Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PRVWSD Supports Rankin Overlay District

The Board of Directors of The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District approved the concept of an Overlay District at their monthly meeting last week.

The grassroots effort to establish the overlay district has seen hundreds of local homeowners attend numerous meetings to discuss issues faced by the densely populated area - some regulated by the PRVWSD and some by Rankin County. 

Dr. Homer Burns, President of the Federation of Reservoir Homeowners, gave a brief presentation outlining the need for the district.  He stated that some areas around the reservoir are showing their age and the overlay district can provide a structure to allow Rankin County and the PRVWSD to cooperate on commercial and residential property ordinances in order to preserve property values and improve the quality of life for area residents. 

At the meeting a map was presented showing a draft copy of the proposed overlay district. A copy of the map is available here.  

PRVWSD Executive Director, John Sigman, commented that he has participated in many of the homeowner meetings and told the board the concept is not new - he referred to overlay districts currently used by Jackson and Ridgeland.

The PRVWSD Board unanimously approved the concept with the understanding that some functions, such as zoning and building permits, would remain under their control.

Mr. Sigman sent a letter to the Rankin Board of Supervisors advising them of his board's action.  A copy of that letter follows.

November 18, 2011

Rankin County Board of Supervisors
Attn: Mr. Wood Brown
211 East Government Street, Suite A
Brandon, MS 39042

REFERENCE: Reservoir Area Overlay District

Dear Mr. Brown:

At its meeting Thursday the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD) Board of Directors voted to approve the concept of a County overlay district that would include PRVWSD property. The area includes PRVWSD lands in Rankin County located south of and including Arbor Landing. The PRVWSD consents to County enforcement of ordinances, as approved by the PRVWSD, on these properties.

The PRVWSD does retain its jurisdictions including but not limited to:
1. Land use and zoning,
2. Building permitting,
3. Water quality control and lake management, and
4. Recreational use of the Barnett Reservoir,

The PRVWSD looks forward to involvement in the development of the overlay district as it progresses. The PRVWSD reserves the right to approve each ordinance prior to enforcement by the County.

If you have any questions, please call.

Very Truly Yours,

John G. Sigman
General Manager

Dr. Burns said the process of creating the overlay district involves numerous steps and will likely take many months to complete.

The next step will be to seek a similar approval by the Rankin County Board of Supervisors.

Update:  The Clarion Ledger has a story on the overlay district here.

The Rez News
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Anonymous said...

I don't understand how people would want to give up ther property rights. They want to turn a cvil action or process into a criminal one.

Anonymous said...

You don't have what I have next door.
If you did then you would understand. You should be thankful.

ED-C said...

It's the American way... The few that want to control the many... /sarcasm

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's the American way... That is to preserve what you have and not allow someone to destroy it.

Only those folks that don't know how to live in houses and maintain they grounds would question why.

This is not about controlling the many, but just the few rotten apples that we have among us.

KaptKangaroo said...

To: November 22, 2011 4:28 PM

The problem is not the gaining of control over the few, it is the usurping of influence over the many with a new governmental agency. Rankin County and the PRV are doing fine.

I've laid silent on this for a while. I am against the Overlay District. If this was such an important issue, it would have been addressed years ago.

I am against the influence this effort seeks over the communities that are still developing. I see the investment that continues to move into this community. In my opinion, the few are seeking influence over the many before it is too late.

With that said, I am for the community solving it's problems civilly. I believe in strong HOA's. I also believe a Chamber of Commerce would solve the majority of growth concerns. An Overlay District would require a great deal of resources to enforce the ideals proposed. At this point, I've only seen four.

It does concern me that the information presented in this article is NOT presented here. I would hope in time it is.

BTW, that was me raking up the pine straw to make the Rez look better out there in front of Turtle Creek. I do not need someone to tell me to improve my community. It takes personal initiative to improve a community not ordinances.

Thanks for all the good words from those who drove, biked, and walked by.

KaptKangaroo said...


Anonymous said...

@ 2:14 That's what we have now. A few slum lords and rednecks exercising their "property rights" are destroying the homes of the many.

Anonymous said...

@ KaptKangaroo

There is no "new" governmental agency.

The reason this wasn't addressed many years ago is that nobody saw the damage. A lot of the people concerned about the destruction of the Rez saw it happen to them when they lived in So. Jackson and were forced to leave.

Now they are having to consider being forced to move again.

I'd suggest you spend some time learning about the overlay district and why it is being discussed.

I like it out here. It is one of Mississippi's special places. But if the effort to control the increasing blight fails, I'll be forced to move. I'm at the age where I can't delay a decision and watch my investment disappear.

Anonymous said...

Raking up pine straw to put on your flower beds hardly counts as 'community improvement.'
Regarding this OD, doesn't it seem it is going about this in the wrong order? It's like the whole argument about initiative 26-get it passed and figure out the details after the fact.
Seems it's not going in the correct order of how it should. As far as those OD's referred to in the Homer praise piece in the CL, I know they weren't developed or implemented like this whole good ole boy manner being followed with our Rez OD concept.

Anonymous said...

@ KaptKangaroo

You must believe in the tooth fairy.

You wish to create a Chamber of Commerce, is that not an agency which would have to be paid for. The OD is a means of using an existing governmental agency which is already being paid for doing the things they do each day.

You also believe in strong HOA's. Ask any lawyer you know how to create one with covenants in a neighborhood that already exists. All it takes is one slum lord to kill that idea. Does Turtle Creek have a strong HOA? Did they create it after Turtle Creek was developed? Ask your HOA how it enforces its covenants today? Is there any rent property in Turtle Creek today and does it have covenants for rental property and renters?

KaptKangaroo said...

I actually also took the time to rake the pine straw up to the bases of the trees to clear the ground and improve the appearance. Whatever. You are entitled to your opine.

I don't believe in the tooth fairy, but my kids do.

Chamber of Commerce is normally a business funded corporation that benefits the business community and can work in conjunction with the County/PRV to aid in the establishment of business ordinances and zoning requirements.

My question is, there is a civil process in place vis-a-vis' property maintenance and liens on properties through the PRV, I believe. Has this process been utilized to correct the defects on these "slum-lord" properties? Who are these "slum-lords"?

I know some houses are in disrepair, but for the most part, I only see an older neighborhood - not the type of degradation South Jackson enjoys. Businesses and growth are occurring out here; South Jackson is quite the opposite. The argument that this area is becoming the next South Jackson is a stretch at best and appears to be nothing more than fear driven rationale.

I am aware of an outfit that has been buying up property and rehabbing out here. He had a business place over there off Spillway by the old water park. Not sure if he is still there. I've seen the properties he and his group have taken over. They are being improved and taken care of; so I'm not even sure of this argument. Maybe contact him to see if he can work to help certain areas that are of concern.

KaptKangaroo said...


On a serious note, I agree that the process surrounding the OD does appear to be similar to Prop 26. The similarities are kinda scary if you really do think about it:
1. The few want control over many. The leaders of this initiative seek to include a HUGE area. I was unaware of the scope until this map was finally published.
2. There are current civil codes on the books to deal with the four concerns. I have not seen reporting where the current processes are documented and/or utilized. I am aware of citizens using the RCBS to impact property owners. See the recent ARF debacle.
3. A rush to develop this OD is confusing at best. What has been the general input, good and bad? Why are both sides not being presented? The discussions I've had usually end up with more questions of what/how/why the need for OD.

I'm not trying to be controversial or cheerlead. I am all for rich dialogue and these are my concersn. I don't know, I'm just kicking the can around on this one right now.

Good comment BTW, I hadn't really thought about it that way.

Anonymous said...

@ Kapt 11:18

There are only two possibilities.

1. You are trying to be deceptive or

2. You don't know what you're talking about.

Civil remedies cannot fix the problem.

There is nothing being "rushed" and the only "confusing" items are those created by people who don't know what they're talking about.

The only negative "input" at the meetings to date has been from slum lords who can make huge profits by letting their properties fall apart while collecting rent.

The "few" controlling the "many" is what we have now. A "few" leaseholders are destroying property values for the many who want to protect their investment.

You are 100% wrong (or you're being deliberately deceitful) to compare what is now true in south Jackson to what was true just 15 years ago.

You posted, "I know some houses are in disrepair, but for the most part, I only see an older neighborhood - not the type of degradation South Jackson enjoys. Businesses and growth are occurring out here; South Jackson is quite the opposite. The argument that this area is becoming the next South Jackson is a stretch at best and appears to be nothing more than fear driven rationale."

The problem with your statement is that 15 years ago, south Jackson was precisely what the Rez is now. Business was booming and the area was experiencing growth. Residents were taking care of their homes which were much older than the ones that are now beginning to crumble in the Rez. That's where you're screwing up. You can't seem to understand that south Jackson was very recently a great place to live and raise kids...just like the Rez is today. If you had seen how fast south Jackson died, you'd be leading the fight to prevent the same thing from happening here. The decay has begun. I saw it happen in Jackson. Now I'm seeing it happen here.

Please try to inform yourself. I'm trusting that your are not trying to be deceitful and are just simply not up to speed.

If you are not trying to deceive your neighbors, talk to somebody who knows about this instead of posting stuff that is inaccurate.

KaptKangaroo said...

What are you talking about 12:39PM. You need to think before you write. Your post makes no sense and offers nothing in the way of discussion.

KaptKangaroo said...

And would you like to explain deceptive? I do not agree with the OD.

Your claim of deception is disingenuous. Your rationale continues to be fear mongering at its finest. You question my involvement, fine, I know differently as do those who know me and are associated with the OD.

Good day.

KaptKangaroo said...

On a final note, you want to understand the concept of deception? I could write a book right here on this blog. But, I, unlike you, am unwilling to attack the messenger.

Anonymous said...

I'll leave my post as is.
I now know how sincere you are.
You have posted complaints about the OD that are based on false assumptions.
I had hoped you were just ill informed.
Now I know that you are simply trying to mislead your neighbors.

Anonymous said...

How is this working in the face of the proposal? I believe this is Northpark area of Ridgeland. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this appears to be the north side of county line road in Ridgeland. It also appears to be working you only have to compare the signs on the north side to the south side Jackson to see that the OD has gone a long way to improve on what was there before.

So what is to be learned is that an OD is not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

That is a good one.

Anonymous said...

I must be a communist. I don't want any more Fred's Dollar Stores or tattoo parlors or hideous, empty strip malls constructed within a few hundred yards of my house. It's too bad the OD wasn't implemented five years ago.

Anonymous said...

You forgot, no old folks homes off of Grant's Ferry too.

KaptKangaroo said...

OK. Based on some extensive research and discussions, this Kangaroo is going to change his position. Don't ever say a little bit of knowledge goes a long way and never marry yourself to a position that hasn't considered all the data. In this instance it was important to dig deeper, do more homework, especially when I was skeptical and it is important to me and my community.

Given my mea culpa, I am supportive of an Overlay District that makes recommendations to the County for adoption and enforcement in the Rez area and even in my own HOA.

I still have other concerns, however, the benefits at this point of passing an OD outweigh my concerns. That said, good luck with getting approval of the OD. The proposal is well thought through and I am thoroughly aware of the research, work and effort that has gone into this. I support your effort and wish you the best in getting it implemented, whatever the final version looks like. It is best for the development of the Reservoir area at this point and is in the best interest of the future value of the area within Rankin County.

It's not like my opinion mattered anyway. I'm just a fictional character, right TRN? ;-)

The Rez News said...

The Kaptain's comments are always appreciated. When that promotion to Major comes along please let us know so we can put in a good word for you.

Anonymous said...

Great, Kapt. The best way to work with your fears is to get involved and keep up to date. I know there are some things I won't like, but I can't stand to sit back and let it fall apart.

Anonymous said...

So..... anyone? ? ? ? ?
My apologies for asking a ton of dumb questions, and I mean no offense to anyone. I just have questions. If any of this comes across as condescending or challenging, it is not meant to do so.
First and foremost:
What are the next steps as this initiative moves through public acceptance (those of us in the overlay district)?
Will there be a voting process of all homeowners in the OD before "OD" becomes law?
What body of government approves the OD plan?

Other general questions:
Where is the Rankin County Planning commission in this?
Has the governance, rules and means been established?
What about discriminatory matters of the under privileged, aged or disabled? Are their exemptions?
Will there be a homeowner fee or is this unfunded government enforcement initiative?
Are Rankin County criminal courts able and willing to engage in these potential ‘criminal’ matters? (has the state judicial folks been asked for an opinion). Whenever there are criminal charges there is a potential for wrongful prosecution – who funds anything that finds for the defendant in these matters?
Has the Secretary of State or Attorney General been requested to offer an opinion of the OD plan and governance?

Thanks all.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:06 - Where have you been under a rock?

Most of your questions have been answered various ways at the three public meetings.

The next step is with the supervisors of Rankin county.

The Rankin Board of Supervisors is the governing body with the PRV approves the ordinances for the OD.

The Rankin County Planning Commission will enforce the ordinances for the OD just as they now do for other county ordinances.

My question for you is: Why now do you ask?

Anonymous said...

No, actually, you didn't answer the questions and 2:06's post proves that this whole process has not been handled properly publicly.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to ask for TRN to answer these questions. Someone has some valid questions.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:11
Your opinion, the whole process has been handled properly.

1. The question is do you understand the definition of the overlay district concept? If you did you would not be asking these questions.

2. From the questions, it appears you want rehash what has been asked before.

Anonymous said...

The overlay district in this case is an area of district two of Rankin county where the homeowners have ask their supervisor to declare it as an urban area different from the rest of Rankin which is rural. That is, due to the density of the housing it is in need of special ordinances in order to maintain property values and land use. No vote of the residents is required and no opinion of AG is required. No additional taxes is required. Any homeowner can request an ordinance, but it has to be passed by the board of supervisors before it becomes an ordinance. Then the proposed ordinance would be presented to the PRV for their agreement before it becomes an ordinance.

At this point both the PRV and BOS are in agreement to the concept of an overlay district.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Yeh, suffice to say I understand what the concept is.
Again, how many know of this? TRN states there are THOUSANDS of residents at the rez...how many actually know about this?

Anonymous said...

@10:37 All that can read or hear should know about this. The overlay district discussion has been ongoing for more than a year now with meetings and reports in the news papers and on TV.