Monday, March 19, 2012

A Few Rez Statistics

Below is a collection of statistics provided to us by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District. The numbers are approximations as calculated by GIS systems used by the PRVWSD.

We thought you would find them interesting.

Land acreage (non water) owned by the PRVWSD by county:

Madison County              7156.81
Rankin County               8596.00
Hinds County                 144.00
Scott County                 768.40
Leake County                2838.35

TOTAL                      19503.56

Water acreage owned by the PRVWSD by county:

Madison County             11759.81
Rankin County              19235.44
Hinds County                  14.41
Scott County                 111.08
Leake County                 618.42

TOTAL                      31739.16

PRVWSD Property  Acreage  

                       Residential    Commercial

Madison County               788.44     149.09
Rankin County               2307.19     162.46
Hinds County                    0       108.94*
Scott County                    0          0
Leake County                    0          0

* Hinds commercial acreage - O.B. Curtis Water Plant

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