Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rankin School Board Meeting

The Rankin County School Board met Wednesday morning at Pisgah High School.

The program began with a performance by the Pisgah High School INNERGY Show Choir.  The choir will be competing in the upcoming Mississippi All-State Show Choir Competition.

They are a talented group - we wish them well. 

The board elected officers for the upcoming year, board member Debbie Tolleson made the motion to keep the current slate of officers for another year - after a second the board voted.  The motion passed with only one nay vote by Grumpy Farmer.

Mr. Farmer told TRN he opposed the proposal because he felt the officer positions should rotate among the other members.

The Rankin County Board of Education for 2012:

Front row, from left: Dr. Lynn Weathersby, Superintendent; Cecil McCrory, Vice President; David "Grumpy" Farmer; Fred Harrell, Board Attorney. Back row, from left: Ann Sturdivant, President; Debbie Tolleson, Secretary; Dr. Ruth Burgess.

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