Sunday, January 8, 2012

Use Caution At Boat Ramps

A couple from Terry decided to scratch their boating itch Saturday by coming to The Rez and trying out a new boat they were considering buying.

Why not?  With the temp sitting at 71 and no wind - it just doesn't get much better than that. 

Things started out well, they backed the trailer into the water and the boat slid effortlessly onto to the smooth waters of Pelahatchie Bay.

But - things went downhill from there.  When the driver tried to pull the trailer out of the water it would not budge, the wheels of the trailer had dropped off the end of the ramp and it was stuck.

After several attempt to dislodge the trailer the boaters called Sea Tow.

The Sea Tow crew used hooks to lift the rear of the trailer enabling the driver to pull it out - then backed into the water (but not as far as the first time) and loaded the boat.

The Rez is near it's winter level of 296 ft above sea level - that's about a foot and a half below the summer level.

At 296 boat trailers have to be backed farther into the water in order to launch the boat and that's a problem at some boat ramps.

So, use extreme caution when launching boats during low water times.  Get your trailer stuck and you might get to meet the nice people at Sea Tow. 

Boaters can check the level of The Rez at any time by visiting a U. S. Geological Survey web site HERE.
You'll see a screen like this:

The Rez News
Barnett Reservoir


RWX said...

The reservoir should drive posts on either side at the end of the ramp to indicate where the drop-off is. (until they can be fixed)

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could just paint a stripe on the side, or the top of the dock, where the drop-off is.

Anonymous said...

The drop off at the end a boat ramp did not just happen. Years ago the Rez and DWFP officials suggested if boaters would stop power loading, the ramps would last longer as well as improving fish habitat near ramps. Thanks boaters for not power loading.

For those that still have to power load, well bless their hearts for their inability to see or appreciate others. It must be terrible to wander around in such a deep hole of self absorbed behavior.

Tia Oshields said...

Yeah, I agree, a paint stripe can help. But sometimes, it's the actual slope that causes this or sometimes even driver error. Thank goodness the car did not follow suit and fall off the water!