Thursday, November 3, 2011

Write In Candidate

Spotted a number of signs around The Rez suggesting a write in candidate for the upcoming election.

We contacted the Secretary of State';s office and asked for an explanation of the rules regarding write-ins.  Here's the deal.

Any write-in recorded on a ballot will not be counted unless the candidate running for that office has died or withdrawn his name.

Here is the applicable law.

Miss. Code Ann. § 23-15-365 (2011)

§ 23-15-365. Write-in candidates; applicability of section to elections conducted under Sections 23-15-974 through 23-15-985

(1) There shall be left on each ballot one (1) blank space under the title of each office to be voted for, and in the event of the death, resignation, withdrawal or removal of any candidate whose name shall have been printed on the official ballot, the name of the candidate duly substituted in the place of such candidate may be written in such blank space by the voter.

(2) The provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply to elections conducted under the Nonpartisan Judicial Election Act.

A Rankin County election official told us that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were popular write-in names and that Ronald Reagan made a good showing a few years back in one county election.

So, write in if you choose but know that your vote for that office will not be counted if a live candidate is listed.

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Anonymous said...

When I was growing up in Carroll County, a family near the intersection of Hwys 35 and 82 owned a chimp named Chester. Chester was well known and rumor has it he was almost elected sheriff a few times.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing in Chester.

Anonymous said...

Chester would probably be more qualified than "G. Farmer". He is destroying Rankin County Schools!!

Anonymous said...

@ 2:21 I thing the administration and the rest of the school board are destroying Rankin County Schools.
Starting with $80,000 of pine straw and placings a bond issue before the voters that was a want list instead of a need list. It was not G Farmer but the voters that killed the bond issue.

They need to present a bond issue of needs soon and even that will be too late in reliving the over crowding soon to swamp some of the schools.

More creative planning is going to be required of the administration in the future and the school board such as the virtual school that is being used in some states.

Anonymous said...

G Farmer is not a Weathersby yes man like Ann is, he needs help on the board.

Anonymous said...

Some of you anonymous people need to research the statutes regarding the duties of the Superintendent of Schools and the School Board. It is obvious you are not aware of the difference! There is a distinct line of authority set in the statutes regarding these duties which is being breached by members of the board.

Anonymous said...

@10:03 From my point of view neither are doing their duties. G Farmer is only one person and can not do it alone. But from the sign it appears someone has a plan and Weathersby might aught to lay low until after November 8.

KaptKangaroo said...

If they can't convict Graham, you think 80K of pine straw bothers anyone?

Get over yourselves and let the children realize their potential.

If they continue to steal, I assure you, there are consequences to corruption.

Anonymous said...

Kapt I was thinking that Weathersby might suffer an accident and G Farmer would be elected.

Anonymous said...

Please resign, do it now. the children of NWR need help.

Anonymous said...

How many votes in addition to mine did G.Farmer get?

Anonymous said...

It has been said that G. Farmer received about 3000 votes and another 5000 who chose not to make any selection.

Anonymous said...

they con't convict Graham because of Hinds county, this is Rankin county.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is corruption regardless of county.

Anonymous said...

I know 9:08, but we have the remarkable Michael Guest!!