Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wreck On Spillway Road

Emergency personnel responded to the scene of a one car accident on Spillway Road about 1/2 mile west of Highway 471 - it happened shortly after noon Saturday.  

An 2004 silver Toyota, traveling east bound on Spillway Road, left the road and skidded out of control for about 100 yards before landing on it's top - debris from the car was scattered along both sides of the road.

The driver, identified as David Ellis Gore, was ejected from the car - no other passengers were in the vehicle.

Emergency  personnel administered treatment to Mr. Gore who suffered severe head trauma, according to one emergency responder.   A call was placed for an Air Ambulance.

Traffic on Spillway Road was stopped while it became a landing zone. 

Mr. Gore was transported to University Medical Center.

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Steve G said...

Another high speed accident in the highly populated section of our county. Radar speed enforcement is a priority in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Steve, because the seatbelt law sure did keep him from getting ejected from his car.

Less police state, more common sense in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Those law enforcement officers that say they cannot enforce speed limits because the do not have radar are the same ones you find parked behind a vacant building waiting for shift change.
And the seat belt ONLY works when it is used.

ED-C said...

It is well near impossible to legislate common sense. You can escape the laws of man, but the laws of physics will always win. Rode past the scene this morning... Had to be really moving!

Steve G said...

I couldn't care less if you wear your seatbelt and are thrown from you vehicle. What I do care about is being slammed in to by you hurtling down the highway just before the rollover. Even the ability to possess radar control will slow drivers down.

And common sense is way too uncommon these days.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. I am pretty sure that you, Steve, have made plenty of mistakes in your life. Maybe not as bad as David did but he regrets everyday for the mistake he has made. I am pretty sure you weren't even close to him on the day of the accident. so don't try and say that you were slammed in to by him hurtling down the highway. I came to the scene after the accident and there was no other vehicles hit by him. so show some respect and try and talk to someone in person not over a little blog because you want to try and make a change. You can't make a change by complaining over a blog.