Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rez Crime - Back To Normal

Many thanks to the Rankin County Sheriff's Department for capturing the people responsible for the house burglaries around The Rez.

But, crime takes no holiday.

This call came in to the Rankin S.O. around 8:30 p.m. Monday evening.

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir


Anonymous said...

Whew! Had a rush for a moment when I heard that. Thought that might be my wife but remembered that she does not own a bicycle. LOL. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. never a dull moment. I heard one on the scanner a few weeks back that someone called in that their front porch had been stolen. Before the deputy could get there the complainant called back that he had found it.

Jay said...

Yes this Reservoir area is turning Getto...I have lived here over 35 years and seen lots during that time. Sometimes on Spillway road in the mid of day it appears to me to look like West Jackson. We need to straighten that up now before it gets out of control.

Anonymous said...

I must not have seen West Jackson lately if it looks as good as Spillway Road!!

Anonymous said...

The Rez area has changed over the last 40 years,
but thankfully it's nothing like any part of Jackson or Hinds County.

Anonymous said...

Jay, take a ride over to West Jax out past the old Metrocenter, on JR Lynch St....THAT is ghetto, my friend. Hookers walking the streets in broad daylight. Obvious drug hookups, broad daylight. Roads so potholed and washed out they are hardly drivable. Crime is everywhere, but there is NO comparing the Rez area with West Jaxn in any way, shape or form. I know this because I work off JR Lynch and I drive through that every single work day.

And actually, our company is relocating to RANKIN COUNTY this year.