Thursday, March 29, 2012

PRVWSD Board Changes

Governor Phil Bryant has appointed two new members to the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Board of Directors and reappointed one member.

Mr. John Arledge, a reservoir resident (Rankin County), was reappointed. 

Scott County appointee, Vernard Murrel, has been replaced by Shannon Armstrong of Morton.

Leake County appointee, Pete Burkes, has been replaced by Billy Cook of Carthage.

The appointments are effective immediately.

Copies of Gov. Bryant's appointment letters follow:

Mr. Arledge letter here.
Mr. Cook letter here.
Mr. Armstrong here.

The governor has the authority to appoint 5 members to the 14 member board, one each from Hinds, Rankin, Scott, Leake and Madison counties.

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Anonymous said...

I have a big problem with PRV Board members being able to make rules and regulations that apply to the leaseholders living on the Rez when they don't live there themselves. Only Madison and Rankin have residential leasehold land! I thought Congress was the only ones who could pass rules that did not apply to them, but not so! We are stuck with a Board which can make our life miserable, overwhich we have no influence......taxation without representation. We paid a market value for our lots, that we don't own, get to pay an annual lease on it and pay taxes on the lot we don't own, and we are governed by a bunch who have no dog in the race, but got appointed by somebody. They spend our lease money on what the public uses for free, and we are supposed to be happy campers?

Mike Source said...

There is a bill in the legislature now that Rep Kevin McGee, Rep Mark Baker and Senator Josh Harkins are working on. It has passed the senate and is now being handled by Rep McGee in the House. The bill re-organizes the PRV board to do away with the state agency appointments and replaces them with leaseholders from Madison and Rankin. I have spoken with McGee and Harkins and this is a first step into what I hope are several changes made to the PRV to better serve the leaseholders. Long overdue and I applaud these men for getting something done