Monday, March 19, 2012

Fishing Within A Marina

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District has stated their position on the rights of fishermen to access waters within marinas. 

A letter from the PRVWSD attorney states that the water within a marina is public property and the public is permitted to fish on it.  However, if the shore adjoining the water is leased then the leaseholder has the right to restrict or grant fishing permission.

Harborwalk is a good example of how the ruling would apply.  There are numerous signs posted around the shoreline of the Harborwalk development that state fishing is prohibited.  The note from the reservoir simply says that the leaseholder (Harborwalk) has the right to forbid a person from standing on the shoreline to fish but does not have the right to forbid a person from fishing on the waters of Harborwalk from a boat.

A copy of the PRVWSD notice is available HERE.

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Anonymous said...

its called Riparian Rights, cant post water

Anonymous said...

But the big question is -are there signs posted saying development is prohibited?
He he

Anonymous said...

The guy has to keep up his property values around his fancy Vanishing Hotel and the surrounding upscale development in Main Harborwalk... Can't have the barren landscape littered with people standing on the shore and using the reservoir instead of letting it sit empty and undeveloped... Come on, now!! :)

Anonymous said...

Come on, y'all! Have some respect for the invisible Hotel Valencia, for gosh sakes!
In reality, it is hard to look at the brochures and signs without breaking out in laughter :-)

As they say, "When Donkeys Fly".