefits from the neighborhood that the they had no investment in creating. Same principle applies to people who don't maintain their property or park trailers in their yards, etc.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:18 Good idea. We could learn a lot from Queen Mary.

We need someone like her to run the riff raff into Simpson Co.

Anonymous said...

Lose value because of Freds?

You obviously do not understand the concept of traffic and the value of retail property.

Don't make statements if you don't understand the principle of growth.

I swear everyone of the supporters of the OD sound like Obama. Lets have more regulations to stymie growth, lets take away freedoms because we need more government.


Anonymous said...

12:01, how about you show us your real estate creds and we'll stop trying to sound like Obummer every time somebody needs to cut their grass.

I'll make it real simple for you: a high end Kroger vs Freds/Dollar General/The Dollar Tree. You tell me which of those you'd rather live next to. Hint: it's the clientele, stupid.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:01 It's government that gives you your freedom.

It is government that protects your freedom.

Without government, you have no freedom.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! More government. I'm serious. I can't take care of myself or my community, I need someone else to do it for me. More government! While you are at it, is there an entitlement program within the OD? I need thicker grass. Go OD!

Anonymous said...

@12:56 No more government. But if you find yourself defending yourself for damages that you inflict on your neighbors property, you might have a change of thoughts, that is you have any.

Anonymous said...

@1:18 There is no entitlement program within the OD. But if you are doing such a great job, identify the neighborhood where there are no issues.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:18 That's right. You can't take care of your community without government. You're getting there.

Anonymous said...

2:58 We want to use the government we are paying to get the job done.
Again if your are so great then step up and identify your self as the great one who has no issues in his subdivision and any of those around it.

What you need to do is cross your arms in front and then take the right hand and grab your left ear, with the left hand grab your right ear after which you need to pull your head out.

Anonymous said...

I just returned to the area after 20 years in another city.

The growth of Rankin and Madison Counties was a total shock for me.

However, I was dismayed to see how some former nice Rankin neighborhoods of the late 80's early 90's
have become so run down .

Like her or not, Madison's "Mayor Mary" was ahead of her time.

No, we don't need every gas station to resemble a Natchez Plantation; however, we also don't need some yards to resemble a used car lot -
transmission repair shop & deer camp, ect .

A homeowner / landlord does not have to have allot of money to keep their property in basic shape.
( Cut grass, replaced shutters, paint ect.) ... just please have the basic responsibilities of pride in home ownership, and pride in your community.

I don't like the Government dictating to me either, but if some people can't police themselves, ... then bring on the Overlay District.

BTW, anyone that thinks a " dollar discount type store " is not a threat to their property values , well .... a review of 8th Grade Economics may be in order.

Anonymous said...

After a 40 year hiatus from big cities and landing here at the Rez. It is a wonderful relief to arrive here and not have a governing body or my neighbor tell me that I should live my life in their idea of ideal. Be careful folks for what you want. The slow Southern Mississippi lifestyle will allow you to live longer. Be careful of the big city ways, it only brings corruption, crime and lower property values.

Anonymous said...

As an addendum to my previous comment, all you Yankees that want to make the South your home, learn to get along. Stop trying to control everything. Ease on in, set a spell. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

November 1, 2011 8:17 PM

I guess a Masters and 20 years experience would not allow me to really understand the concept of growth, expansion of retail trade, nor the fact that a major corporation is seizing an opportunity to expand within a community using market research that costs roughly 5x your house worth.

I guess that High School education paid off.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:19 I can't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight-
Homer Burns, who doesn't live on PRV leasehold land BUT is an officer on the PRV's group, The Reservoir Foundation, the same group wanting to allow alcohol at PRV parks and events, is the one calling the shots and pushing for this overlay district? Hmmmm...interesting.
How many masters can you serve, Homer?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious...where does this lead?
We have several meetings with a very small % of the those affected even knowing this dialogue and meetings are taking place, right?
So let's say the majority of this minority, led apparently by one or two folks, agrees an overlaying district is the way to go. What happens then?
Surely it has to be approved by the local municipalities like PRVSWD and the county board of supervisors? Right?
So assuming these two agree that this should go forward, what next? They can't just vote ''Yay'' to this overlaying district concept without some kind of structure and plan for this concept, right?
So what happens at that point? Would the planning department of the PRVSWD and county then take the concepts from these meetings conducted by Dr. Burns and write a law or special ordinance? What happens then? I mean, unless you read the Rez News blog or know Dr. Burns then you probably don't even know this whole concept is being considered!
Does it go to a vote via a referendum? Does the PRVSWD or county hire some outfit to put it together?
There are so many things being discussed but it seems so few of us understand this while process.

Anonymous said...

Owner of this blog is a supporter of the OD?

Anonymous said...

@111:09 You ask many questions, have you attended any of the three meetings?

1. The overlay district is an area of Rankin County which is mostly in District 2 and some of which is PRV district. The PRV and the county are being ask to declare the area with special needs that don't apply to the rest of the county.

2. At present this proposed area is zoned by the county and there are county ordinances and PRV ordinances. Most of which are the same. With the PRV having some more that apply to rental property.

3, If the PRV and the county agree then the supervisors will declare an overlay district within the county. The county supervisors will then consider proposed zoning changes and ordinances for the OD. They will vote on an adopt them or dismiss them. Any resident of the OD can propose an ordinance or a zone change.

The zoning classifications and the ordinances will be enforced by the county.

This my understanding and what Dr Burns is doing trying to get the parties to agree that this part of the county is different from the rest of the county and in need of special zoning classifications and ordinances.

So to answer your question is who gets to vote? The supervisors will have a meeting where they will hearing from those opposed and for the declaring the area an OD. After which they will vote. If 3 supervisors are for it then we will be an OD otherwise we don't.

Anonymous said...

@8:22 Is this a question or a statement?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying some things...

So how does step 3 go from a yay voice to this whole designing and application of the Overlaying district?

You stated: ''the PRV and the county agree then the supervisors will declare an overlay district within the county. The county supervisors will then consider proposed zoning changes and ordinances for the OD. They will vote on an adopt them or dismiss them. Any resident of the OD can propose an ordinance or a zone change.''

Who determines and writes this overlaying district plan put forth to the PRVSWD and county supervisors for them to 'agree' to?

Then, who will write the proposed plan for the county supervisors to consider regarding the proposed zoning changes and ordinances for the OD after a vote? Don't engineers or architects or planning professionals or someone actually have to compose these things?

And who will pay for that?

Anonymous said...

I was the original poster who stirred the pot to get people to recognize what was going on with the OD.

The basic fact is this is about "gaining influence."

I praise those in recent days for asking the questions that concerned citizens should ask.

Gram will be much happier knowing she is not alone in worrying about the future of her home. She is living alone, as I have a family and cannot spend 24/7 as some of the commenters suggested.

Additionally, running is not a crime outside hours of curfew for those under the age of 16.

And I found out a few new things, like, really Homer you don't live on lease land? If we jump over to the linked blog one would never know that.

And finally, WHO IS GOING TO PAY for you to get a "little bit of influence?"

Not me.

Anonymous said...

Jim you should state your involvement as owner of this blog, especially if you are commenting. I don't expect you to publish this. I would pray you come clean.

Anonymous said...

Jim, how many breakfasts have you and Dustin from the CL had?

Also, two reporters do not make influence over the BOS.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:59 The people attending the meeting for the OD are drawing the lines as to where the OD will exist. It is to this the PRV and the county will have to agree.

The county has the people who at present zone the property, write the ordinances and enforce the codes and the ordinances by issuing violations. The OD is not expected to cause any additional cost.

Again all of these question have been ask in the meeting and you are welcome to attend the next one and ask them again. As for who pays for the OD? All the OD is is lines on a map where the area within the lines may have special zone codes and ordinances that apply to the area. As you can see drawing lines on an existing map which is zoned is not atomic science. No engineers or architects are involved.

What is involved is the people attending the meeting telling the PRV and the county that the area around the reservoir is different from the rest of Rankin county and is in need of codes and ordinances that apply due to the urban nature of the area.

The Rez News said...

No breakfast, calls, emails, or any other contact with Dustin other than at the OD meetings.

Been a PRV leaseholder for 30+ years and I support the OD.

I attend the meetings and participate in the process.

I have not posted any comments about the OD.

Jim M.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:29 First a question, has anyone ask you to pay for anything?

What influence and what does Homer have to gain with this influence? Homer never claimed to live on leased land, but he heads a group of homeowners and associations, some of which live on leased land.

As a concerned citizen did you attend any of the meetings discussing the OD and ask any questions?

Your Gram never had anything more than you to worry her. It is good to hear that she does not have to put up with you 24/7.

The signs in the park and runners through the park have nothing to do with the OD nor the OD with the signs. The signs were placed in the park by the PRV to address another issue.

And finally, why don't you attend the next meeting and make know all of you concerns and quit all of your sniping. Instead share with us at the meeting your wisdom on how to resolve the issues on maintaining property values. It will not cost you anything but your time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Look. The OD is nothing more than an attempt at creating a Mary-esque type community and assert control over the Rez.

Tell me one thing that really has changed for the worse in the past 5 years.

Also, in your response, consider the deepest real estate recession in the history of the US. I'm really curious to hear the "informed" responses.

Anonymous said...

@5:30 AM

That is bullshit if I've ever heard it.

Criminal enforcement costs money. You are a fool to insinuate otherwise.

I've asked several times why no one wants to volunteer to save their community and they throw up the OD will solve it. Again, I call BS. I have not seen where the administrators are calling for the OD Board to be "all-volunteer". Have you?

The OD is a cluster F. Period. It is well intentioned, but not well executed. When you peak under their tent, I'm not sure what you see. Please tell us.

I have YET to see a supporter from the meetings I've attended come forward with their name and state what their intentions are. They will hide in their "meetings" to avoid any discussion in public here.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you, if you or anyone in the United States knew how to improve property values, the first call would be to you.

Anonymous said...


Why do you think people move to Madison? Because the real estate there holds it values better than here. Mary contributed a lot to the success.

Values here on the REZ have declined about 35% - 50% since 2007 high. A dollar store, a tattoo shop and a pawn shop have not helped in the business area.

The zoning code P1 saved us from having a roller rink and an HUD built apartments. The HUD apartments at water park could be here if it were not for zoning code that it had at that time, but now it has been changed to C2 so who knows what can be built there.

You need to tour some areas of the PRV, Bell Grove and North Park to see what has changed for the worse.

So my response to you is do nothing and it will continue to decline at an even greater rate or you can help us try to maintain what we have and slow the rate of decline in values.

What do you suggest to replace the OD with that can help to retain the real estate values?

Again please come to the next meeting and enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

@5:30 -
The criminal enforcement is already in place and being paid for. How much of a work load do you think the OD is going to add?

The board you speak of does not exist nor will there every be one.

Come to the meetings and see for yourself, that is after you pull your head out of your ass.

If you attended any of the meeting, which I doubt. I don't recall you asking anyone their intentions for being there. But I am sure you would have heard that the concern was one of property values and how to preserve them. And yes everyone states their name and address.

If anyone is hiding it's you. The meetings are held for the very purpose of having a public discussion. This blog is one way of notifying you when a meeting is to be held.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you, yeah you, with no brains. One more criminal statute to enforce in a district is "MORE WORK."

Again, you avoid real discussion. You want people to attend, I know this. The problem is, your "ideal slice of heaven" is your ideal. We have already heard your proposal, we didn't like it. We showed up in forces the second time b/c we didn't really know what the OD was about; we do now.

Good luck. Good night. And God Bless America. Thank God I don't have to bless the Overlay District.

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me....



"State your name"

"State your name"

"NO, no. State your name"

"State your name."

Ugh. Sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you listening and denying the need for you to take action. Get off your lazy asses and go out an improve your community. Target the areas you are concerned about. Don't come to my neighborhood and ask for influence so you can defer your responsibility.

I've put up many different ideas and you have shirked responsibility. In fact, you've never presented any idea other than forming another layer of government.

You should be ashamed. I really mean that. Your inability to do anything for yourself is beyond me. I guess I must work too hard and work too closely with those who I call my neighbors. I guess, if I see someone who needs a hand, I lend it. I will never be quick to think that a governing body of, forgive me, lazy asses like you can solve my problems.

NO to the OD.

Anonymous said...

@11:24 PM and @11:31 PM

A few ordinances and some new property codes are needed to retain the property values at the reservoir in not only the older neighborhoods but the new ones as well.

Requesting the OD is our way to can improve our community not only for ourselves, but for yours as well.

You have yet to present an IDEA that is workable and enforceable.
All that I can see is rants.

Why should I be ashamed, it not me that has a problem with the OD, ordinances and property codes.

All of the REAL discussions have occurred at the meeting and everyone is welcome to attend.

YES to the OD.

Anonymous said...

The OD has not proposed anything.

The HOA's are working. Maybe not in your neighborhood, because YOU ARE TOO LAZY.

Why fix it if it ain't broke?

Anonymous said...

@10:11 AM

That's great that the HOA's are working where you are, but in the Reservoir where OD is being proposed they are having issues and are working to fix them. Would you care to explain how your HOA gets the landlords to maintain their rent houses? How they get the renters to stop parking their fleet of cars all over the front lawn and the street? How they get the slobs to repair their houses and cut their grass? How they keep unwanted businesses from building next to their subdivisions?

Why do you like call someone lazy when it's you that can't see the forest for all the trees.

If it was not broke there would be no reason to ask for the OD. But a large number of folks thinks it is broke.

Anonymous said...

Actually, considering the confines of the OD lines, it would be a minority. Especially when opposition lines up against it.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you think so, but who is the opposition? All of those within the lines have ask to be there. Except for the landlords, renters and dumb asses who never attend any of the meetings most folks think the OD is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Learn to write coherently and I will answer.

Anonymous said...

Not enough public input has been garnered. It's true that most of the southshore subdivisions have no active HOA. And one duty of an HOA is to inform that subdiv's residents of what is going on in and around that subdiv that is or will impact these residents.
So it's obvious that the vast majority of those affected by this OD have no knowledge of it, have not had any notification of the meetings about it, and are thus not part of this- being uninformed and equally, have not had their input heard and ideas discussed.
Again, unless you read this blog or are a part of Homer Burn's federation, you don't even know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

So you concede.

It is a very small movement led by Homer Burn's and a small bunch looking for influence without garnering the support of those they wish to gain influence over.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and why not get more detailed here and share the "hidden" agenda of the few instead of demanding others attend your meetings. Not very neighborly if you ask me.

Luminosity is your friend and not to be feared. When you hide, others tend to want to turn on a light.

Anonymous said...

@8:49 The meetings have been reported in all of the news papers. All residents are welcome to come to the meetings and have their input heard and ideas discussed. The blog and the federation uses every way available to notify homeowners and HOAs of time and place. The uninformed homeowners have some responsibility to keep themselves informed.

@9:36 Nothing has been conceded. You are hung up on the word influence. What do you mean?

@9:38 There is no "hidden" agenda.
We have done the neighborly thing by inviting you to the meetings so that you can be heard.

You are the one that is hiding. Why don't you come in out of the dark and let us see you in public and hear and discuss your ideas of how to retain the property values in the neighborhood.

The forum for discussing the OD is the public meetings not this blog. No demand has been made that you attend, but if you want to be heard you will need to attend.

Anonymous said...

Inviting people to join your attempt at oversight of a neighborhood you don't live in?

Why not just admit this is an attempt to gain control over HOA-less neighborhoods in an attempt to force them to follow convenants they have no interest in. Your "invitation" is an attempt to garner a larger base to secure this OD. Stop your BS and be truthful.

Until you can show that you have exhausted every avenue and DOCUMENTED you have tried to help those neighborhoods start an HOA you should not prematurely be looking to start another agency to do your dirty work.

Anonymous said...

So you will speak in a meeting but not on a blog? What are you hiding?

Anonymous said...

@4:24 I have spoken in the meetings have you? The question is what are you hiding and why are you so reluctant to appear in public?

Anonymous said...

@4:24 No one is starting another agency. The OD is only using the ones that are presently available.
How do you know that you neighbor is not interested in having us all play by the same rules?

You are full of it. Again what other agency?

Anonymous said...

Please, I beg of you, please keep talking. The more you refute with no substance, the more the public will question your intentions.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine if you were in the real estate business, one would not want to upset listings in neighborhoods that have strong HOA's.

But then, what do I know.

Chris Merck said...

As someone in real estate, I know that strong HOAs are great for property values and sustaining property values. As far as this Overlay District, I don't see much of aneed for it to encompass those subdivisions with strong HOAs (as in those built in late '90s and on) but it should include the undeveloped areas outside of those subdivisions like commercially zoned spots along Spillway Rd, North Hugh Ward, Southern part of Northshore Parkway, ...