Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Entrance For Rankin Landing

Construction crews took advantage of Monday's sunny weather to work on a new access road for Rankin Landing.

While it may appear that the crews are cutting into the dam, that is certainly not the case.

The new roadway will provide improved access to the popular launch area. 

Currently west bound traffic has to negotiate a u-turn in order to enter the launch facility.  Traffic wanting to leave the landing and return eastward have to go completely across the dam and use a turn-around at Harbor Drive.

The new access road will allow departing east-bound traffic to merge onto the lower road by way of a new crossover lane.

If the weather cooperates the road should be ready for the boating season.

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ED-C said...

The traffic in and out of the office and soccer complex is bad enough, but now they are going to add trucks with bots in tow coming out to turn left and crossing West bound traffic and trying to merge with the East bound lanes? ? Sounds even more dangerous. Are they going to put a light there to slow spillway traffic down even more?