Monday, January 16, 2012

Legislative Update

The Mississippi Legislature is in session and we're hearing it's going to be a difficult year for spending/budget bills.

But many bills fall into the "feel good" category (like naming an "Official State Play" or the usual social engineering items.

Here are a few for your reading enjoyment:
(click on the SB xxxx to view the text of the bill)

SB 2001
"Eyebrow threading"; define for regulatory purposes and require registration.

SB 2016
Smoking; prohibit in a motor vehicle carrying a child passenger.

SB 2024
Hill Fire Folk Life Play; designate as official Folk Play of Mississippi.

SB 2031
Intercept gaming winnings of parents with a child support arrearage; provide procedures for.

SB 2033
Official state song; adopt "My Home Mississippi."

SB 2034
Official Mississippi state song; authorize two state songs.

SB 2046
Real estate transactions; require disclosure if meth production occurred on the property.

SB 2048
Loans over a certain amount; borrower may skip one monthly payment per calendar year.

SB 2050
Corrections; prohibit trusty convicted of murder or any other crime of violence from working at Governor's Mansion.

SB 2056
Legislature; reduce size beginning with 2015 statewide general election.

SB 2070
Kindergarten-age children; require compulsory school attendance for all.

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Anonymous said...

SB 2056 looks like a winner and is long overdue

Anonymous said...

So when are they going to start legislating what I can do in my home? They are almost done with my car.

Do not tread on me.