Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PRVWSD Ordinance Amendments

The Executive Committee of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District met Monday to review public comments on a set of ordinance changes for the District.

After some discussion the committee agreed to amend several of the proposals - a list of the original ordinances can be seen  HERE

The Executive Committee offered the following amendments to the ordinances.
  • Clarify the definition of glass containers in the proposed "Glass Container" ordinance
  • The ordinance that would ban rope swings has been eliminated - there will be no ban on rope swings. 
  • Loitering ordinance - This change would be eliminated.
  • Firearms on District property - Amend the wording in the ordinance. 
A list of the amendments reviewed by the board is available HERE.

The amendments will be presented for final approval at the next PRVWSD Board meeting.

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