Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Return Of The Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos

Editors note:  This is a re-post of an article from last December.  We've had several reports of sightings of these magnificent birds.  

But you may know them as White Pelicans. 

This time of the year we are visited by real snow birds.  White Pelicans make an annual migration to the warmer southern climates and The Rez is a favorite spot for many.

They are huge birds that can weigh up to 20 pounds with 9 foot wing spans. 

Unlike Brown Pelicans who dive for their food, White Pelicans swim for their meals.  Often working in groups, they will circle and entrap their prey.

The small islands in the main lake and bay are favorite spots for them to congregate.   

These photos were taken in Pelahatchie Bay.

White Pelican
Taken on Pelahatchie Bay
photo:  Danna Sanders

The Rez News
Ross Barnett Reservoir

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