Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot Pursuit

At approximately 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night the Rankin County Sheriff's office got a call that a truck had been stolen from a residence near Pelahatchie.

The event turned into a high speed chase beginning at Pelahatchie and ending in Byram.

We recorded the radio transmissions and condensed them down to a 9 minute audio. It begins with the report of the stolen vehicle, followed by an accident then the pursuit on I-20 headed toward Jackson.

A few listening tips

At about 2:30 into the broadcast the dispatcher tells all units to swap over to common law. The common law channel is one shared by all law enforcement agencies, it provides a "common" place where they can all communicate.

Mentions of "Spike Strip" or "Stop Sticks" - they are devices that are placed on the roadway to blow out the tires of the vehicle being chased.

At 4:33 a deputy calls out that "he ran over them" meaning the truck being pursued ran over the stop sticks and blew out tires.

At 7:30 a Rankin K-9 unit asks if the sheriff wants to release the K-9 in the event the suspect attempts to run from the vehicle once it stops.

At 9 minutes into the recording you can hear a deputy call that he has the suspect in custody and to send a 51 (wrecker). Apparently Byram PD placed stop sticks on the roadway and several Rankin Deputies weren't notified. They suffered blown tires and needed assistance.

Hear how the guy's with badges earn their pay.

Sheriff Bryan Bailey released the following statement Wednesday.

Rankin County Pursuit of Stolen Vehicle and Arrest of Suspect

On Wednesday evening February 1st, 2012 the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a white Chevy truck being stolen from a residence off of MS Highway 43 north of Puckett. The complainant knew the person who stole the vehicle and gave a physical description of the white male suspect.

While responding to the stolen vehicle report, the sheriff’s office received a report of an accident involving a white Chevy pickup on Highway 43 near Antioch Baptist Church south of Pelahatchie. The caller stated that the vehicle was damaged but the driver had gotten the vehicle operational and left traveling north on Hwy. 43.

Pelahatchie Police Department was notified and asked to be on the lookout for the vehicle. A short time later the vehicle entered the City of Pelahatchie where officers tried to stop the vehicle. The driver refused to stop and drove onto Interstate 20 westbound. A Rankin County Deputy met the vehicle on Interstate 20 and deployed spike strips in an attempt to disable the vehicle. The spike strips deflated one tire on the vehicle and it continued west on I-20.

All Rankin County Law Enforcement Agencies were notified of the pursuit. Brandon Police Department, MHP Troopers and additional Rankin County Deputies blocked traffic at the ramps in Brandon to protect the public and deployed additional spike strips in an attempt to further disable the vehicle. The suspect continued west on I-20 into the City of Pearl where Pearl Police Department, Richland Police Department and additional troopers and deputies blocked ramps again to protect the public and deployed additional spike strips.

The vehicle continued west on I-20 into Hinds County and then traveled south on I-55. The Hinds County Sheriffs Office and Byram Police Department responded to our call for assistance and deployed spike strips which disabled the rest of the suspects tires. The suspect took the Byram exit and turned left onto the overpass. At this time the suspect’s speed had slowed enough for officers to “box” him in and end the pursuit.

The suspect was taken into custody and was transported to UMC for minor injuries. The suspect had no identification on him and gave conflicting details on his identity. We hope to identify him through fingerprints when he is booked into the Rankin County Jail.

At this time he is facing Vehicle Theft and Felony Evasion Charges.

Sheriff Bryan Bailey
Rankin County Sheriffs Office

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Owen Taylor said...

If only we could afford to upgrade The Rez News to a helicopter. 8o)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Taylor is that a slam??? I read the rez news every morning,I think the blog keeps the residents informed on what is going on in this area. I think the editor is trying to make a difference in this community.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff needs to investigate, pursue, arrest. Forget the radar speed trap mess. Leave it to municipalities and highway patrol. I look to the sheriff to get things done in the towns and counties when othe LEO can't or won't!