Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bill To Alter Rez Board Passes Senate

Senate Bill 2703 passed the Mississippi Senate today.  The bill, introduced by Sen. Josh Harkins, would remove 4 PRVWSD board members appointed by state agencies and give two additional appointees to Rankin and Madison counties -  all of the the appointees from Madison and Rankin counties would have to be leaseholders or living in a subdivision that has property leased from the PRVWSD.

If the bill becomes law the PRVWSD board would be made up entirely of appointees from the 5 counties in the District -  Leake, Scott and Hinds county would have 2 appointees each and Madison and Rankin have 4 appointees.   

The recent John C. Stennis Institute for Government suggested that the legislature review the makeup of the board and consider legislation that would provide the leaseholders with a larger representation on the board. 

According to the Stennis study all of the approximately 12,000 leaseholders live in either Madison or Rankin County.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Senator Harkins

Anonymous said...

So anyone know who might seek these types of positions? TRN can you provide the process through which one might explore the appointment to this position? Or is it a secret?