Thursday, February 23, 2012

PRVWSD Board Committee Calls Meeting

The Executive Committee of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District has called a special meeting to review a list of ordinance changes proposed at their January meeting. 

Meeting details:

Date:       Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Time:       3:30 pm
Location:  PRVWSD Main Office, 115 Madison Landing 
               Circle, Ridgeland (near Cock Of The Walk)

The public is encouraged to attend.

A list of changes can be seen HERE - color-coded text indicates changes/additions/deletions.

A few of the highlights:
  • Prohibit glass containers on any public PRVWSD property
  • Prohibit rope swings on PRVWSD public property
  • Set boating restrictions around the Spillway and Lowhead Dam
  • Amend the rules for use of primitive weapons on PRVWSD property
  • Amend the rules for possession of alcohol in public parks (sec. 3.7.5)
  • Establishes parking restrictions for some commercial trucks
  • Creates an ordinance regulating the use of "PODS" (portable storage units)
  • Amends the ordinance dealing with political signs
The PRVWSD welcomes public comments on the proposals - to comment send an email to Cindy Ford at

A copy of all comments will be made available to those attending the meeting.

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Anonymous said...

I have never been a really socially active person, but I really wish I could attend this meeting and ask questions about some of the poorly worded changes. But alas, I have a job and the meeting is mid afternoon. Guess I will just have to risk getting fined up to $1000 for using the swing set at the YMCA park or ask if these laws supersede other state laws that they contradict. :facepalm: