Monday, December 12, 2011

Meeting Week

A busy week for meetings.

Monday, December 12
Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Shoreline Development Committee
Time:  3:30pm 
Place:  PRVWSD Main Office - 115 Madison Landing, Ridgeland

Tuesday, December 13
Rankin County Board of Supervisors
Time:   9:00am
Place:   Rankin County Court Annex Bldg. - 211 East Government St. Brandon

Wednesday, December 14
Rankin County School District
Time:  7:30am
Place:  Rankin County School District Office - 1220 Apple Park Pl. Brandon

Thursday, December 15
Rankin County Board of Supervisors 
Time:  9:00am
Place:  Rankin County Court Annex Bldg - 211 East Government St. Brandon

PRVWSD Board of Directors meeting
Time:  9:30am
Place:  PRVWSD Main office - 115 Madison Landing - Ridgeland

All meetings are open to the public.

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why the Rankin County School District holds its board meetings at 7:30 in the morning?
Parents who work can't attend. Mothers who stay home but have small children can't attend. Teachers and school level administrators are doing their jobs of teaching and administrating, so they can't attend. Students are supposed to be in school learning, so they can't attend.
Or rather, they shouldn't. I've been to a few school board meetings, and at each one good students were recognized by the board, and that's a good thing. However, I found it ironic that these students had to miss instruction time in order to be recognized for being good students. Is that holding their best interests at heart?
I've never heard of another school district holding board meetings in the morning. Furthermore, I've never seen a RCSD school board meeting agenda that lists open public comments. Is that what they're trying to avoid? It makes one wonder: Is someone trying to shut taxpayers, students, teachers, and parents - the ones who are most invested - out?

Anonymous said...

Jim,thanks for the info you provide. Could you possibly provide info as to when The Rankin Co. Republican party holds their meetings and precinct delegate elections. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I think it's simple, Lynn and Ann do not want any participation from the community.

A Sturdivant said...

RCSD changed from night meetings several years ago at the request of a large number of parents who felt they could come early, see their children recognized and get to work!!