Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two Car Ten Fifty Possible Injuries

Ever wonder what the Rez Fire Department hears when dispatched to an accident?

This call went out at 11:26am Saturday morning.

No one was seriously injured in this accident.

An eyewitness told TRN the white truck was headed northbound on Northshore Parkway when it struck the red car, the car was crossing Northshore to enter the crossover in front of Lakeshore Park.  The impact spun the car around almost 180 degrees.

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The Rez News
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Anonymous said...

A 10-50 is a vehicle crash or collision. There is no such thing as a vehicle accident as a vehicle cannot wet it's pants or dirty it's diaper.
People use the term accident as if 2 cars just kinda bumped each other in a parking lot.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad no one was seriously injured.
However from the looks of it, the potential
for soiled underwear did exist .

Anonymous said...

However from the looks of it, the potential for soiled underwear did exist .

Anonymous said...

Yes, soiling your drawers during the corse of a collision would be considered having an accident.........

Anonymous said...

Thankful no one was injured. That general area of roadway seems prone to accidents, if memory serves.

I can't say if the "collision" would have produced an "accident" in my nether regions, but in my case a cardiac event would have been more likely.

Chris M said...

People speed way to much along this stretch. Traffic light would be very beneficial.