Monday, January 16, 2012

How Cities Work

The latest edition of The Mississippi Municipal League's magazine, "Mississippi Municipalities", explains the sources of revenue for Mississippi cities and towns.  

A few interesting stats from the publication:

A survey of more than 50 cities across the state shows that municipal revenues include the following sources:

Property Tax                               24%
Sales Tax                                  31%
Intergovernmental Revenue                  14%
Fines & Forfeitures                         6%
Franchise Fees, Licenses, Permits           8%
Miscellaneous                              17%  

Cost of Firefighting Protection Equipment

Helment with shield                                 $ 197
Protective hoods                                    $  31
Self contained breathing apparatus with pass alarm  $4184
Face piece for self contained breathing apparatus   $ 228
4500psi 30 minute carbon fiber cylinder and valve   $ 776
Heat reflective fire resistant coat                 $ 896
Heat reflective fire resistant pants                $ 665
Fire boots                                          $ 304
Fire gloves                                         $  60

Total per firefighter                               $7341

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Unless you are Flowood and 1st figures aren't even close to that