Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Cool Ride

Spotted this car Friday at Lakeshore Park, it's owned by Rez resident Garry D. Brown.

This beautiful ride is a 1936 Auburn Boattail - it's supercharged, fast and is very red.

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Info about the Auburn:

Priced at $2,245, the elegant Auburn Speedster marketed in 1935-1936 was a 'loss leader' intended to stimulate showroom traffic. The Auburn Speedster was a two-seat roadster introduced in 1928. After Auburn discontinued its V12 models, Gordon Buehrig was called in to design a car from leftover Speedster bodies. The long-hooded front was made to conform to the new 851 sedans he had already designed, and the rear retained the original Speedster's pointed 'boat tail,' which, along with pontoon fenders, Vee-type windshield, cutout doors and four showy chrome-plated exhaust pipes on the left side, contributed to a rakish appearance. The Speedster for 1936 - Auburn's last year - was identical except for the '852', rather than the '851' on the radiator. With racing driver Ab Jenkins at the wheel, the Auburn Speedster set more than 70 speed records and, at one time, held all U.S. stock-car speed records up to 24 hours and 15,000 miles. A dashboard plaque on each car contained a signed guarantee by Jenkins that it had been driven to more than 100 mph before shipment.
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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! REALLY.....this car is in the metro area? But taking a closer look, it appears to be a replicar, or kit car. It is still nice.