Monday, December 5, 2011

Rez Park Hours

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District recently changed the operating hours for many of the parks around The Rez - most are now closed from sunset to sunrise.

Signs posted at the entrance to all parks indicate operating hours and any special rules. 

The Reservoir Patrol is enforcing the new hours and issuing citations to violators.

Gates have been installed gates at some parks, more may be installed in the future. 

Bay Park neighborhood park

Entrance to Lakeshore Park (past entrance to YMCA)

When in doubt - check the signs.

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir

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Anonymous said...

I want to compliment the great job that the Reservoir Patrol is doing to secure the parks. Also, the grounds personnel have always kept the parks mowed and trash picked up and continue to do so. Parks look great. Thanks a million.