Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rash Of Auto Burglaries Near Rez

Update from Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey

The Reservoir East subdivision (off Holly Bush Road) in Northwest Rankin County has been victimized recently with numerous auto burglaries. There have been at least a dozen vehicles entered into over the past two weekends.

It appears the burglaries are occurring after the midnight hour until the pre-dawn hours. The list of items taken ranges from electronics to clothing. Although some of the owners have reported their vehicles were locked, there have been no signs of forced entry and most owners stated they failed to lock their vehicles. 

A number of the owners were unaware of the burglaries until notified by patrol deputies working the area. Investigators were able to take prints from a number of the vehicles and have developed persons of interest in the case and are following up on leads. 

If you have any information that may assist law enforcement in the case, please notify the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department at 601-825-1480

Sheriff Bryan Bailey
Rankin County Sheriffs Office

We spoke with Sheriff Bailey, he told us there are several important things people can do to help in these types of situations.

  • Lock your car
  • Take a home inventory and record serial numbers of valuable items like guns, TV's, computers, etc.  Serial numbers are invaluable in helping identify stolen items.

Many insurance companies provide policyholders with kits and instructions that can help you inventory the contents of your home. 

There are also online services that allow you to record your home inventory and store the contents on a remote site.

One such service is provided free by the Insurance Institute of America, it's called "Know Your Stuff" , learn more about it here.

A short video about home inventories.

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RWX said...

Thanks to the sheriff's department that notified residents of the problem. It does point out a problem with the current system -- you don't know if something is going on until it is (possibly) too late.

It would be helpful if the residents were able to report the burglaries to other residents immediately without waiting for law enforcement to do it.

There are a number of subdivision in Jackson that do this by email on almost a real-time basis, including descriptions and methods used. They also report suspicious activity.

Anonymous said...

Still think they need radar guns? That was the talk last week that we needed them sitting running speed traps.

Anonymous said...

"and most owners stated they failed to lock their vehicles."

If anyone anywhere (Rez area included) leaves their vehicle or house unlocked in the year 2012,
they deserve to have their crap stolen. I can't believe how many stupid people still walk among us.

Yes I stress the word STUPID, ... not ignorant.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY >>> EVER <<< deserves to have their stuff stolen. But I see that remark come from the authority of STUPID.

Anonymous said...

9:28 must have been one of those poor folks that didn't have enough common sense to lock their car.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY >>>> EVER <<<< deserves a stupid blind personal attack in a comments section because they got their toes stepped on.... :)

Anonymous said...

How STUPID some people are as to defend thieves. By calling victims of theft STUPID for not locking a vehicle or house. And then calling somebody STUPID for making a blind attack, by making a blind attack themselves. STUPID.
I guess along that thought process, you are STUPID for leaving your house unattended while you were at work allowing some thief to enter your house and steal your stuff. Remember, not all thefts occured to unlocked vehicles, some vehicles were locked but the thieves were able to gain entry and steal.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Stupid. Just answer the question. Was your vehicle locked or not? Straw man arguments never work well over the interwebs! I hate a thief more than just about anything, but I just don't have much sympathy for someone who left their car unlocked, especially after all of the previous media attention and previous break-ins... Anyone who has been robbed or been the victim of theft feels awful and violated. I had a locked vehicle broken into back in the 80's. But I learned not to leave items of value in view and definitely not to leave doors unlocked. I'm sorry your car was burglarized, whether locked or not, but don't take it out on us! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Extra Stupid,
Not sure who you are directing your stupid remarks to, but in my particular case, my vehicle(s) have not been burglarized. I do not lock my vehicle(s). And I do not have a fenced in area. Nor do I have massive buglar alarms, unless you want to count a certain LOUD barking German Sheppard. But don't worry, he won't bite. He just wakes me up and it goes downhill from there for you, STUPID.

KaptKangaroo said...

I'm with 7:14PM

I have two dogs, both like late night snacks.

Anonymous said...

Some of the victims said they'd left their car unlocked. The rest lied rather than risk have their insurance claim denied.

Anonymous said...

My first thought as well 3:38 pm,

Chris Merck said...

The level of stupidity among the anon posters tryin to argue a point that it's deserving of someone to be a victim because they didn't lock their doors is too much.